Dom: Okay, this fic is a double authored fic. Both Taki and myself are writing this, mostly without the other one there, so you'll understand the differences and why the writing styles may vary. Thanks and enjoy.

Chapter One

"Tohru! Tohru!" a child's voice called from down the hall.

The young brunette turned to find a smaller blonde boy in a school girl's uniform running to her. "Momiji! What's made you so happy?"

"There's a new girl in my class. She seems super nice and really cute!" the younger boy said in his usual play demeanor.

"That's nice, Momiji. What's her name?" Yuki asked, leaning against the doorframe to the classroom.

"Tamiko Suki…I think. I don't think anyone has really called her by her name, but that's what it sounded like to me." The young blonde said with a large smile.

"Her name is Takako Suki, Momiji," another male, with white and black hair, said from behind the blonde.

"Hi, Haru!" Momiji exclaimed. "Isn't Takako-san pretty?"

"Yes, she is. She's already had her run in with out wonderful class president, as well." Haru said, with sigh remembering his own encounter with the dorky older male.

"Oh, what for?" Yuki asked.

"Her hair, her make up, and not having a proper uniform." Haru said, rattling off what he could remember hearing of their conversation.

"What's wrong with them?" Tohru asked.

"Well, her hair is pink," Momiji said. "Like cherry blossoms."

"She wore black make up and safety pins in her uniform," Haru finished.

"Oh, I see," Yuki nodded.

"If you ask me that guy is really stupid," Kyo said, from her perch leaning against the opposite side of the doorframe. "I mean, come on, rattling people for their hair, gimme a break."

"Yes, it's an unfortunate thing," the younger white haired male said.

"We should go meet her," Tohru said. "I know Hanna was going to during lunch, maybe we can catch up?"

"Yes, that sounds like fun," Yuki agreed, and followed Tohru down the hall, the younger males following behind them.

"Dammit, you don't even ask if I want to come, and then you leave me here all by myself," Kyo muttered.

"Oh," Tohru said, turning around. "Kyo, do you want to come, too?"

"Might as well," Kyo muttered, and followed the group to the commons.

It wasn't easy to miss the new girl. Her magenta hair amidst the entire blonde, brown, and black was easy to spot. The group approached her easily, since the only person sitting with her was Tohru's friend Hanna.

"Hanna," Tohru said, with a smile.

"Hello, Tohru," Hanna said, in her usual monotone. "Yuki, Haru, Momiji, and Kyo."

Everyone nodded.

"We came to welcome the new student to Haru and Momiji's class," Yuki said.

"This is her," Hanna said. "Her name is Suki. She has good electric currents."

"You're really creepy, you know that?" Kyo said.

The black haired girl muttered something inaudible and Kyo grabbed his head. "Ah!" he cried.

"Yes, thank you, Kyo." Hanna muttered before returning to ignoring him.

"Hi, Suki," Tohru said. "I'm Tohru Honda."

"I am Yuki."


"That's Kyo," Yuki said, pointing to the orange-haired boy.

"I'm Haru."

"Hi," the gothic girl said.

"Did you just move to the district?" Yuki asked.

"Yes, with my guardian," Suki said.

"Do you live far away?" Momiji asked.

"Not really," Suki said, the younger energetic boy making her uncomfortable. "Within walking distance, any way."

"We should all walk home together," Tohru said.

"If you would like to," Yuki added.

"I guess I could," Suki nodded.

"Ha'ri! Ha'ri!" a familiar sing-song voice rang from outside. The young doctor was reluctant to open it. He had been up most of the night with Akito and now he was not in the mood to deal with Shigure. "Ha'ri, it's me, Shigure, you're most favoritist person in the world!"

"And Ayame, Ha'ri! We're both here and both you're favoritist people!"

Oh, God, not both of them, Ha'ri groaned inwardly. "Go away, I'm sick today." He attempted.

The door opened immediately upon that comment and Ha'ri quickly regretted it. "You're sick, Ha'ri!" they both exclaimed.

"Ha'ri, if you're sick you should be in bed," Shigure said, walking over and lifting his friend and carrying him to the bed.

"Shigure, put me down, I can take care of myself!" Ha'ri yelled.

"Nonesense, Ha'ri. You're sick and you need Dr. Shigure and Nurse Ayame!" the silver haired male said.

"Oh, God…" Kill me, please, Ha'ri pleaded with the gods.

The walk home was a joyful one for the Somas' and Tohru. Suki was quiet for the most part, answering the questions sent her way by the group. She stayed near the back of the group. Haru stayed near her, but didn't ask her many questions.

"Would you like to go get some ramen?" Haru asked, when he was sure no one would here him.

Suki looked up at him, "I would have to tel my guardian."

"I'll go with you." Haru smiled down at her.

Suki just nodded her pink head.

"This is my block," Suki said. Everyone turned and said their goodbyes.

"Haru, are you coming?" Yuki asked.

"No, I'm going with Suki," the younger male said.

"Okay, but don't be too late getting home or get lost."

"Yeah, with Haru's sense of direction he'll make it home by next year." Kyo said.

"I'm sure we can handle it," Suki said, giving Kyo an ominous stare that made him shut up. The two younger kids walked away from the group and headed to Suki's home.