I'm here with a new story to present to you, although I still have many others to finish up. I really liked this idea, so I hope you do too. This is very alternate universe though, so you may want to read the background story.

Background Story: Okay, Brooke and Haley are fraternal twin sisters, and their last name is Davis. Their parents are hardly ever around, so they've always been everything to each other. They are seniors at Tree Hill High. When Haley was little, she was diagnosed with cancer, and has been in remission for almost eight years. Lucas and Nathan are also full brothers. If there are any questions, ask me.

This will be the only chapter in Brooke's Point of View.

Only The Good Die Young


Haley was born first, older by a few minutes. So, as the younger twin, I always expected her to take care of me. I was shorter, and smaller, and of course, as the older twin, she also found it necessary to watch over me. Not that I needed watching over.

I had always been the girl that got along with everyone. I was popular, if that was what you'd call it. And I brought her with me, into that world. I let her be popular with me, and together, we were stronger then we were apart. Together, we were Brooke and Haley Davis, fraternal, but both equally beautiful twin sisters.

I looked exactly like our mother, Allison Davis. My hair was brown mixed in with dark red, and naturally straight. My eyes were almond shaped and green, and I had two dimples deeply imprinted in my cheeks.

Haley looked like our father, John Davis. Haley's hair was really light brown, dark blonde, if you will. And it was naturally curly. Her eyes were big and brown. She had a better nose then me, too. At least, I'd always thought so.

We were nothing alike. I liked shopping and makeup, and she liked studying and science. We were so different, but we shared a bond no one could take away from us.

It was during the summer of our eighth year, when Haley was diagnosed with Leukemia. Cancer was a scary thing, and that next year for us was horrible. Haley had to have chemotherapy, and lost all her beautiful hair. She was so sick, and we almost thought she'd die. However, almost a year and a half later, Haley suddenly got better. It was a miracle. Her hair began growing back, and she was back to her old self.

I'd always loved Haley more then anyone. Our parents weren't ever really around after we turned thirteen. They were gone, off to Paris, Spain, Tokyo. It was a new place every month.

And Haley and I, as we always had before, found comfort in each other. And other people as well, as fate would have it.

I'd always been popular, but as a young girl, I'd never had any true friends. That had changed when I'd been only seven, and I'd met Peyton Sawyer. We'd played in the sandbox together, and then one day, she'd gone home early, crying. When I'd asked my mother why, she'd told me it was because Peyton's mommy had gone to heaven. I'd baked her cookies, and went over to her house. My parents paid their condolences to her father, but I wouldn't leave her side. I'd hugged her so hard, and told her that everything would be okay. We'd been inseparable since.

Peyton and I were different as well. She was a cheerleader, but only because I'd forced her to be, and because her mother had been one. She was dark and moody, but beautiful and kind. She comforted me when Haley had been diagnosed, and I'd never felt closer to anyone before, besides Haley.

Besides Peyton, there was only one person I'd consider to be my best friend. I'd know him forever, our parents friends with each other. Nathan Scott had been my rock since before I'd turned five. We'd of course, gone through a period when we'd liked each other. We'd even kissed once, but it was only once, and I got over him soon. No matter what we'd been through though, Nathan Scott would always be my best friend. Besides Peyton of course. And not to mention Haley.

Haley had only grown close to one person. As fate would have it, it would be Nathan's other half. Lucas Scott. She didn't like him for his good looks, or his skill for basketball, though. Haley liked Lucas because he was truly, just like her. They were both pretty weird, you had to admit. But they were best friends, and they always would be, just like Nathan, Peyton, and I.

Of course, we also both fell in love. Haley had grown attached to Nathan, and I to Lucas. It was strange, when you thought about it. She was dating my best friend, I was dating hers. And it was likely, we'd probably marry into the same family.

Of course, Haley and I would never see what was to come in the future. We'd never have known that we would ended up having to test everything we'd grown to know, and love. Haley and I would be put through the most dramatic thing ever, and as much as we hated to admit it, we only had each other.

"Every living creature on Earth dies alone." - Roberta Sparrow (Donnie Darko)