Only The Good Die Young

Chapter Twenty-Nine: Now That You're Gone

The days following Haley's death were the hardest to get through. Funeral arrangements had to be made, and grieving was a must. Brooke barely left the house, and Nathan stayed with her, not sure he could handle what was going on himself. Lucas stayed to himself mostly, and Peyton drew pictures of the pretty girl to pass the time.

Almost a week later, Haley was cremated. Her urn wasn't one particularly special, but that fact that it was Haley's said everything. After the cremation, Brooke had returned to Haley's room, taking in the silence and coldness of the house, now that she was gone.

Her parents had - against Brooke's will - suggested a burial. Brooke, was completely utterly against this plan. She'd argued that it was not what Haley wanted, but her parents would have none of this. John told her that Haley's ashes would be buried, along with all the other Davis family members, in a beautiful ceremony, because it was what she deserved.

What she deserved was to be alive, Brooke had wanted to say. But it was uncalled for. And despite everything, her parents didn't deserve smart-ass comments such as that one.

But still, Brooke remained angry. She couldn't get over her sister's death, and she was afraid that she would break her promise to Haley. At graduation, Brooke had been sullen and glum, and hadn't even smiled when she'd received her diploma. Haley was supposed to be valedictorian.

And now, the day before the funeral, Brooke stood by Haley's bed, eyeing her black beaded dress.

"This is terrible." She said silently to herself. And she wasn't talking about anything in particular. Just life. It seemed that Haley Davis had been dealt a bad set of cards, and now everyone around her would be forced to suffer the consequences.

Not to mention Brooke wasn't looking forward to the burial at all. Haley had specifically requested she go wherever Brooke go, and her parents had dared question her daughter's wants?

And in less then three months, Brooke would be at the University of North Carolina. As much as she'd wanted to do that before, now she wasn't so sure. Now, she really just wanted to pull out a razor, slit her wrists, and hope she'd make it up there to heaven despite her greatest sin.

Soft sounds flowed the radio; a song Brooke recognized as Weezer's 'Perfect Situation'. It had been one of Haley's favorite songs. The two had danced together, attempting to give off a bitchy Elisha Cuthbert impersonation.

It seemed everything these days reminded Brooke of Haley. And not in a good way. Brooke wanted to smile when she thought of Haley, but instead, found herself depressed at the mere thought of the name Haley.

She hadn't expected things to be so hard. But now, it was like her world was ending. It was twenty million times worse. Her heartache had never been so awful. Not even as she'd watched Haley's life slip away. Because now, Haley was gone. Not just in the process of leaving, but actually gone.

Tears rolled down the pretty brunette's cheeks, as she took a seat on the bed, eyeing her sister's room as if it would fade away in minutes. It would never be the same. It's nice, warm color never quite as glorious as before. The warmth of the room never as comfortable as before.

Brooke's eyes wandered over to Haley's desk. A glass of water had been left out since the day before Haley's death. Brooke hadn't had the heart to put it away in the kitchen. The bed was made, but messily, as Haley had been in a rush. Clothes were still strewn everywhere, still managing to look neat.

And yet, even though it was exactly as Haley had left it, it would never be the same. Brooke had never expected it to be this way. In her dreams, she'd imagined terrors. Her life, she had known, would take a turn for the worse.

But she was empty. There was no longer anything to her. Her nightmares of this day had been happy dreams compared to the harsh reality.

Falling back onto the bed, Brooke clutched one of Haley's pillows tightly, desperately clinging to whatever scent had been left behind.


Nathan hadn't cried in days.

He figured it was because he was in shock. His girlfriend had just died, and although he had cried many tears at first, now he just couldn't believe she was actually gone.

He'd called her cell phone hundreds of times. Literally. At first, expecting her to pick up. But then, he'd just found comfort in her answering machine. Her sweet, soft voice, with it's warm, lighthearted greeting.

He'd left hundreds of messages. Some said, simply, "Hey, it's me. Call me back." While others said more interesting things, such as, "I considered asking you to marry me junior year. That one day, when we first had sex. After that fight of ours. Remember? It was about the whole, porn thing. And then I came to your house, and I confessed my eternal love for you. And we went inside, and we had sex. Before it got that far, I was going to ask you to marry. I wish now that I had. Sorry."

