It is the 17th of December- a Wednesday in this Chappie and the dance is on the 21st—next Sunday.

Chapter 18- Right or Wrong?

Betty knew one thing; she'd never had a more perfect day.

I have a date to the dance. With JASON.

No more Archie stand-ups!

A trip to Snowbird.

And on top of all that she'd manage a B on the Chemistry test.

The world felt right.

"Please Veronica, tell me who your date is. Pleaaase?"

Veronica laughed, "Nope, nu-uh, my lips are sealed."

"With a kiss?" Betty teased.


"Hey Dad"


"We're having this trip at school. Can I go?"

Reggie's dad turned around, "Why? And where is this trip to?"

Reggie grimaced. 'And I thought he wasn't listening' "It's a trip to Snowbird. I think I still have the pamphlet they gave out."

Obviously, he still had the pamphlet. It was there, crushed in his pocket. He took it out and unwrinkled it and gave it to his father.

"Well of course, you can go but…you know, I would like to know why…" Reggie's father took a brief glance at the back of the pamphlet and gave it back to him, "Why in the world would YOU want to spend your valuable winter at this…this what, ski park?...Can you even ski?"

"Err…because it's um…fun? And err, because Archie and Jughead are coming along too?"

"I must be pretty dumb if you expect me to believe that. It might be part if the reason but what's the full reason? Wait, is it a girl?"

Reggie was nervous, "Why?"

"Because it's almost always a girl for you."

Reggie chuckled, "No Dad, actually it's NOT a girl this time but I do want to go for fun because a lot of my friends are going and it could be fun, as I said."

The older Mantle shrugged, "Ok…I'll sign the form after talking to your mother."

An hour later, Reggie walked into his room holding a signed form and a check for $180.

An uncharacteristic 'Yay!' went off in his mind.

Jughead moped around house.

Actually he was pacing but with Jughead, everything looked like moping.

It's obvious what he was thinking about ---Veronica and Archie.

'I'm betraying my best friend aren't I?'

'No you're not, Veronica asked you to the dance and you agreed. You even tried to stop her!'

'…Am I talking to myself?'

'Yeah…too many Melody Marshmallows at school…'

'Ok. Whatever. But I said yes to Veronica in the end and now my best friend is going to kill me. And since when do I date? I'm actually going to a dance. With a girl. With my best friend's girl. And he doesn't know.'

'Do you really think Archie and Ronnie were meant to be or something? He's our…your…whoever's best friend but you…and I know that Archie and Ronnie wouldn't have worked out.'

'You and I also know that this is really unhealthy.'


Jughead shook his head and sat down.

Forget the fact that he was going with his best friend's girlfriend. The fact was he was going. And that meant…

Jughead gulped.

Dressing up.

The thing was, going with Veronica didn't feel weird. It felt as if it was supposed to happen. It felt right.

Veronica uneasily brushed her hair while looking into the mirror blankly…

She put the brush down and used her fingers to comb through luxurious tumble of hair…

'I'm going with Jughead Jones. I'm going to the ball with someone whose first name is Forsythe…but if it was really him then I think we might actually have something…I always believed in Serendipity.'

And that was true, Veronica had always believed in fate leading her to her "true love" because she'd always know, inside her, that her and Archie were not it. They were friends, really good friends but he could never be more.

But this new happening…Jughead.

She'd never even remotely considered him as more than a friend. He'd always been part of the gang, in the background really…her friend who'd always be there no matter how many times she called him disgusting and annoying.

She'd always wanted someone who could put up with her and not care.

Why hadn't she ever noticed that he'd always been there too even when everyone else was and even when no one else was.

Veronica sighed but in an almost dreamy way as she went and pulled back her covers. Asking Jughead had just felt so right.

Archie couldn't believe it.

He was dateless. This was a wrong feeling for him.

No Betty or Veronica. No Cheryll. Everyone else was taken.

He hadn't been dateless since…since…a long time ago…

He frowned in anger..

'I wonder who Veronica's going with. Why wouldn't she tell me?? It's not like she hasn't ditched me before…guess I'll have to wait till this Sunday.

And…and Betty? Why doesn't she understand I didn't mean to hurt her and I won't do it again? What's with her? Jason Blossom?...Speaking of Blossoms, since when is Cheryll exclusive with Reggie?'

He shook his head and decided to see if there was any other girl left dateless at school tomorrow.

Reggie pushed his face into his pillow.

How had he ended up going with CHERYLL BLOSSOM.

He didn't even like the …girl. Why had he even asked her? This was so very very wrong.

Cheryll smirked as ate another piece of her fruit and finished watching Casablanca.

She could just imagine Reggie and her in that passionate kiss…in her head it looked perfect.

And completely right.