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Summary: So what goes on inside the brilliant mind of a certain Lily Evans? She's Head Girl…she's respectable…she's intelligent…she writes an awful lot about a certain dark haired boy….and she's most likely going slightly insane.

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The Diary of Lily Evans Chapter One

The Train to Hogwarts – My Compartment

Chelsea, the girl I consider (most of the time) to be my best friend, doesn't get why I do this to myself. Keeping a diary, I mean. She is simply stuck on the fact that it will be my down fall if anyone finds it. Well then I won't LET any one find it, now will I?

I'm Head Girl - did I mention that? It'll be nice. I'll rule the school. I'll get some of the stronger first years to carry me around like Queen Cleopatra and I'll have James Potter feed my grapes and fan me with a giant palm leaf and---

I did not just write that. No really, I didn't. It's your imagination. I swear it is.


Why did I buy the truth ink? I thought it would help to keep what I write truthful, you know? So I'm not just lying to my self in my diary. I slightly regret that decision now.

Chelsea is now watching me with morbid interest. She seemed to find me threatening and shouting at this diary rather amusing.

Ok….where was I…yes…Head Girl-ishness. I heard James was the new Gryffindor Quiddich Captain. Did you know that that means he gets to use the prefects bathroom? So in theory he could bathe in the same tub that……….Nevermind.

Ok Lily, time out now. Remember that:

YOU ARE HEAD GIRL! You must be levelheaded.

James Potter was a nasty git for five years and he practically tortured Snivil- I mean Severus.

You aren't going to pay attention to a single thing you've written in this list.

Damn this truth ink.

I may as well not even try to hide it. SO WHAT IF I LIKE JAMES?!

He has changed.

I swear it. I wouldn't like him otherwise. He seemed to just…deflate his head last year. Like when you poke a balloon with a pin in that soft part by the knot and it deflates slowly.

Goodness knows he still gets into a bucket load of trouble, but it's almost endearing now. Well, most of the time.


He's waving at me.

Oh, now he's showing me something and mouthing something…

Sirius'….shoe? Oh no.

And there he goes, running off down the train with Sirius running after him, yelling many different curses. Not all of them spells.

Oh now he's coming back and – OPENING THE COMPARTMENT DOOR!

A few minutes later – my compartment.

Well THAT was entertaining. James comes running in here and tries to hide behind me.

"Evans! You've got to help me!"

"Why should I, Potter?"

"You're Head Girl, DO SOMETHING!"

"That would mean you getting in trouble too Potter and believe me, I have no qualms about that."

See, with James I play it cool. I act indifferent. I guess part of me is still wary that these changes about him are all some ploy. He does still ask me to go out with him occasionally. Although, it has lessened. But goodness he looked adorable, crouching down in the corner and pleading with me.

"Well…can't you just stop him? I don't know why he's so mad. All I did was take his shoe….and turn his hair pink….but that wasn't until later, when he tried to give me bunny ears…"

I stood there for a moment with a slightly confused look on my face. That's when Sirius Black, James' best friend, burst in.

"Move over Lily, I know he's here."

I turned around and gawped and Sirius' hair. It was indeed pink...VERY pink. It somewhat reminded my of the pair of fluffy slippers I had at home.

"Sorry Sirius, I can't allow you to attack him. I'm Head Girl."

"What about what he did to my HAIR!" he had exclaimed to me rather irately. I took pity on the poor boy and with a flick of my wand I set it straight. They soon left. James smiled at me as he left before walking into his compartment, which was on the other side of the hallway.

For some reason, James and Sirius high-fived once they entered their compartment. All of the Marauder's keep looking back at me…WHY IS CHELSEA LAUGHING?

She just told me to look at my hair.


It's pink.

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