In reality the boy was heartbroken. He'd loved Haley Davis more then life itself. And now, what with her gone, what was there to do? He was confused. He was lost. He missed her. He wanted to hold her, make love to her, and tell her that he loved her.

Nathan and Lucas hadn't spoken to each other in days. They hadn't found comfort in each other. Not just yet. Nathan had spent lots of time with Brooke, and Lucas more to himself.

Their parents hadn't known what to do. Karen and Dan Scott had attempted to indulge themselves in work, quite afraid of their sons' reactions to the lost of the pretty girl they'd so often seen at their house.

Karen had watched her younger son drink water, and eat no food, even though she'd attempted to get him to eat. He was rapidly slimming down, and not in an even slightly good way. Not in a healthy way.

He looked so lost. There had been a numerous amount of times, in which she'd seen him, and tried to talk to him. But there was no use. The boy was not only terrified, but alone. Even if there were others around him, he was alone.

Because he'd lost the love of his life.


A knock at the door interrupted Lucas from his thoughts. He'd become a recluse over the past couple of weeks. He hadn't spoken. He'd kept to himself, mostly. He'd spent all of his time missing her.

His buddy; his best friend.

The expensive door was pushed open, and a petite dark haired woman stepped in. Lucas's heart shifted only slightly at the sight of his pretty, relatively young mother.

"Lucas, I was wondering if you wanted something to eat." She said, almost timidly.

He shook his head, running his hands underneath his eyes, where he could almost feel the dark circles.

"I'm not really hungry, Ma." He croaked.

"Honey, you and your brother haven't eaten in days. I'm sure some food would do you good." Karen offered a smile, walking hesitantly deeper into the room.

"I just want to get some sleep." Lucas said this, but he didn't move from his spot by the window.

"You haven't slept for days. I've come in here, and you've just been sitting right there, not moving. I'm worried about you, my boy."

Lucas's eyes drifted over to his mother's. "I don't want to miss her anymore, mom."

"Oh Baby, I know." In seconds, the tiny woman - not an inch over five foot three - was at her son's side.

He'd fallen into her arms, sobs could loudly be heard from him as he cried into her shoulders. He felt safe. So comforted. So able to tell his mother whatever he was feeling.

A soft knock at the door sounded, and both Karen and Lucas turned their attention towards it. Nathan stood there, looking uncomfortable and hesitant. He looked terrified.

"I don't know what to do." He stated, an expression so unsure on his face.

Karen smiled warmly. "Come here, Sweetheart."

Just like she'd done minutes before, Nathan made his way over to his mother and brother, and allowed himself to collapse into her arms. Lucas did the same.

Karen held her two boys tightly, wanting them to feel a sense of security she was sure she'd lost years ago.


Bright lights shone onto the dark haired girl's pillow, and she covered her eyes to block the sunshine out.

Brooke could almost hear Haley's voice.

"Brooke! Wake up right now, or we're going to be late to school - again!"

She snapped her head up. No, that hadn't been a dream. She'd really heard her sister's voice. Brooke sat up quickly.

There, on the edge of the bed, sat Haley. There was a facial expression on her face. One Brooke couldn't read, which was a rare occurrence. For seconds, Brooke stared at her sister, before reaching her hand out to touch her.

And then she was gone.

"I'm going crazy." Brooke stated quietly to herself, as if she were just realizing the honest truth then.

There was a tap at the door before Allison appeared. "Honey, you need to get ready. We're leaving in an hour."

Brooke nodded numbly, and watched her mother leave the room.

They were leaving in an hour.

To go to Haley's funeral.


Brown leaves fell from trees, giving off the illusion that it was fall, and not summer. Groups of people littered around separate areas of the burial grounds, all for different people.

One in particular, was a burial for a seventeen year old girl who'd died of cancer, and left behind many supporters. And honestly, there were many people there. Loved ones, friends, and then some that had just known her as a girl that went to their school.

Brooke stood by herself, not wanting to greet the floods of people who had attempted to console her. She wasn't going to pretend that everything was okay, because it wasn't. Not at all.

