A/N: Yea...this is an actual drabble for once... It sorta reminds me of "Simply Put", in a way...

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Ratings: PG-13

Genre: Humor

Warnings: Shounen-ai, pervertedness

Main Characters: Ayame and Hatori

Additional Notes: Again, this one was alsowritten at midnight...


"Tori-san!" he gasped, a hand brushing his milky thigh. Emerald eyes smirked before fading away. "No! Don't go!"

"Ayame, I'm right here."

The snake opened his eyes, blinking. "Tori-san?"

The dragon rolled his emerald eyes . "You were dreaming," he sighed. "Now c'mon, or we'll be late for school."

Ayame blushed as he got up from the couch where he'd fallen asleep waiting for Hatori. He grabbed his school bag and scampered out the door after the dragon.

"So," said Hatori as the snake caught up. "What was your dream about?"

Ayame smiled secretively. "Oh nothing," he chuckled. "You and I were just…oiling some valves…"

Hatori frowned, confused, as Ayame laughed. "What—"

"C'mon!" laughed the snake. "Or we'll be late for school!"

Hatori just shook his head. Why is he dreaming about cars...?


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