It had been done.

With the help of FBI agents Jodie Saintemillion and Akai Shuichi, they had captured Vermouth, Gin and Vodka.

And now currently heading to the boss's hideout, according to the once famous actress Sharon Vineyard.

They were riding in the van provided by the FBI. Akai in the back guarding the three who had been checked and handcuffed. The "Sleeping Detective" Mouri Kogoro had a gun pointed to Gin's head, the black barrel touching the gray flesh. Heiji was sitting next to him keeping a gun pointed at Vodka.

Agasa sat up in front driving. Next to him sat Jodie who was busy making a lot of calls.

Following the white van was James Black in his vintage automobile with Eri, Ai, Sonoko and Kazuha.

But she was in the van, seated across from Heiji, holding Conan in her lap.

She smiled slightly as she remembered how long ago he would squirm and squirm trying to get out of my grasp.

Now he sat contently against her, comfortable and safe.

Glad it was nearly over for himself as well.

Because now "Little Conan-kun" didn't have to be Conan.

He could be who he really was.


It had been a long night and now as the morning light rose into view Conan was fighting his child body to keep himself awake.

"Shinichi," whispered a voice in his ear.

"Ran," he whispered back to her, "It's almost done."


"Then I'll tell you," he felt Ran hold him tighter in anticipation, "How I really feel."

"Thank you Shinichi."

Ran looked up as she heard a snort.

Kogoro was already halfway pulling the trigger.

"So that brat is Kudo Shinichi eh? Should have known…" declared Gin, "Not as if it matters now right?"

Ran held Conan closer, "What do you mean?" she asked as her father said simultaneously, "Ran, don't listen to him!"

"I mean he was supposed to die that night you know…"

Akai's eyes widened as he realized something was about to go horribly wrong.

"Get to the front of the van Ran!" yelled out Conan as Gin said his last words.

"But you were only prolonging the inevitable!"

It happened so quickly.


The shot from Kogoro's gun drilling into Gin's head…

And Gin pressing the button to activate the explosives in his shoes.


Eri gasped as the van they were following turned from a dark red to a bright white blast and then into a ball of flames. She went forward a bit as James slammed hard on the brakes.

She bit back a scream and was jolted back to her senses as she heard Kazuha yelling out her love's name.

Sonoko's eyes wide, her voice seemed to be caught in her throat.

And then the car came to a stop and the van was slowing down itself.

Or at least what still had the pathetic form of a van.

Eri began screaming and crying… ignoring the child-like voice telling her that they'd make it all out all right.

Even if it did look as if anyone was coming out.


Officer Takagi looked at the twisted metal as the fire was being put out. Information was being gathered quickly about what had happened.

Considering that Conan had installed a black box in the FBI van which recorded video and did get some sound. Fortunately the van was reinforced and the explosion had not reached the gas tank otherwise that video wouldn't explain so much.

Takagi declined watching it at the moment.

He didn't want to think about that yet.

He turned as he heard Inspector Megure talking to him in a hoarse voice...

Informing him of the situation.

In a matter of five minutes since the blast, the entire Metropolitan Police Force was on the scene working as quickly as a phantom ghost trying to discover what had caused everything. Working in efficient teams, some looking over the tape, others working with the fire fighters investigating the van as the recovery was being done.

Though not much could be done for the followers of the van.

Eri, Kazuha, Sonoko and James were now being treated for shock and were waiting questioning.

Takagi had been one of the first people at the scene and had witnessed Kazuha pulling Heiji out. She had been distraught, yelling for him to wake up even though she was fully aware it was a lost cause.

Eri wouldn't go near the van. She knew that her husband had been too close to the blast to survive.

Better remember her husband whole and strong than in the pieces the officers and firemen were finding.

Sonoko wasn't talking, and it didn't seem as if she would be for a while.

What puzzled the rest of the crew were the threesome at the back of the van who had been handcuffed. Of course they were unrecognizable because of the blast.

The firefighters had pulled out the rest of the bodies while others worked to put out the already receding fire.

Takagi had tried not to look at the scene as someone called out, "HEY THERE WAS A KID IN HERE!"

Suddenly something seemed to have happened where all the firefighters seemed to have rushed the van to help the one who had found the body.

The fire went out in those seconds.

"We can't get them apart!" yelled one of them.

One of the paramedics came up with a wide stretcher.

And Takagi wasn't prepared for this at all.

This can't be happening…

This can't be true…


But oh deep down he knew. If Eri had been in the car and Sonoko wasn't talking….

Oh damn why did she have to be in there!

Because it only meant that he would be there too.

Trying to protect her despite his small form.

A gasp caught in his throat as he turned away from the stretcher.

He didn't want to remember them dead.

But no fate would not let him and he turned just as the blanket came down over them.

With just enough time to see Ran was clutching the small form who must have been sitting in her lap. His face against her chest, her arm pulling him close, his arms around her.

He should have listened when Inspector Megure told him to leave.


Some hours later Takagi was determined to overcome his phobia of the video.

At least he could watch it alone. It would be too hard if he tried to mask his emotions for the people around him…

The events unfolded quickly.

The piling of everyone into the van.

Eri begging that Ran come in the car with her.

Jodie promising that it would be all right.

Conan sneaking into the van.

Some fifteen minutes later a conversation beginning. The camera only picking up a few words.

'Brat is Kudo Shinichi,'said the long, silver one called Gin, 'He was supposed to die.'

A 'don't listen' from Kogoro. Akai's hand moving over to a new target.

'Prolonging the inevitable!'

It was horrible to see Ran yell out "No!" after Conan told her to get to the front of the van.

Conan turned to look up to Ran's face, his expression confirming what she already suspected, what he had tried hiding from her in the hope that she would try to survive.

They both knew that nothing could save them at that moment anymore.

And for a moment after that, Conan looked at Ran in a way that a child did not usually look. Then the both of them smiled for a brief instant as if they felt no pain or fear of dying… as if in death they would find a place they could be together.


AN: This one was inspired after my sister said that they should both die… So after thinking I decided I liked both ways. Thank you for reading and please review!