She wore a beautiful beaded dress that she'd purchased long before for the funeral of her grandmother, but had ended up not wearing, because she hadn't gone. The dress was long sleeved, and ended at her knees. She wore a pair of black pumps over her smooth, bare legs. And over her eyes she wore a pair of dark sunglasses, sure to cover all the hurt that lay beyond them.

The funeral itself had been - terrible. Granted, it had been beautiful. It had been decorated with Haley's favorite flowers, and the service itself had been well prepared and extremely nice. A priest had gone up, and talked about how much Haley meant to him and everyone else, and Brooke had just sat through it all, knowing fully well that the priest knew nothing about Haley, or what she liked. The priest didn't love Haley. He didn't even know her.

Brooke had looked around. She'd seen her parents, barely holding it together. She'd seen Nathan and Lucas, both looking completely distraught. Peyton and her father had looked sullen but yet - not completely there, as if they were stuck in a time before, where they'd been in this same position. She couldn't even imagine what she must have looked like. She'd been crying practically the whole time. And the one minute she hadn't been crying, she'd been looking down at her hands. When she'd finally looked back up, she'd seen Haley's little form, sitting on the casket in which her ashes lay, looking peculiar and yet beautiful. Then she'd blinked, and Haley had been gone.

Now looking down at the hole in the ground minutes before the burial began, Brooke felt a hand slip into hers. Through her sunglasses, Brooke looked up at the person beside her.

It was Lucas. He looked tired, and yet so ruggedly handsome. He hadn't shaved in days, and his eyes were hurt and lonely. She looked down at their intertwined hands, and then back up to him.

"I'm sorry," He began, "I wasn't there for you when you needed me. When you said you needed a friend.. but I'm here now."

Brooke smiled in spite of herself. "Thank you."

He squeezed her hand, and she squeezed back, before looking back towards the empty grave. The crunching sound of leaves alerted the two, and they looked up towards the three approaching.

Nathan, Peyton, and Jake all wore relatively depressed expressions as they reached their friends.

"This sucks." Said Peyton quietly.

Nathan nodded and gave Brooke a lingering hug. "How're you doing, Buddy?"

"How do you think?" She smiled sadly, shrugging her shoulders.

"I just wish there was something we could do. This wasn't what she wanted, you know." Nathan gestured towards the grave.

They were silent for a couple minutes as they looked helplessly at the grave. The service would begin in less then five minutes, once everyone had arrived. There wasn't even time to do anything.

A look crossed Jake's face, and he tried to shrug it away, but found that he couldn't.

"Guys, I have an idea."

Nathan looked over at his friend. "Dude.."

"No, man. It's a good one. I mean, it may get us into some trouble, but I know how we can get what we want."

Brooke looked up, interested. "What are you talking about, Jaglieski?"

"Okay," Jake sighed, "We're going to need one of us to cause a distraction. Jump up, or whatever. Make a scene. Then, while everyone's focused on them, one of us will grab the urn. And we'll meet at my car."

Lucas began, "No, dude. We can't-"

"Let's do it," Brooke said softly, "It's what Haley would have wanted. She wouldn't have wanted to be stuck into the ground. My parents will have to get over it. Once we're gone, they won't be able to stop us."

Peyton sighed. "I'll be the distraction."

"Great," Nathan nodded, "Luke, you grab the urn, and then we'll all run for it. Peyton will meet us around at the front, by the gate."

"Now?" Lucas looked over at the gathering amount of adults.

"Now or never." Jake shrugged.

Peyton nodded, walking slowly towards the group of people. The teenagers watched wordlessly as she weaved through the crowd.

It was quiet for a few moments. And then suddenly, Peyton began to yell. She sobbed hysterically, falling to a heaping mass on the floor. Everyone seemed to focus on the girl, and many began to comfort her.

"Now!" Nathan shouted, and Lucas ran quickly to grab the urn from it's resting place beside the grave.

Using his athletic reflexes, Lucas made a quick grab, and began to run as fast as he could. Jake, Nathan, and Brooke began to run as well, almost gleefully. Brooke found a smile forming on her face as the wind whipped through her straightened hair. Nathan had the urge to yell, but he just smiled instead.

