Christmas with you


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"Athrun do you have to go?" a blonde girl said taking the hand of his dear husband , looking at him ,eyes filled with worries

"Dont worry Its just for a few days...I'll be home for Christmas..Cagalli "Athrun said cupping her cheek "I'll just vist my parents and some of our old friends grave... besides Dearka and Yzak are going with me so you dont have to worry..."He said hugging Cagalli and kissing her forehead

"thats why im worried...I know that Dearka is with you and he might pull you to do something crazy especially when your drunk!"Cagalli said looking at Athrun and giving him the dead-serious-look.

"hey.. im not gonna get drunk"Athrun said chuckling

"Athrun... Your sometimes the kind of person who get easily influenced to do something especially when it come to Dearka ... well its not that I dont completely trust Dearka or you. its just you get easily fooled sometimes"Cagalli said freeing herself from his captives


"Come on Cagalli"

"Oh..alright...just promise that you wont really do anything crazy and go running off after girls who are prettier and smarter than me.."Cagalli said

"I no one can ever take my heart away...only you Cagalli...I wont go running off after other girls...why should I? when I have the best girl I could ever ask for?"Athrun said once again hugging Cagalli but tighter this time

"Athrun..."Cagalli whispered

" one will ever replace you here in my heart ..honey..."Athrun said before claiming her lips As they parted their door slammed open revealing three adorable kids

"Athan onii-chan wait!Give back our dolls!"Althea their youngest yelled

"hehe no way!"Athan said

"Athan! once I catch you Im gonna klll you!" Nathalli yelled throwing some of the stuff toys she was carrying.

These three adorable kids of Athrun Zala and Cagalli Yula Athha-Zala were running around their room shouting screaming and throwing stuffs toys at each other.
"ow.."Athan said as a blue bunny hit him and tripping on the shoes scattered on the floor

"GOTCHA!''Nathalli said jumping on Athan

Athan was about to be beaten by his sisters when they heard someone, particulary their mother clearing her throat

"whoops?"Athan said looking at his mother

"well? Cagalli said her arms crossed on her chest the tone of her voice was slightly mad but she wasnt really mad

"ooopss.. sorry for busting in your room with out permission mom.. its just Athan forced us because he took our dollies.." Nathalli said looking at Athan with a dead-serious-look just like Cagalli(a/n: like mother like daughter)

" Its okay... just dont do the same mistake again kay?"Athrun said smiling at his daughter

" we promise!" The 3 kids cheerfully replied

"Eh?" Althea noticed a few luggage at the back of Athrun "Dad your going away?"Althea asked pulling Athruns long sleeve.

"oh-um yeah Daddy's going away for a few days" Athrun said ruffling Althea's hair

"ehhh...Where are you going?"Athan asked approaching his father followed by Nathalli

" what about Christmas together dad?" Nathalli asked looking at his father

" dont worry I'll come back on Christmas...I promise i'll be here to celebrate Christmas with you guys" Athrun said

"owww...but Christmas is not until 3 days right?" Athan asked

"no I think its still a week before Christmas"Athrun replied

"no its 3 days dad" Nathalli said showing him the calendar

"their right Athrun!" Cagalli said looking at the calendar

" oh great we lost track of time!"Athrun said smacking hisself on the forehead

" so what are you going to do ?" Cagalli said

" Im still going...its been a while since I visited my parents and our friends' grave"Athrun said hugging Cagalli " but im really coming back on Christmas i dont wanna miss celebrating Christamas with my kids and my precious rose ne?"Athrun whispered as placed a soft kiss on Cagalli's lips

"whoopss turn around guys" Nathalli said turning around and covering their eyes. Athan and Althea giggled as they turned around and covered their eyes as well

" yo! Athrun are done packing there?"Dearka said knowking on the door

" uh-yeah Im done!''Athrun replied as his lips parted with Cagalli

" well... come out now!we'll be late !" Yzak yelled from the door

"Alright already!" Athrun replied

" Dad?"Althea said pulling Athrun's shirt

"I'll come back dont worry" Athrun said kissing Althea's forehead and the Nathalli and Athan's forehead..

