Chapter 9

Ayden blocked an attack from Crusifidge. They both spun around backing up. Ayden raised his light saber. They both swung at one side striking each other's light sabers, then the other side. Once they striked each other's light sabers again, they spun around light sabers over their heads. They hit each others light sabers once again. They both pushed back getting tired. Ayden raised his light saber running forward. He brought it down. Crusifidge blocked it once again kicking Ayden in the stomach. Ayden staggered back clutching his stomach. He nearly lost his balance on the pipe. They both brought their light sabers up striking each other's light sabers once again. Ayden brought his back and up to bring it down. Crusifidge dodged this. He spun around slicing a cut on the edge of Ayden's hand. Ayden screamed. It fell down the canyon walls landing on a ledge.

Ayden was thinking furiously to come up with a solution to beat Crusifidge once and for all. He got it. Crusifidge raised his light saber for the winning blow.

Quickly, a laser pistol shot out of Ayden's sleeve. Ayden grabbed hold of it, and aimed at Crusifidge's face firing, but only grazed the side of his face. Crusifidge dropped his light saber down the canyon clutching his face in pain screaming. Ayden used the Force to call his light saber to him. He ignited it swinging it in a circle up from the ground slicing a long cut up Crusifidge's chest. The force of the attack knocked Crusifidge off the pipe. He crashed into many pipes on his way down, but he fell off them all. Ayden heard a loud splash, and looked down to see that Crusifidge had fallen into the acid. He came up to the surface screaming. Only his face wasn't the same. It was butt-ugly. It looked like Crusifidge's flesh was being torn off; only his blood looked to be green. His beard was completely gone. His skin was turning green. He screamed extremely hard. Ayden couldn't stand the site much longer. It was sickening. Ayden staggered slicing as many troopers as he could. Eventually, the battle was over, and they had to go because there was no way to get over the canyon to the base. All the men who had survived climbed back into the ship. Ayden collapsed in exhaustion in a chair. It was hard work fighting Crusifidge, and now, Crusifidge was probably dead.

Deep in the pits of the canyon laid Crusifidge. He was laying on a ledge he climbed on. He was still alive, but just barely, and he was the ugliest man alive now. He didn't even look like a man. He now had green skin, no hair, and the acid gave him pointed ears. A mini ship all the sudden flew right next to him. A trooper ran out.

"A survivor of the acid," he said. He picked Crusifidge up carrying him into the ship, and flying back to the base.

Luke dodged an attack from Creeum. They had worked their way around the platform circling around each other. They once again raised their light sabers high above their heads circling each other. Creeum lunged forward attacking at Luke's side. Luke blocked it bouncing back and kicking Creeum. He spun around attacking to have it blocked, so he spun around the other way trying to hit his other side. He jumped up high grabbing a hold of another balcony hanging their. Creeum jumped up also. Luke let go trying to hit Creeum on his way up. He struck Creeum's light saber landing on a balcony below. Creeum held onto the balcony Luke was just on. He let go landing on the balcony that Luke was on. They swung at each other destroying the wall and railings that surrounded them. They came in a lock.

"Skywalker; you want to know what I plan on doing when I kill you?" Creeum asked speaking for the first time.

"What's that?" questioned Luke breaking the lock. They spun around swinging their light sabers around putting them into another lock.

"I will go back to your base and pretend to be you, and I will tell Slain every one of your plans so he knows what's coming," Creeum said smiling. So this was their plan. Not to impressive, but Luke still had to stop this from happening. Creeum punched Luke in the face. This took Luke by surprise. He dropped his light saber which landed on another platform far below. Creeum grabbed Luke's neck pushing him back so he was laying on what was left of the railing. Luke grabbed Creeum's hand, and flipped him over into the air falling himself. Luke crashed into the platform his light saber was on. He rolled over hanging over the edge. Creeum fell on a platform below. Luke reached over the edge grabbing his light saber. Under the platform were chains hanging every where. Creeum jumped up grabbing a hold of a chain. Luke let go of the ledge grabbing a hold of a chain. The started grabbing a hold of another one and another one until they were right next to each other. They swung their light sabers with their one free hand. Luke swung trying to slice Creeum's neck. Creeum blocked this. Luke swung again slicing through Creeum's chain. Creeum fell crashing through a windshield on a ship below on a plat form. Luke let go landing on the ship. He ran up to the windshield into the pilot's seat grabbing Creeum's neck, and slamming it to the seat over and over.

