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Dark and Dreary Hearts

The rain pitter-pattered off the window, each drop appearing as a tear just shed by the dark sky. A lone figure sat cuddled by the window, her emerald eyes staring out into the darkness. A flash of lightning as bright as the sun lit up the dark room, showing her pale skin, voluptuous curves and long raven hair. As a thunder clap boomed above, she was ripped back to reality by a scream, "SHEGO!"

She sighed, and thought, what could it possibly be now, he's probably afraid of the dark and can't find his teddy bear... "SHEEEGO!"The voice called again.

"I'm coming! Sheesh" She shouted in response.

Shego rose from her perch on the windowsill and began to walk down a long corridor, her bare feet barley making a sound on the soft plush crimson rug. She reached the door from which the scream emanated and pushed it open without second thought. Lightning flashed again to show a hunched figure sitting at the end of a large bed, his back turned to her and only his jet black pony tail and pale blue skin visible as the rest of his body was wrapped in sheets.

Shego crept towards the figure without making a sound and overheard mumblings "oh teddy, it's okay, I called Shego and she'll be here in a minute, she's always brave..."

A silly thought entered her mind...why not give him a little surprise as well...So she picked up one of his pillows and raised it above her unsuspecting victims head brought it down with a thump.

"AHHHHH! You were right teddy! Monsters!" He cried, only to open his eyes and turn around at the sound of giggling. "SHEGO! How could you! You scared the be-Jesus out of me, and you almost gave poor teddy a heart attack!" He said

"What about your bunny slippers..." She giggled pointing to his pink fuzzy bunnies.

"Well they were scared too but luckily not too bad because I'm here" he responded.

Suuuure, and I'm Kim Possible. She thought to herself. "Anywho, enough of the silly business. You called for a reason I hope Dr. D?" She asked.

"Uh, Yes, yes I did, well teddy actually told me too, he said he would feel better if you were here...he's afraid of thunderstorms you see..."

"You've got to be kidding me" she said looking at her employer Dr. Drakken.

"Do I usually kid? Please, stay, if not for teddy's sake then for mine..."

"hmm...let me think...mayb...NO!" She replied.

"But, She-" and with those words she slammed the door and headed back to her room. Disturbing me in the middle of the night to keep him and his teddy bear company. That was most definitely not outlined in my contract. Oh well, might as well go to bed, knowing Dr. D it's gonna be a long day tomorrow. With those last thoughts Shego pulled back the black satin covers to her bed and slid in, her mind already awaiting the night's dreams...

Debating whether I going to do a dream sequence or switch to Drakken's point of view, which I kind of wanted this to be a single sided just see what Shego's thinking story...but give me some thoughts on your Reviews. Don't worry there will be romance between D/S. Its just evolving, if you couldn't guess Drakken may already have a crush but you'll find out more and after this chapters should be longer this is just a feeler first chapter too see If y'all like it...the rest is all up here (taps head). Please R&R creative critiscism wanted not harsh and cruel comments. Thank You.