Hey all! Here's a quickie I've had in mind for months, but only found time to copy up whileI was on vacation.

Dedicated to the new NYer, Rosanna/Samantha-Fitzgerald :) Told you it was amazing huns!

"Hey Joe" Stella smiled, taking a seat at the bar in Sullivans.

"Stella" the bartender smiled, putting the glass he was drying down and the towel over his shoulder "beer?"

"JD and Coke"

"Again! What for this time!" he asked in disbelief. She'd only ordered a JD and Coke 3 times before, and each time after the complaints were set against her.

"I showed a teenage drug dealer a picture of one of her victims" She stated

"That's al! Messed up" he shook his head, going off to fetch her drink.

She picked at the card coaster before Joe set her requested beverage in front of her… and an Irish Coffee just over. She didn't even debate him.

Not five minutes later, Mac Taylor took the seat.

He didn't say a word, only a "Hey Joe, Same again"

"Messed up, Mac"

"I know"

"Did the 'chief' say anything else?" Stella asked, using air speech marks

"Just that one more and its suspension"

Stella shook her head. "So no 'Sorry Bonasera, you did a good collar. Well done with getting the teenager who dealt drugs and killed 2 and nearly another'?"


Stella shook her head again, her curls bouncing from side to side.

Mac grabbed her hand. "Forget it alright? Its not worth getting angry about. He's not worth getting angry about" he said, meaning the Chief "He's long since forgotten what it's like in the field. Anyway, if you go, I go"

Stella chuckled. He always said that whenever she had to order a Jack Daniels and Coke.

And she still didn't doubt his word.