I intended to make this fanfic
strange and strangely short
despite its long-winded
title and summary.
So… on with the show.

I'm not claiming
Hey Arnold!
in any way.
I don't own it.
Pity me.

"Excuse me a sec."
Mrs. Pataki leaves
Mr. Simmons
standing outside.

She picks up the phone
to answer.

"Hi, Helga.
Wrestle Mania
with Harold?
Have fun.
B' bye."

The teacher's eyes widen.
He faints.

Arnold kneels
beside the fallen Simmons.

The other fourth graders look on
from inside the bus.

They're okay!
They're in
Wrestle Mania!"

The fourth grader
grips his teacher steady
and sighs.

"At least she's all right,"
he tells himself.

"How'd you notice
she was missing,

Arnold's mind wanders.
He can't even
tell who spoke.

He responds anyway
with a chuckle…

"I felt Too Little Spitballs
hitting the back of my head."


"He thinks of her
one of the few times
that she isn't returning the favor."
It's true!
This time
she's all out
on Wrestle Mania.
Poor Arnold.

This was a back door fic
derived from Season Five
(Four in locations of which I don't know)
episode, "Bikes, Buses, and Subways".

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