Hey all, Here's a quickie. I was in total Fluff mode on holiday apparently judging by this fic ;)

Its not really set anywhere, but I kinda see it after a case like Too Tough To Die or one where Sara got really emotionally involved...

"I'm not so sure about this, Grissom. I'm not good with coasters, I always get all-" Sara got cut off. She'd just sat down in the bucket seat when the sight of the tracks in front of her spiked her fear and apprehension.

As Grissom's hand enclosed hers, it instantly silenced and assured her. She retook her seat, eyes transfixed on their adjoined hands, then on Grissom's own sparkling blue eyes.

Grissom lowered the safety bar with his free hand, placing their connected fingers on top and motioned the young man on the deck, "Ready when you are, Ted"

"Yes, Dr. Grissom" the boy smiled. He'd opened the coaster up especially for Grissom and Sara, not an uncommon request from the Senior CSI, but a first for the 'Pretty brunette".

Ted clicked a button and pulled a lever and the carriage jerked to life. It smoothed its way around the first couple of bends, heights and dips. Sara had relaxed and even produced her toothy-grin, which led to Grissom's lop-sided smirk.

With each bend and turn, Sara squeezed her right hand and Grissom squeezed back.

As the tracks reached its finale: a vertical drop, Sara squeezed in anticipation.

The carriage teetered on the edge, giving a fantastic view of the Las Vegas strip. They stole a glance at each other.

Sara saw the little boy in Grissom from the excited glint in his pale blue eyes: Grissom finally recognised the carefree fun Sara he though he'd lost 5 years ago.

Suddenly, the couple dropped.

The G-force preventing a single breath or sound to escape before they hit the turn at the bottom, bringing them back to Ted.

A whoop of delight and pent up excitement escaped Sara's lips as sensations returned to her body, and stomach realigned from her throat.

Grissom chuckled at the impromptu and uncharacteristic noise emanating from the beautiful woman at his side.

"That was exactly what I needed. Thank you, Grissom"

"My pleasure" he smiled

"Can we, er, can we do it again!"

Grissom chuckled a "Sure" and turned back to Ted, "Once more please, Ted. And do me a favour, crank it up a notch"