Hey, this is just for fun, so please don't hate me if it's awful. I got the idea when someone rung a while earlier trying to sell us home insurance and then I walked into the fridge! Crazy, I know, but hey! And if you do actually like these but want to see more characters, just tell me in the review and I'll try to add them as soon as possible. However, I shall need three votes for the same person before I add them, so get voting!

By the way, I don't own Star Wars, although I wish I did!

So here are some of the responsessome of the characters mightget.


Hello, I'm Obi-Wan Kenobi from a very famous fridge company and I was wondering if I could interest you in buying one of our fridges.

No thankyou, I'm not really interested.

You have changed your mind and would love to buy one of our fridges. (you can practically see the little hand wave!)

I've changed my mind. I would love to buy one of your fridges.

Great, we'll send someone round to your house soon. It was a pleasure doing business with you.


Hi, I'm Anakin Skywalker, I was just wondering if your fridge was running.

Yes it is.

Well hadn't you better chase it!


Hello, I'm Senator Amidala of Naboo and I was just wondering if you would be interested in buying one of our fridges?

No thanks, I'm not really interested.

Well perhaps we could sit down and come to some diplomatic solution?

Well I don't really see the point...

Or perhaps I can get my husband to come round and we can settle this using aggresive negotiations?

Actually, I'd love to come to some diplomatic solution.

Great, well I shall look forward to hearing from you soon.


Hallo! Messa called Jar Jar Binks. Would youssa like a new fridge?

No thanks.

Oh ok, bye bye! (If only allsales people were like that!)


Greetings. Master Yoda, my name is. A new fridge, you would like, hmm?

No thankyou.

Not even a brand new silver one?

No thanks. I'm not really interested.

Hmm, the force is strong with this one, try something else, I should...how about free ice cream for life?

Now I'm interested!


Hello, Supreme Chancellor Palpatine here. I believe you have been having dreamsabout your fridge dying?


Oh, you haven't? Well I'ts going to die soon anyway.

Is it?

Yes, and the only way you can save it is to join me on the dark side - I mean join me in the showroom to look for a new one.

Um... ok.

Oh and if you have a large black suit with a really scarry mask, then it might help if you wore that so that we could rule the galaxy together - I MEAN it might stop you from getting cold. We will be around alot of freezers you know!