Time, Avalanche, and a Boy

Chapter 1-A Day that was Predictable

It was History Class and Betty was on the verge of falling asleep. It always amazed her that a class could be so boring. She glanced at the clock –'THIRTY more minutes!...' then she looked to see what everyone else was doing during Ms. Grundy's BORING lecture on the War of 1812. Dilton was taking notes as usual, Veronica was doing her nails, Reggie was staring at the windows (A/N couldn't think of anything, Moose was looking at Midge who was also taking notes, and Chuck was doodling. Archie as usual was probably going to be late.

The door burst open and Archie stumbled in. Betty looked at him-'Why is he so cut? I would in a happy relationship by now if it wasn't for his good looks!' She assumed he was just going to make up some excuse like he always did: My alarm didn't go off or I slipped on something this morning or Somebody told me they were starting class fifteen minutes late (that one actually turned out to be true once) etc.

"I-I was helping the librarian bring in the TV-VCR for the documentary for fifth grade" Betty was surprised. This was actually (she thought) a good backed-up excuse – at least it was a good alibi.

Ms. Grundy was anything but surprised, "Fine. I'll take your word for it today, Mr. Andrews but next time check to see is it's time to come to class or better yet, take out the earplugs from your ears so you can hear the bell ring!"

Archie flushed and chose to ignore the bell comment. 'The clock in the library said two! How was I supposed to know that it was fifteen minutes late? Ahh, well there's Ronnie. I wonder if I can get her to go to the winter ball with me?'

Betty watched as Archie went and moved into an empty seat behind Veronica. Betty sighed as she renewed her knowledge of whom Archie really loved. She was a black-haired beauty with a good status and lots of money that boys ran after and who was very close with Betty. Not to mention another redheaded 'babe' that was a bitch.

Betty burst out the door of the History Classroom and headed to her locker to put away her History stuff and get her Chemistry stuff. She reached her locker and opened it as a red-brown headed guy caught up to her. She pushed her locker door closed with her left hand holding her Chemistry stuff.

"Hi Betty!"...

:...Ah well Please R&R Please R&R Please R&R Please R&R ! Can you guess who that guy is? I nkow this chapter is bad but bear with me until I can write better! I have a good storyline in mind.