Here we go, yet again. I've run out of characters to do now, so any suggestions will be warmly welcomed and I only need one person to ask for someone this time, so if I've missed out anyone, lemme know!

Oh and by the way, I can assure you all that I am not on anything, and I don't smoke at all because it makes me physically sick. The reason for my madness is because I can just get a bit hyper sometimes!

So anyways!


At last we will reveal ourselves to the customers, at last we will have a sale...oh right, hello, I am Darth Maul. Would you like to buy one of our double ended lightsabers - I mean twin fridge and freezer sets?

No thanks

Don't you understand, your street is sparsely populated. If the trace is correct I will find you quickly sir.

And...and what will you do when you find me?

Show you our brochure of course!

Phew, thought you were gonna kill me for a moment.

You didn't let me finish! First I will show you our brochure, THEN I will kill you!



Greetings, I am Poggle the Lesser, Archduke of Geonosis. We manufacture the highest quality of fridges in our underground factory...

I thought you made battle droids?

Yeah, them too, but we Geonosians were wondering if we could interest you in one of them?

Battle droids or fridges?

Fridges of course. How about it?

Well, I dunno.

Well how about you come to Geonosis and take a look at them for yourself? While your waiting you could meet our friendly staff and our very friendly pussycat.

Well, I suppose.


Hello, I am Count Dooku, rogue Jedi and Sith apprentice...which you didn't actually need to know! Anyway, can I interest you in one of our top of the range, curvy fridges?


Yes, my special design. You see, I like to curve things, like the handle of my lightsaber.

You're weird man!

Why thankyou. So how about it? We only do blue ones, but I can paint it red for you if you want?

Why would I want a red fridge?

Just a suggestion.You have far too much pride! But you know what they say, twice the pride, double the fall!

Um...only you say that!

Does that matter?

No, not really.

Now, buy one of my red, curvy fridges or I shall blast you into oblivion with my Force lightning!


(cough cough) Greetings, I am General (cough cough) Grievous.

That's a nasty cough you got there Gravy, perhaps you should cut back on the ciggies!

Silence. My name is not Gravy and I don't smoke!

So, Gravy, what you want?

Would you like to buy one of our half price fridges?

Why are they half price?

Because I used some of the parts to build my new suit...which looks really cool by the way.

So you're wearing half the fridge your trying to sell me?

Yes, but that's why it's only half price.

Because I'm only getting half the fridge?

Exactly (cough cough)


Hello, it is Jedi Master Obi-Wan Kenobi again! I was just wondering if you've changed your mind yet about the fridge?

NO, and don't think you're little mind trick will work on me this time.

Listen, if you don't by one of our fridges, the Jedi Council will be after you, and when we find you we will crush you, grind you into tiny pieces and blast you into oblivion.

You're point is well seen.