"bye dad" Nathalli said

" bye kids...Bye Cagalli take care of yourself dont overwork yourself!" Athrun said kissing Cagalli's forehead

" take care too kay?.." Cagalli said

"i will" Athrun replied as he opened the door

"at last.."Dearka said

"now lets get going!" Yzak said hurriedly

''wha-wait why in a hurry guys?"Athrun said

"just-just hurry up Zala!" Yzak said

"wait..dont tell me you guys didnt tell-" Athrun said as the two nodded

"geez... nice job guys" Cagalli said as she was leaning on the door frame

"let goo!" Dearkas said

"and where do you think your going Dearka?" An orange-haired lady said as she cleared her throat.

"uh...oh Good morning ...Im just going out with Athrun and Yzak"Dearka said nervously

" really?going out with Athrun and Yzak with some luggage? what if I tell you that I know now were you and the boys are going?"Mirr said

"ehehe where hon?"Dearka said chuckling nervously

"to PLANTS!"Mirr replied


"Lacus and Kira told me...well since its Christmas im allowing you to visit your friends grave just come back for Christmas"Mirr said showing a small smile

"thanks"Dearka said running to Mirr and hugging her " take care,I'll miss you and Miaka" Dearka whispered making Mirr smile

"hey guys cut it out! Lets go before Shiho wakes up!

" oh Yzak why dont you just tell her that -"Dearka was cut-off when they heard someone pipe in

"that what Dearka?" a voice said from his back

"uh..oh Good morning Shiho" Dearka and Mirr greeted and looked at Yzak with a grin on their faces


"alright...Shiho Im going to PLANTS to visit Nicol and mother" Yzak said finally giving up ,he knew that he cant win to Shiho when it comes to things like this

"WHAT! your going to PLANTS with out me and Syho! "Shiho yelled

" well... will you allow me to visit Nicol and mother?"Yzak asked

"FINE!" Shiho said turning around and walking back to their room slamming the door somehow the tone of her voice was mad

" nice one Yzak..." Dearka said patting he's best friends back

" SHUT UP!" Yzak yelled

" dont worry Yzak..we'll talk to her " Cagalli said giggling " you better go now or you'll be late"

" oh by the way Athrun!" MIrr said

" yep?"

"Please look after my husband, make sure he does not do anything crazy!" Mirr said looking at Dearka giving him the look that says I-will-kill-you-if-you-did-something-crazy.

"I will"Athrun replied "well lets go guys...bye Cagalli"Athrun said looking at Cagalli

" kay...take care.." Cagalli said as she watch her husband walk outside and rode on the car who was assign to take them to the Airport

Soon they arrive at the airport and board the plane that was used to take people to the PLANTS, as it took off Athrun couldnt help but think of Cagalli and his kids .He knew that his gonna miss them even if they were seperated for just a few days .

Back at home(Cagalli and the gangs house)

"Mom where's our Christmas gift?" Athan asked in a curious voice

"ohh..umm its a secret sweetie"Cagalli said 'sorry Athan I havent bought any gift yet'Cagalli said in her thoughts

"awww man..." Athan groaned he was hoping that his mother would tell him where the gifts are

" dont worry Athan you'll get to see your gift.." Cagalli said

"really? when mom?"Athan said

" on Christmas" Cagalli said smiling at him

" moooommmm"Athan said he was showing his puppy eyes

"just a little more patience Athan"Cagalli said ruffling his silky blue hair

"Cagalli?"the pink haired songstress knocked on the door

"oh... yes?" Cagalli replied

" would you like to go to the mall with us?" Lacus asked

"Yeah sure "Cagalli said

"great! " Lacus said

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