They piled into Jake's car, all out of breath. Smiles formed on their faces and they slapped hands. Brooke smiled down at Haley's urn, and gave her sister a tap.

"Maybe Haley was right after all," Nathan looked out the window as the pulled up at the front, "Maybe everything's going to work out."


The sun was shining brightly as Nathan, Brooke, Jake, Peyton, and Lucas exited the car. Brooke clutched Haley's urn to her chest and looked around at their location.

Haley had always loved the beach, as had Brooke. They'd wanted to move to the beach together at some point in their life. And although Brooke couldn't see them doing that together in body, maybe they could in soul.

All she knew, was that Haley had to be set free.

Brooke removed the lid of the urn, and tears fell from her face, down into Haley's ashes. She hastily wiped them away, and looked forward. From the dock, where she stood, to the ocean - where Haley would be in minutes.

"You can do it, Brooke." Nathan encouraged softly.

Lucas nodded as well, and gave her shoulders a squeeze.

Sighing, Brooke took a step forward, looking out towards the vast stretch of water. And with all her strength, she flung the ashes from the urn, out into the air.

The five teenagers watched in awe as the wind magically picked up, and the ashes flew through the air beautifully, flying around all over the place, and eventually disappearing into the blue.

Brooke wiped away tears that spilled from her eyes, and smiled. Suddenly, the world seemed a little better. The sun was shining a little brighter. And she felt her spirits had lifted - even if only a little.

"Haley was right. Everything's going to be okay." With that, she leaned into Lucas, allowing him to squeeze her tightly. Nathan wrapped an arm around her other shoulder, and Peyton leaned into Nathan. Jake's hand locked into Peyton's.

And the five stood there for hours, somehow suddenly aware that things would be fine.

Brooke went to college that fall, along with Nathan and Lucas. She'd practically forced Peyton to go to Pepperdine, knowing it was what she really wanted. After four years at UNC, Brooke graduated with a degree in fashion.

She began a career in fashion, and started up her own little fashion line - which eventually got big - entitled Broody and Cheery. This was around the time her and Lucas got engaged. They married months later in a ceremony that made even Nathan tear up.

Brooke got pregnant months later, at twenty-three, with their son Nathaniel Thomas Scott. The beautiful boy had his father's blonde hair and blue eyes, and his mother's nose.

The small family was extremely happy. Brooke owned her stores, and Lucas became a basketball coach. They were even more happy, when four years after the birth of Nate, Brooke became pregnant again. This time, with a girl.

As she'd promised her sister, Brooke named her and Lucas's daughter Haley Marie Scott. And somehow - Brooke wasn't exactly sure how - Haley managed to look a lot like her diseased aunt. Her auburn hair was exactly the same, and although her eyes were Brooke's shade of green, they were shaped like Haley's. It was almost scary, but still good, nonetheless.

It took Nathan a while to move on. For the first two years of his college life, he spent his life dedicated to basketball. In all honesty, he didn't want to move on. He wanted to be unhappy, and missing her for as long as he possibly could.

Then, one day during junior year, he met a pretty girl with auburn hair and big blue eyes. Her name was Emma. And she was smart, and pretty, and fun. And he fell hard.

At first, he ignored her. He didn't want to be in love with someone who wasn't Haley. But he remembered his promise to Haley. And he couldn't let her down. So, he let himself fall in love.

Emma and Nathan married shortly after he'd been drafted into the NBA. They're first daughter was named Brooke Allison Scott, just as Haley had planned to name her first daughter. When Brooke was two, they had their twins, Michael Lucas Scott and Madison Ivy Scott.

He'd never been more happy. And neither had Brooke. Or Peyton, who had found out about Jake's daughter, Jenny, shortly after Haley's death. They'd managed to live on, even if Haley wasn't there with them.

It had been her dying wish, and although they all missed and loved her, they learned to let go.

But then again, Lucas and Brooke had decided to purchase a beachside home. For some reason, Brooke felt closer to Haley this way. And even though she would forever remember how unfair it had been that her sister had had to die, she didn't remember Haley in vain.

She just remembered that only the good died young. And Haley had certainly been that; good.

The best.



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