"You-killed-Jan," Luke said with every slam. Creeum used the Force to throw Luke back. Luke landed on his back on the outside of the ship. Creeum ran out attacking Luke. Luke blocked this. They continued this backing up to the top of the ship. He pushed Creeum back. Creeum fell on his back rolling off the ship. Creeum ran jumping on a ship taking off. Luke jumped on it also bringing his light saber down and around. Creeum blocked this spinning around bringing his light saber up from the ground. Luke backed up dodging it. They swung each other's light sabers hitting them in a lock. Creeum spun around kicking Luke in the face. Luke fell back using the Force to call Creeum to him. They both rolled off the ship holding onto the edge. Their light sabers fell landing on another landing platform. They both let go of the ship grabbing each other kicking, and rolling around in the air. They did one more somersault in the air before they crashed into the landing platform. Creeum slowly got up grabbing his light saber. Luke was getting on all fours slowly. Creeum ignited and raised his light saber. He was about to bring it down when Luke used the Force to call his light saber to him blocking the attack, and kicking Creeum back. Luke straggled forward. Creeum was on all fours so Luke couldn't see his face. Creeum all the sudden spun around slicing a long cut through Luke's chest and stomach diagonally. Luke staggered back in shock clutching his wound. Luke tripped backwards onto his back. Creeum raised his light saber for the winning attack. Luke stared at him every second getting closer to Creeum bringing down his attack.

"You killed Jan," Luke said. "You killed Kyle," Luke said igniting his light saber quickly slicing through Creeum's feet. Creeum screamed being forced on all fours again. Luke raised his light saber high. "And now I'm going to kill you," Luke finished. He brought down his light saber slicing clean through Creeum's neck. The lifeless body of Creeum's fell on its side. Luke stood in the rain. He had avenged Jan's death, and this meant the end for him debating to himself if he really did kill Jan. Luke jumped up running back to the landing platform the battle was taking place on. He reached there to see most of the troopers were dead, and saw all of his men running into the ship. Leia ran out to greet him.

"There you are, I set a bomb inside the base. We've got to go," she said.

"But what about Slain?" Luke asked.

"He left in his ship already," Leia explained. With that Luke and Leia ran into the ship. They flew back to Bespin seeing a huge explosion. They landed to see the other group had already gotten back. Luke walked out (with his arm over Leia because of the cut he received in battle) into the Base. Luke let Leia go, and staggered into the hospital wing to see if anyone was hurt. He saw Ayden laying there on a bed. Luke saw a nurse walking by.

"What happened to Ayden," Luke demanded.

"He was injured in battle," she said. Luke noticed they had his shirt off with bandages around his stomach, shoulder, and a long bandage on his hand. "Wow, you better lay sown and let me take a look at that," she said pointing to Luke's cut on his chest. Luke obeyed laying down. "Shirt off," she said. Luke removed his shirt. She examined it. Se left coming back with a glass bottle and a cloth. She put some kind of liquid from the bottle on the cloth. "This is going to hurt," she said. Luke nodded. She dabbed it on the cut up and down. It felt like Luke was on fire, and then getting another slice. Luke seethed in pain. Eventually she wrapped bandages around him, and let him rest in his bed. He looked over at Ayden in the bed nest to him who had woken up.

"What happened on Kamino?" Ayden asked. Luke told him how he found out who really killed Jan, and about the battle that took place.

"So did everything go ok on Dranium?" Luke asked when he was done explaining.

"Not really, many men were injured, and we didn't even get in the base, it's still standing," Ayden said. Luke noticed for the first time there were many other men in beds also. "But there was one success," Ayden replied.

"What?" Luke questioned curiously.

"Crusifidge is dead. A battle took place between us also, and I basically pushed him into the acid," Ayden explained.

Very odd. When Luke sensed Kyle was still alive two years ago, he knew that one of them would have killed each other. That was it! Crusifidge was still alive. He survived the acid.

"Crusifidge is still alive, he survived the acid," Luke said.

"How do you know?" Ayden asked.

"I can feel it," Luke said.

"Yes my Master," Ayden said.

"The next time we meet, one of us will die," Luke said. He knew this. Luke stared down at his robot hand, and fell a sleep.

The End