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Chapter 1

ACDC Town: Lan's House

"...an!...ake up!"

Groaning and turning away from the consistent, annoying beeping on his table, Netbattler Lan tried to get back to sleep. If one watched him in the mornings, they would know this happened every day, not including weekends. One would also hear a sigh, seemingly come from a small hand-held device on the desk nearby.

"Sorry Lan...", Megaman muttered as he turned the volume of the PET to max, "LAN WAKE UP!"

With a scream the boy jumped out of bed, landing on the floor with a groan. Pushing himself up, he glared at the PET, where Megaman was laughing after having turned the volume back down to normal.


Megaman.EXE took a second to calm down before answering. Sighing, he answered his brother's question.

"You're going to be late for school...again. Remember what Ms. Mari said the other day?"

Apparently Lan did, and in a blur he was dashing around, getting dressed, brushing his teeth, looking for his, surprisingly completed, homework. Grabbing his PET from the desk and sliding it into it's case on his belt, he dashed downstairs. Grabbing a piece of toast, he said good morning to his mom as he ran out the door, failing to notice his dad was home. Once he was outside, he pushed a button on his shoes witch made roller-skates pop out and made a mad dash for school.

ACDC Town: School: Class 9C

Ms. Mari sighed as the bell rang, signaling that class was to begin. One would think that after five years Lan would start getting here on time. Walking over to her desk, she looked over the class. Lan would be the only absentee. Her gaze lingered one Mayl, as if silently interrogating her on Lan's whereabouts. The red-head remained silent, and Ms. Mari inwardly sighed as she looked back out at the class. Clearing her throat, she grabbed a small chip off of her desk and slipped it into a slot on the chalkboard. The lessons started writing itself, and the class groaned at the long list they had to write. That meant no Netbattling practice, which meant a long, boring, day.

"Class, jack-n your Navis to copy the notes, and pull out your Science Books. Today we will be going over the so--"

She was suddenly cut off as a blur shot into the class and settled down in a seat next to Mayl. The gust of wind that followed scattered loose papers all around the. Which were few, the class had mostly gotten used to Lan's hurricane entrances after two years of them. Ms. Mari glared at the boy, this was the last straw.

"Lan Hikari...What have I told you about being late? I didn't want to do this but I'm issu--"

She stopped when she looked at what the entire class was staring at. Her favorite flower vase that a very dear, now deceased, friend had given her. It was teetering on the edge of the desk, Lan's entrance having knocked it off balance. Everyone in the room stopped breathing, afraid that the slightest change would make it fall. It tilted back...

Then forward...

Then back...

Then forward...

When it seemed to settle, Lan let out a sigh. That would have...

The vase fell to the floor and shattered. The class suddenly became deathly silent. A pin could drop have the world away and they would have heard it. Ms. Mari's face became blood red with anger, and the entire front from, including Lan and Mayl, slid back into their seats.

"LAN HIKARI! This is it! Three weeks detention, including weekends, and loss of Netbattling privileges in class. This should teach you to be...on...time."

"But Ms. Mari, it wasn't his fault that--"

"Talking back Ms. Sakuri? Well, you can stay behind with Lan."


"Silence! Now have your Navi's download the notes and the extra homework projects. Class, pull out your Science Books. Now!"

There was a mass scramble to do as she told. Ms. Mari was normally a very patient teacher, but when she was angry it wasn't pretty, not at all. Mayl shot Lan a death glare, mad that she had to stay after with him. If he hadn't been late, she wouldn't have felt the need to stick up for him, and she wouldn't have lost her perfect record. Lan gulped and whimpered, two females were mad at him.

Megaman, a little help here?

Sorry, your on your own here. This is our fault.

Lan groaned, not loud enough to be heard, and starting to read. This was going to be a loooong day.

When the lunch bell rang, it was a stampede to escape Ms. Mari's fury. The last one to leave, surprising Ms. Mari, was Lan. He walked out, he dropped down, acting as if he had found out his dog had died. He didn't have a dog, but oh well. The truth was that the glare he had gotten from Mayl had did it. For some reason he still had to figure out ti hurt him deep, as if he had switched laces with Megaman in a duel with Protoman. Slowly skating his way to the cafeteria, he absentmindedly sat down in his usual spot across from Mayl, by Dex.

