no lies, just love.

There was a sense of feeling that came within her, whenever she looked out towards that sunset. For others, it marked the end of the day. Their hard work to be set aside for the next day but for her, it meant many things. It meant the end of the once team 7, the end of a friendship, the end of an era she wished would return.

This is how Haruno Sakura lived.

Always thinking what would have happened, if things went differently. If only Sasuke hadn't left Konoha but stayed with her. Unfortunately, she knew that his leave from the village was inevitable. It was bound to happen, especially since he was too drowned in his own hate and spite.

She wanted to uncoil him from the chains of hate, and release him.

She wanted to make him a free man, and allow him to see how the world was.

Instead of living in hate, he would live in love. In love with her, and the two would live happily ever after. For the time being, her happily ever after won't happen just yet. She was going to make him see, to understand the truths of love and hate. That hate was only a path of the dark, while love was a path of the light.

He made it clear that he did not want to be saved, that he didn't want to include her nor Naruto in the whole big mess. She wanted to be in that mess, to be in the center of his world. She wanted to be his world, instead of his ambition being the thing that drove him.

Everything in his world was fueled with hate and spite.

Fueled with the passion to kill his brother, and avenge his whole clan.

What a life her beloved Uchiha avenger lived!

If only she could wrap him in with the warmth she gave, and disarm him.

That was her goal, to disarm the Uchiha avenger.

Not through words, but through actions.

Sakura looked towards her master, a sigh of relief escaping from her lips. "So, Tsunade-Shishou is that all for today?" she asked, putting away the gloves into her pocket.

Tsunade nodded, placing a firm grip on Sakura's shoulder. "You're improving. Better than I expected..."

With those words her life brightened. She was a few steps closer from completing her other goal. She wanted, with all her might, to become stronger. She wanted to be proud of being a kunoichi, and others to be proud of her. At the time, she was one of Konoha's most gifted medical ninjas. She helped around the hospital during her free time off missions, and usually visited the patients.

Sometimes, she would pass by the old hospital room that Sasuke used to be in before he left Konoha. The memories were still glued in that room. Part of her could hear the argument that climaxed to the fight between her two teammates.

She sighed once more, wiping away the sweat from her brow with her wrist. She smiled, looking up at her master. "I've been practicing a lot recently…"

Tsunade smiled. "It shows."

With those words of approval, Sakura felt as if Sasuke had returned and her whole world was set.