Sapphire Gardevoir: Great, more stuff to do during the week.

Star Enfinity: I got her to come with me to my karate classes. It's on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday.

Sapphire Gardevoir: Yeah, as hectic as our lives are now, it's fun to be able to beat up people and be praised for it. ;)

Star Enfinity: Besides, karate reminds us of Goku. (blushes) We have a terrible crush on him. We can barely watch DBZ anymore without giggling like crazy fangirls.

Sapphire Gardevoir: It used to be we both liked Seto, but we've liked our strong Saiyan guy for months. I mean come on people, he's hot! But why are we boring you? Read the other stuff!

Normally when Yuugi got sick, it was a simple diagnosis, and a dose of pizza and movies. Not with Atemu. Now it was movies, calming insense, and some more fluff. Which Yuugi didn't mind as much. Oh, I forgot to mention the annoying questions. 'Are you sure your alright?' (or) 'Are you comfortable enough?' Every five minutes. Nice, but very ridiculous.

"'Temu. I'm really okay. You don't have to worry so much."

"It's my job to worry." Atemu said, brushing Yuugi's bangs out of his eyes. Yuugi couldn't hide his blush from the older man behind him on the couch.

"Maybe it is, but you don't have to worry about something so silly as this."

"Your health is not silly Yuugi."

Yuugi could tell he wasn't winning, nor would he win anytime soon without talking until his throat hurt. And he didn't need something else for Atemu to worry about. Good thing grandpa worked at a different shop now, even if he was in charge of this smaller one…

"Oh my god!" Yuugi yelled.


"I totally forgot about the shop! I have to go and-!"

Atemu tightened his grip on Yuugi's waist. "No. You are going to rest. You may not realize it but you are very warm. I will close the shop later. For now, you will just relax."

Yuugi pouted and crossed his arms, trying to look angry. But only managed to look cuter. Yes, he was warm, but not because he was sick.

"Would you like something to eat aibou?"

Yuugi grimaced. Atemu's cooking was…well to be blunt, it was bad. He had succesfullyruined his breakfast that morning, almost burned the house down making grilled cheese, and failed horribly in making the simplest of dishes. The most recent being a bowl of cereal. But hey, who was he to talk. He couldn't cook either.

"How about we just order a pizza? You haven't had one of those before."

A thoughtful look crossed Atemu's face and he nodded. "I shall try one, if that's what you would want. So, how do I make them?"

"No! I mean, no you don't cook them. You order them from a resturant, they cook it and bring it to you."

"Kind of like a servent." Atemu pondered.

"In a way, but you can't whip them or have them hung." Yuugi said, remembering his little 'history lesson' from Atemu on the walk home. "And they won't call you master or pharaoh."

Darn. But as long as his aibou was fed, he would make an exception. Yuugi yawned.

"I'll call the pizza guys this evening. But first I'm gonna take a nap. If you get hungry, eat something that doesn't need cooking." Though he had a sneaking suspition that anything Atemu made would somehow or other go horribly horribly wrong.

"Do you want to sleep in your bed or…Never mind." Yuugi was already asleep. And as unexpected as it was, Atemu realized that Yuugi must trust him enough to fall asleep practically right on top of him. Atemu smiled at the thought.

He began to wonder what it would be like if Yuugi was with him in Egypt. He would have had the little light as his own personal slave, not the kind he would order around, but treat like a…dare he say it. A lover? Perhaps. It was not hard to love the teen. Anyone, except Anzu maybe, would fall for his beautiful eyes, gentle personality, and cute charm. Atemu knew the moment he saw him that Yuugi would be the only onewho could even come close to Sakusa. Now that he thought about it, he had already beaten her. In terms of kindness at least. Sakusa was beautiful, and she had charm, but she was slightly quick tempered, and often sent her pet snake on people that upset her. Little Yuugi would never even think on getting revenge on people, no matter what they did. Never the less, Atemu had loved her. But she was dead, and Yuugi was who he had. He would not let Yuugi end up like Sakusa.

'Maybe if you knew. It would make both our lives easier.'

Atemu had his suspitions about Yuugi's feelings for him, and wondered if just letting him know his own feelings would make everything better. But they were only ideas, and he didn't want to ruin the new friendship that they already shared.

Sapphire Gardevoir: Sorry that it's so short, but we have a lot to do.

Star Enfinity: We'll make it up to you guys, we promise. The next chapter will be much much longer!