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From the Study of the Art of Romance, page 103

Study is being threatened by existence of creature commonly known as Ryan Lavery, although this Study will refer to him henceforth as the Dork. He has become a major danger to my Study and to KH's sanity and the salvation of her eternal soul. Yes, my original ideas of his parental roots have been proven. He is devil spawn and flaunts this fact proudly while the rest of this idiotic town worships the ground his hooves touch.

This researcher does not like him.

He must be destroyed.

Last night, wandered into Fusion offices to find Dork making moves on KH and clearly intending to get some loving… seemed to believe that Kendall would throw down work, rip off dress and scream, at top of lungs, "Take me Ryan… take me, take me!" and jump his bones right there.

This researcher does not like him.

Spent three hours with KH locked in my car, worming information out of her and am utterly horrified at this new news. She was looking at her photos and ZS found out; in simpler terms, she ripped his heart out, placed it in a blender and pressed the button happily. This explains the devastated look on ZS's face when I tried to get him to look at pictures of my sister's baby.

Pieces are beginning to make sense and this researcher is not happy.

Know, for a fact, that Greenlee Lavery and David Hayward have started an affair and know, for a fact, that Dork is not keeping his wife happy in the sack. Yeah… a real old-time love affair, huh? Know that as I write this, I have an extremely disgusted look on my face and am rolling my eyes.

When I slipped between him and Mrs. Slater (does her marriage to another man mean nothing to the Dork?) he took my movements as a threat… which they were and so he was actually right about that… anyway, he know sees me as the enemy, which I am proud to be called.

He bulged his eyes threateningly at me, flexed muscles and tossed his horns… I shook my files at him, stomped my feet and he backed down like the yellow-bellied Dork he is… yet, I fear that this is not the end and I am now convinced that he is a true threat and that he intends to go after Boss's Wife with all plans of seducing her.

And I intend to stop him by any means necessary.

This researcher is, by most definitions, a lowly secretary and not all that high up the corporate ladder. However, I happen to be Zach Slater's secretary and that, in itself, gives me an extra amount of power before these lowly Dork-worshipping imbeciles. I am, in fact, known to be Zach Slater's favorite and most trusted helper.

Dork has no idea how dangerous Edie Harrison can be and will be shocked when I punch him so hard, he'll be tasting grass… and other things, in case you're wondering. He stands no chance against my power, my might, my unmistakable power when it comes to pulling my boss's strings.

Yet, he is beloved by this town of idiots while ZS in despised and blamed for Global Warming… and let's not forget that pesky meteor coming next year. Yep, that's Zach Slater's fault too. More than that, Petite Dork Worshipper (aka Erica Kane aka La Kane) has decided to support Dork in his quest to win back KH… P. D. W. (Petite Dork Worshipper) has a large amount of power in this town and I find myself annoyed by thought of having to beat her to death with her heels in order to save the Study.

Yes, this researcher needs friends in high places and have made list of such friends in high places. List is as follows.

1) Palmer Cortlandt and Adam Chandler: Old Geezers with too much money and too much Scotch who are obsessed with protecting Kendall Hart from Dork. Have often found them glaring at Dork and muttering about how easy it was to get rid of a body in nearby caves. Sadly, both Old Geezers have become obsessed with son/nephew and are busy; hope to soon get them on the case and intend to let them have the body for their own fun.

2) JR Chandler: Son/nephew of previously mentioned Old Geezers. Violently hated in town as much as Boss and last year found myself stuck in hospital closet, listening to Terd Martin whine to Joe Martin about JR's evilness from his Chandler genetics… find it strange considering that Stuart Chandler is a Chandler and is regarded in same league as angel wings and fluffy white kittens. Have come to decision that Terd Martin is big fat hypocrite who has no sense of loyalty and too much respect from Dork Worshipping Cult known as "Pine Valley". Have faith that JR Chandler will prove to be an invaluable ally as soon as this nonsense with Micaela Kincaide is cleared away… hope to have contact soon.