It didn't take him too long to figure out he was the subject of a group glare. Looking u and seeing the death glare from Mayl, one from Yai, and one from Dex, he dropped his head and mumbled something they couldn't hear and left. They didn't pay heed to his abnormal attitude, though one Navi did. Roll, who was in her PET that was hanging around Mayl's neck, had seen it all. She instantly knew something was up. The only other times Lan had acted like this was when Megaman had been deleted, when Megaman had been kidnapped and turned into Dark Mega, and when he had failed to stop some thugs from hurting his friends. In fact, he didn't drop so low into this depression until he had seen how bad they beat up Mayl. Something started forming in her mind, and she only wished she could talk to Megaman.

Lan had made his way to a empty table, away from the other kids. Setting down his lunch tray, he picked up a plastic fork, dropped his head so it was being held up in an angle by his hand, nd started to poke at his food. Megaman knew something was wrong, the bond he shared with Lan confirmed that much. Even without it he would have noticed the drastic change in Lan's attitude. He wished that Lan hadn't completely shut him out, Lan needed someone to snap him out of this. Though the Navi was picking up some rather strong emotions from hid brother...Guilt, regret, sorrow, betrayal...Betrayal? Where was that coming from? He really needed to talk to Lan.

Ms. Mari watched the small display. Lan walking to his table, his friends glaring at him, and Lan walking away almost worse off than when he left the classroom. She had been Lan's teacher long enough to know this was a drastic personality shift. Many people did wonder why she seemed to follow Lan and his friends through school, many just passing it off as coincidence. She really did it because she was one of the few people that knew of Hub. She followed followed Lan just to spare any other teachers from the shock of that. And, she was proud of being the teacher of the kid that saved the world several time. WWW, Gospel, the asteroid, Nebula...She just wanted to keep it up. But right know she knew that something was very wrong, but what? It had to do with his friends, specifically Mayl. Hmmm...

The bell rang again, signaling to head back to class. Like before, Lan was the last to leave. He hadn't eaten at all, throwing away a full tray of food. This had drawn the attention of the cooks, the teachers in the room, and any kids that had seen it. Lan usually ate as much as he could stuff into his mouth. He ignored the questioning looks, just staring at the ground and stuffing his hands in his pockets. He sat back down in his desk in the class, plugged Megaman in to finish his work, and instantly went back to the book. The drew the attention of everyone in the class. By now they all knew something was up. Mayl couldn't help but forget her anger for a second as she looked at Lan from the corner of her eye. She knew Lan wasn't as dense as everyone thought he was, and she had a feeling that he was feeling truly guilty at what happened. Though her wondering on his condition were pushed aside as her anger came back. It serves him right, he shouldn't have been late.

Ms. Mari walked into the classroom, and to everyone's pleasure was calmer than before lunch.

"Okay class, where we left off. If your Navis re done with the notes, they have free time. Now, where were we?..."

Megaman sighed as sat down at the edge of the Chalkboard Comp. He had finished with the notes, installed the homework programs, and now tried to figure out Lan. He failed to notice a certain pink Navi that walked over and sat down by him. So when Roll spoke, he jumped.


"Ahh! Roll? W-where did you come from?"

"Haha, over there."

Megaman blushed at his stupidity, then sighed. He was about to say something when Roll spoke up again.

"Mega, did you notice anything...odd about Lan? I saw him from my PET and something seemed wrong with him."

"Yeah...But I don't know what. He's just blocking me out. I can't..."

He was cur off as the dismissal bell rang. Already? The day went alot faster than he thought. He started to get up, then remembered that Lan had to stay after. He might as well wait to be logged out. Roll apparently had the same idea. Though she had another motive. It was her secret, but she had a crush on the blue Navi. Just like the one Mayl had on Lan. But they had kept their feelings hidden, the closest they had come to reveal them was when Lan and Megaman had started drifting away from their friends on their adventures, and they had to remind them people were worried about them.

Megaman also had a secret. He had a crush on the pink Navi next to him as well. He found Roll beautiful, and when she had been kidnapped by Nebula that one time he realized his feelings. When he had seen her trapped in the force field when they were turning him into Dark Mega, he wouldn't have been as resistant. He had been fighting to get away and free Roll and th others. Well, no need to say he failed that. Then thinking, he realized he had the same feelings for Roll that Lan had for... Then everything seemed clearer. That was why Lan was feeling so down. Turning to Roll, he sighed.

"I think I just figured something out..."

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