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This is chapter 4.

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Chapter 4

Cortez started typing buttons on his uplink trying to open a another portal out of here while everyone else looked around at the future of humans.

"Wow! This is amazing but I have a question. Where are we?" Said Amy Chen.

"This is the 8th fleet of the Earth's space Academy. The fleet commander is Candi Skyler but on her first patrol the Koozer Mox completely destroyed the fleet, She was not ready for the attack. The attack starts in 5 minutes if my clock is correct. " Said R-110

"5 MINUTES! We are screwed!" yelled Reuben as he started sweating a river.

" No we're not, let's go!" Said Cortez while pulling out his sci-fi handgun.

They ran down corridors without a hitch until they got near the bridge then things got messy. A guard saw Cortez and started blasting at him but Cortez's training was too much for the simple guard becuase just dodged the lasers beams by doing a huge backflip and shooting at the same time hitting the guard.

"Sweet, how did you do that?" Said Jo-Beth

"We are in spaceship. Gravity is weaker here." Said Cortez.

After he said that everyone started doing flips and jumps until they again ran down the corridors shooting any guard in the way. They blew down the door and when Candi heard that she turned around to see a small metal sphere bounce in. All the control men jumped for cover but the sphere just released smoke.

Candi watched as more guards walked into the smoke to confront whatever was in there but she heard thumps then a guard flew out followed by the rest of the guards.

Cortez stepped out the cover of the smoke and said. "We are taking the ship to...believe this or not save this whole fleet. Candi outta the way!"

"No! I just became the fleet commander." Said Candi.

"Wait I have something that will help." Said Jo-beth as she pulled out a roll of duct tape from her pocket.She wrapped up Candi in duct tape before getting up.

"1 minute and 57 seconds until ambush." Said R-110.

"Ok we need to hurry. R-110 you take the helm and who here knows how to drive a mad-dog class ship?" Said Cortez

"I do." Amy chen answered

"O.k. Amy your with me. We're going to to take the ship and kicksome Koozer ass while the rest of you take to the turrets."

Jo-Beth sat in the turret sit and said. "Taste the skill that is video games!"

Cortez and Amy ran into the hanger, they ran into the mad-dog ship andhe said. "This is the sameship class that I used to steal the time crystals. You drive and I'll take the gunners."

They flew out at the same time as the Koozers began their attack. Amy's flying skills were as good as Cortez's shooting skills. They flew straight through the battle lines of the Koozer. Amy was looking at all the controls and decided to press one of them. Then the ship fired 26 missiles at the Koozer battleship. It didn't destroy the ship but it did make a huge hole but Amy didn't pull up instead she flew right into the hole she made. She turned the ship around so Cortez's turret was facing the front.

"Time to make the FAT LADY SING!" Said Cortez as he pull the trigger causing the gun to fire destorying everything near.


R-110 was driving the mothership of the 8th fleet. Harry was having a hard time trying hit Koozer starfighterswhile Jo-Beth was hitting everything in sight. Captain and other troops were doing ok but the starfighters were too small. R-110 heard the complaining so turned the ship to the side.

"I see why he's doing that now. HIT THE BATTLESHIPS! Screamed Reuben.

Everyone heard and opened fire upon the Koozers ships. The rest of the fleet followed the suit and turned to it's side and started firing at the battleships.

On the intercom a voice said. "The Koozer mothership has gone rouge and is attacking the other Koozers battleships."

When they heard that all they could think of'Cortez'. They were right because at the bridge of the Koozer was Cortez and Amy. Right behind them was the crashed ship Mad-Dog. Since they didn't know buttons to press they were pressing everything at random. After a while of fighting the rest of the Koozer ships retreated.

Cortez and Amy Chen actived the self-destruct then boarded the Mad-Dog again and flew away from the battleship as it blow up. Everyone thought the space battle was done when the biggest time portal opened up and a Timesplitter mothership came out.( It looks like the mothership in timesplitters future )

Hundreds of'splitters fighters charged atthe 8th fleet.