3) Myrtle Fargate: High matriarchal power of Pine Valley. Sadly, has soft spot for Dork. However, has even bigger soft spot for boss and an obsession of her own about KH and ZS marriage; has made her feelings known even to P. D. W. and was unafraid of retribution… has intense carnie knowledge and a fair amount of wisdom. Reminds this researcher of her own late grandmother and she is hoping to enjoy bonding time outside of scheming. She is my greatest possible ally and I head into my next battle hoping she takes a place at my side…

Edie drummed nails across her knee, watching as Myrtle Fargate set up the tea on the tray, and then brought over the tray. She handed the black woman her cup of tea and took her seat, spreading a napkin out in her lap. She took her own cup, took a dainty sip and then set it on the coffee table, smoothing weathered hands across her lap.

Only then, with a cheery smile, did she laugh, "Now then darlin', what were you so worried about?"

"My boss, Zach Slater and Kendall Hart-Slater, his wife? Don't you get how bad this is? The Dork—I mean, Lavery going after Kendall again! If he loves his perfect wife so much, why doesn't he just keep her? I mean, I was one of those people that had to sit back and grit my teeth when I accompanied Zach to all those town meetings and had to watch the Laverys shake their easy marriage—"

"Hush, darlin'." Okay, that directness surprised her, didn't it? Snapping her mouth shut, Edie studied the elderly woman with her brows furrowed in deep thought and her mouth curled into a frown. She sighed, picked at the edges of the napkin thoughtfully before sighing again and commenting, "Ryan and Kendall's relationship was more complicated than you might think."

"He's a piece of crap, Mrs. Fargate and believe me, he doesn't deserve her… never did."

"Things went wrong and they have just been getting worse and I hate this, watching her suffer and hurt and Erica just add to all that hurt… however, I get the feeling that you think it all comes down to him setting out to hurt her."

"And he didn't?" Edie almost shrieked, only to biting the full force back at the last second. "Have you heard the things he says to her, screamed to her while she was trying to hard to get him back? If my mother had ever heard of a man treating me like that, she would have gone after him with something heavy and sharp and he'd never have been found, believe me."

"Kendall scares Ryan, darlin'." She folded her hands, continued to regard Edie with that pleasantness in her old gaze. "She loves so strongly and so deeply that she scares him and his own feelings are even scarier for him."

"So that gives him the right to treat her like she means nothing? Call her things like that? Threaten her like he does?" Edie demanded hotly, slapping both palms onto her thighs.

"No, but you need to understand why he married Greenlee Smythe in the first place… he didn't marry her because he loved her… he couldn't give a damn about her and he never has. But, see, for a few months, she was easy to please and easy to keep happy. His feelings for Kendall were too deep and too frightening and he fled to the easy way out."

"Greenlee Smythe?" Edie asked, now looking more interested.

"Greenlee Smythe," Mrs. Fargate echoed with a sad smile and a sad shake of her head. "He married her because he was too afraid of what he had with Kendall. He clearly thought that if he insisted long and hard enough and beat Kendall back with his wedding ring enough, it would become real and he would be happy with Greenlee Smythe."

"Mrs. Fargate, do you realize that Ryan Lavery has suddenly decided that she was worth his love and tenderness and has decided to grace her marriage with his presence? That he has decided that he still wants her?" Now then, that was an odd look on Mrs. Fargate's face as she leaned forward in her seat.

"Ryan wants Kendall again? After all this time with his happy marriage?" she asked in an odd tone.

Edie threw her hands up in the air, wondering how much she needed to repeat it all again. "Yes, Mrs. Fargate! Ryan Lavery has his sights set on Kendall and is clearly intending to win her back by whatever means necessary! He's decided he wants her back!"

Myrtle finally seemed to realize the full impact of this news for she reached up, rubbed her forehead and sighed, very quietly, "Sometimes he really is a weenie, isn't he darlin'?"

At Edie's sudden snort of laughter, she sighed again, dropped her hands down to her lap. "I'm not going to go up to Kendall and make her make some choice she isn't ready to make; that won't help any… however, I do think I can find time to smack some sense into Ryan's brain..."