She stared at the little pink strip and frowned. This was not happening to her, she wasn't supposed to be in the same situation her Mother was in almost 22 years ago. She was expected to be better, to do better. but somehow she found herself here. Alone and pregnant by a privileged white male. Rory hadn't even seen him in over a month, since that day in his dorm where she had given him a hidden ultimatium. She knew that Logan wasn't boyfriend material and she had desperately tried to forget about him but their relationship's overwhelming consquences staring her in the face had made it impossiable. She has suddenly become incredibly angry with him. Rory wondered how many other girls had been in this situation, she was once again 'one of the many' like she promised herself she wouldn't be anymore. She flung open the bathroom door, postitive test still in hand and stormed to Logan's dorm. She pounded on the door but no one answered, it was 10PM on a Friday. He was proberly out with a Kimberly or a Rachel or a Megan. Rory, still in a blind rage, walked around campus. She finally ended up at a bench and just sat there, staring into space. What was she going to do?

"Ace? What are you doing out here so late?" Logan asked, appearing in front of her from what seemed like from no where.

"Don't act so concerned" Rory mummered

"What was that?" Logan asked, not quite hearing her

"I hate you" Rory said, standing up "You know that? You did this to me" She said dramatically.

"What are you talking about" Logan said, still confused until he saw the stick in her hand "Ace.." He tried to put his hand on her shoulder but she dismissed it quickly.

"No. Don't 'Rory' me you ass hole. Don't act like that Logan. Don't act all caring now, of all times"

"Rory. Please listen to me"

"No. I am done listening to you. I listened when you told me that you weren't boyfriend material and I listened when you said that you rather end our relationship, or whatever it was, to be the James Bond wannabe."

Logan pulled her close to him and she tried to push him away unsucessfully. He held on to her and made sure she couldn't get away.

"I hate you" she started to mumble again before falling to her knees, crying. Logan was still holding on to her. "I hate you for doing this to me" she sobbed harder against him. "How am I supposed to tell my Mom?"

"Ssh Rory. We'll figure this out" Logan comforted

"She's going to hate me" Rory said still crying loudly. Knowing it was after 11PM, Logan picked Rory up and started to walked with her. Rory almost immediantly fell asleep in his arms, tears still streaming down her face. After contimplating where to go, Logan placed Rory on his bed and covered her before walking onto the couch with a blanket in hand. Tomorrow he would get the whole story from her and maybe even figure out how to handle this. Until tomorrow.