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Andre found himself feeling uneasy in the temple. The squad in which he was with was checking out this tourist spot for anything out of place. There has been many reports of people who came here but never returned.

Sensing something, Andre started to shake slightly. Danger is coming closer, he thought to himself. He stopped for a breath to regain his nerves. From behind, the silence was broken when he heard a light moan. Not ready to disappear in the temple Andre lifted his rifle and quickly twisted around ready to shoot anything in sight.


Seeing something directly in his face, Andre screamed " AHHHHHHHH" and fell back on his butt.

He looked up to see his close friend Reuben with a very stupid grin of satisfaction. "You ok, you big chicken?" Reuben managed to say right before he burst out laughing.

After a few minutes of laughing but felt like hours for Andre, Reuben finally finished laughing and wiped the tears off his face and only said a few words. "Sorry. HAD to do it"
Andre was angry for a second but then thought that he would do the same thing. So he started chuckling at himself.

Reuben who is already walking ahead stopped and said. "You coming?" I ran up beside him and asked. "Where to?" He replied "Saria found a secret opening near that weird statue. She really found the opening by accident but we'll give her the credit."

The two friends finally reached the other soldiers. Andre greeted "Hey guys" but he was only greeted with a swift blow to the back of his head.

Saria growled "And one girl" Andre sighed and lead the group down the stairs. He turned on his shoulder flashlight, lifted his rifle and carefully stepped down the stairs with the squad right on his tail. When they reached the bottom Saria switched on her nightvison googles and did a one-eighty degree scan of the room. She gave the signal to advance slowly, so the other five troopers moved forward. Saria saw something in the corner of her eye and shouted "Freeze everyone!" At the 'f' of freeze Andre was a rock. Saria told him to move back three steps back and with no complaints. She lifted her gun and shot at the ground where Andre was just about to step. At first nothing happened and Reuben called her crazy under his breath but he was proven wrong when a log tied to vines swung down right in front of Reuben almost crushing him into a pancake. Saria giggled and mumbled

"Told ya" under her breath. Saria once again scanned the room and saw torches on the walls. She walked towards the wall and asked for a lighter. When someone's lighter was tossed, she caught it and lit the torch then the rest of the torches. Everyone gasped at the size of the room. Andre thought this room in the temple looked more liked a hangar than a secret room at the bottom of a temple. Reuben looked around at the walls to see a painting of people being killed by some sort of creature. Everyone was pretty creeped out by painting but a low growl coming from the stairs they just came from.

They continued down the room in groups because the growl freaked them all out except Reuben who never heard the growl over his walkmen. The growl that came from the stairs was heard again but closer, so just dismissing the noise to animals they continued. After awhile of walking they had reached the other side of the room to find what looked like a slot to fit a hand .

"ooookayyyy" Said Andre when he saw the hand print. Andre's thoughts raced as he slowy placed his hand on the handprint. When his hand was on the print for a second the paintings around the room lit up in a weird blue glow. The creatures in the paintings were moving.

"Crap," said Steven as he aimed his Desert Eagle towards the painting. "I think we should get outta here. What do you think Reuben?"

"Nananana dance dance" Reuben sang and totally oblivious to what was happening.

Saria sighed and turned to the problem ahead. She decided to fire at the paintings with her M-16. She aimed the gun at one of the creatures in the paintings and fired thirteen rounds with no prevail. The creature looked at Saria and walked towards the holes she just put in the wall then started clawing the inside of the painting.

"Umm...I think we should take our leave." Said Andre.

They turned and ran back but Andre stopped dead when he spotted a person with their head down a few feet in front of the stairs.

"Hey are you one of the missing people." asked Reuben, who finally firgured out what is happening.

After hearing him, the person lifted his head. The squad gasped. In front of them was a person with blood red eyes and who was missing a piece of his neck. The mystery man moaned a little and began to limp toward Andre who immediately started freaking out and shouting, "Can I shoot him?"

"No! Freeze! We'll help you!" Capt. Night replied.

But as the man didn't stop advancing towards Andre, Capt. Night changed his mind.

"Fire at will and keep moving!"

Andre didn't think twice and pulled the trigger, shooting the man's chest. Nothing happened. Andre fired again and again yet nothing was stopping the man from continuing.
"THE HEAD! Shoot it in the head!" yelled Saria.
Hearing her, Andre fired three rounds into the man's head, spraying blood and grey matter. (editer's note...YUCK!)

They continued up the stairs and heard gun shots at the top of the stairs. They had reached the top of the staircase to see a bald man with googles on killing more of those things.

" Help him! " Ordered Capt.Night

They started firing at those creatures until all of them were dead(er). The bald man looked at Andre and Saria and said. " Mom...Dad? "


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