Episode 8

The Transformation Of Training

The Republic has grown weaker and weaker throughout the past two years of battling the powerful Darth Slain. Two years ago, the Republic lost the powerful Kyle Katarn to Darth Slain as his apprentice. Kyle Katarn is now known as Darth Crusifidge. Ever since the Dark Side gained Darth Crusifidge, they've gained power. Darth Crusifidge has led many attacks onto the Republic kidnapping or killing many important people to the Republic. Luke Skywalker has grown in power throughout the past two years also. He is extremely close to becoming a Jedi Master. Luke Skywalker is leading a group of pilots to attack Darth Slain's new base lying on the planet Kamino. After Crusifidge came to power, Skywalker took a Padawan learner known as Ayden Donos. Donos is now 15 standard years old, and is very powerful. Darth Crusifidge is growing more power every day. The Republic is starting to fall to his extraordinary power. They have been going all over the Galaxy to find more followers to help them victory over Slain's growing army. Crusifidge is doing this also to help them destroy the Republic.