Hey all! Well, I've just come back from a two-week vacation, with 11 fanfics all waiting to get typed up and posted!

Here's the first lol Dedicated to Caderyn, for all her eyelash batting :p

Dscmr: You know the drill...

The music pumped through the speakers and lights flashed illuminating the hundreds of dancers, crowded into the small New York club.

The bar itself was 3 deep, each person shouting their own wishes for drinks. Fighting his way out, Danny Messer held his two beers above his head as he wiggled his way through the mass.

Finally, he was able to hand one of the bottles to Aiden, who waited patiently, moving to the music.

They clinked the necks to the beers shouting "To a case well solved!" before taking a swig.

"Can you believe how packed this place is! I swear I just saw Tara Reid!" Aiden shouted inches away from Danny's ear.

He nodded smiling before gesturing to a quieter spot of the club.

They made their way over, Danny keeping a hand to the small of Aiden's back, so not to lose her in the throng.

The 'quieter space' included bean bag chairs on the floor, one of which became available as they neared.

Danny and Aiden flopped down on the low seats, causing Danny to spill a little bit on his white shirt. Aiden chuckled with an eye-roll.

He shrugged and took another drink. As he did, he scanned the dance floor, seeing a young blonde coming straight for him.

Nearly choking on the liquid, he stuttered "Oh God, Crazy ex-girlfriend. Save me"

Aiden looked up to see a bottle-blonde with a too-big smile and too-less clothes looking straight at Danny. Doing the first thing that came to mind, she fastened her lips to his.

As her hand grabbed through his dirty blonde hair, a shocked Danny finally realised what she was doing and responded, moving against her mouth.

Aiden opened her eyes to see the 'Crazy Ex-girlfriend's face fall at the sight, but quickly brighten again as she spotted a new mark near the door.

She pulled back "I think she's gone"

"I'm not so sure" Danny smirked, wrapping a hand around her neck and pulling her back to his lips.