Author: Disco Shop Girl
Disclaimer: None of the characters are mine, though I wish they were! I've just put words in their mouths
Summary: ROTS AU: Anakin defeated Sidious, and has managed to keep his marriage to Padme, and their children, a secret. When the twins turned two they were given up to the Jedi.

Obi-Wan felt a subtle shift in the force and paused in his stride along the hallway to peer into the room full of babies. He watched on thoughtfully as Senator Amidala's third child teared up in a corner of the temple crèche. The little girl had only come in last week, and no one begrudged the youngest as they longed for their parents in the first few weeks.

Lifting an eyebrow in surprise he watched his ex-padawan enter the colourful room and, nodding with familiarity to the otherwise occupied adults, made a beeline for his friend's child.

His interest now peeked, he watched Anakin plonk himself on the floor. Amongst the tiniest of the temple's inhabitants the arrogant young man picked the little girl up – for a cuddle! Obi-Wan watched stunned as two tiny arms promptly wrapped themselves around his neck and buried her face into his tunic. Having been his master for over a decade Obi-Wan was shocked to see the very gentle calming he used to soothe her. Too familiar. Far too familiar.

Though Anakin turned his attention to a handful of other nearby younglings as they played, his attempts at disguising the intent of his presence amongst the young was already useless. He should have given up sitting there rocking her gently and stroking his fingers through her light blonde hair.

Obi-Wan's hand raised to his beard thoughtfully. He moved down into the temple archives and called up information.

"Looking for something, you are," a voice said knowingly behind him.

He turned to bow to Master Yoda.

"The midichlorian count of Senator Amidala's youngest," Obi-Wan explained.

"Suspicions you have?" came Master Yoda's reply as he looked up to the screen.

"I remember that her twins had identical counts, though they are not identical twins. I wondered if perhaps the oddity had affected her youngest too."

Master Yoda nodded and raised his small chair to view the screen beside Obi-Wan.

"Very odd to have two force-sensitive children. Three, Senator Amidala has. Very strange. Very strange," Master Yoda commented and Obi-Wan agreed.

Obi-Wan called up the twins' results and then compared it to her two year-old's.

"They're identical," Obi-Wan commented unnecessarily.

The feeling of dread started to really sink in.

"Only one other person has a count so high it's off the normal charts."

Closing his eyes Obi-Wan called up Anakin's profile and forced the display to show him all of the representations side-by-side.

"Anakin has this exact number also, it would seem," Master Yoda said.

"Blast," Obi-Wan suddenly muttered, looking at the screen.

He was decidedly let down to have his hunch pay off.

"Father the Senator's children, Anakin has," Yoda pragmatically decided.

Although he wanted to focus on the fact that his life and all that he'd held precariously balanced in his understandings had just been tipped upside down, a small thought jumped into his unconsciousness.

"Then he's passed on his force sensitivity? I've never heard of that before."

"Had children before, no Jedi has. Most valuable insight your apprentice has provided."

Neither had anything to say for a moment as both sat lost in thought.

"Face the council to explain, he must."

"I fear this revelation solidifies my suspicions that his attachment to the senator is beyond platonic. What will be the council's path in this matter Master Yoda?" Obi-Wan had to ask.

The thought that his good friend could be kicked out loomed in front of him and he could not help but blame himself.

"Decide that path himself, he will. Bring him before us, you must."

Obi-Wan nodded respectfully, stood and walked away deep in thought.