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-Tick Tick Tick-

The sound reverberated through the dark castle, ever calling out but never hearing anything in return. Near the front door lay dozens of yellowing papers week old headlines staring blankly at the ceiling as bills lay nuzzled underneath appearing to fear the dim light. A small light emanated from the kitchen revealing the refrigerator door being left ajar, the sour smell of rotten milk issuing forth like a vile specter. Pizza boxes lay haphazardly on the floor crusts the only remains of meals long gone. Nearby a flicker of light escapes form around a wall leading to the living room. A TV stands alone before a couch the anchormen cheerfully discussing the morbid headlines known as the news.

Huddled on the couch lay a lump of sorts, its true form obscured by lairs of blankets and tissues. As it began to stir a wisp of raven hair cascaded down to the floor, followed closely after by the muffled sobs from deep within the depths of cloth. A gasp for air and a thrashing of limbs brought broke threw the wool cocoon giving revealing not a butterfly but instead a gaunt red eyed tear streaked Shego. Where once perfect raven hair surrounded a lovely ivory face now a frizzy mess tried to shroud a tear streaked somber face.

Her arms clutched her chest squeezing something ever tighter as she wildly looked around as if fearing a predator. She slowly relaxed as her sobbing subsided and removed a ratty and worn piece of photograph from her breast. She stared at it longingly her eyes tracing a scrawled note on the bottom beneath the image of a very scared and burning Dr. Drakken. The note said:

To Shego, Thanks for putting me out after you lit me on fire. Won't happen again. Your caring and scared boss, Dr. D.

Her lip quivered once again and soon she was bawling once more. Shego thought to herself, Why? Why? Why? I loved him! Why did he leave?

Easy, because you never told him. Instead of giving him love you ridiculed him.

I didn't mean too! I was Afraid!

Of what? Rejection? You knew he loved you but you threw it all away for your pride. He left so you could have your pride and have a better life because he thought you hated him.

Oh God! I hate you! Shut up!

I'm right aren't I?

I…I…-sniffle- guess….

Then don't give up and get out of this god forsaken mess and find blue boys ass!

Your Right!

Damn Right I am. But first things first. Girl, your Hair need some major attention ASAP. It looks like a birds nest.

Shego smiled and with a new hope sped upstairs to make herself presentable once again for when she would come face to face with Drakken once again. She wouldn't give up not until she had crossed the ends of the earth she kept telling herself.

The room now stood empty only the flicker of light from the TV casting a glow as the anchormen spoke to a nonexistent audience. "…In other news, the mysterious CEO of Nanosoft has continued to donate money to the many charities around the world, also in his many publishing's his Credos and Philosophies are being taken to heart by the American Public, Causing a many who are clamoring for this mysterious billionaires nomination for President next month…" but before the Anchorman could say another word the TV went black and darkness filled the castle. Soon followed by a vehement shout of "GOD DAMN IT!" From upstairs. Apparently, Shego thought herself, I may have to pay some bills before I leave. And hustled to the door to snatch the old mail.

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