Two Sides

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Chapter 1: Close eye on things

Trigon was dead. That had probably been the greatest accomplishment the Titans had ever achieved. The so-called "embodiment of evil" had been put to rest. His armies had been banished back to the hellholes from which they had emerged. The planet and countless others had been saved from becoming Trigon's kingdom. Not only that, but the many living beings had also been saved.

The Titans had done greatly with this fight. The party they had was just about great, other then Beast Boy and Cyborg's argument over the tofu being added as a course. For the most part, it was all for Raven. She had been the one to single handedly blasted Trigon to oblivion. She was cleansed of the demon blood running through her body. Her white energy and clothing had shown a new Raven. Even so, she decided to change back to her original blue clothing and cut her hair short. It didn't matter though since she was still the same Raven to them all. Of course, she couldn't have done it alone. They fought of her in even the darkest hours. They had given her hope for a better future. They knew full well that they had supported her greatly. That is…except for one Titan.

(One O'clock and I still can't get any damn sleep.) Beast Boy thought as he laid on his bed his gaze focused on the ceiling.

A week it had been. A week since Trigon had fallen. And it was also the same amount of how many sleepless nights Beast Boy had spent. He would just fall asleep, then wake up and be that way for either a few hours. But for the past two days he had been deprived of two days worth of sleep. And it looks like tonight wouldn't be any different. And it was affected his fighting skills as well. Yesterday, he had easily got his rear handed to him by Cinderblock. That got him a nice long speech from Robin at being at one hundred percent best. He had tried everything to get some shuteye: warm milk, music, and even some Tameranean drink Starfire had given him that tasted like really strong cough medicine. And yet, nothing worked. The real problem he had wasn't his body, but his mind.

Ever since the Trigon incident, his views on Raven had become very strong. Actually, they all ready had been changing the more time he had spent with her. When they had first meet, he saw her as a sort of depressing person who wasn't at all nice. But things had changed. As time passed, he had seen Raven in a new sort of light. She slowly had been better to talk to over time. She had begun to become better to bee around. Even if she didn't consider him funny and called him juvenile, he still considered her a good friend.

And then Trigon entered the picture. He used her as the key to get to Earth. He tried to dispose for her like a used gum wrapper. He hated that bastard for what he did. When Trigon had tried to destroy him and the others, she had protected them. Her voice told them to be careful. And then there was Slade. Beast Boy saw him as the cause of the death of two people he cared for. It felt good to just ram him into that pillar, make him feel pain for a change. He then approached them with the news that Raven could still be alive; that there could be a chance to bring her back. He was about to volunteer. He remembered he was just about to open his mouth when it happened. He froze. His mouth never opened, the words never came out, and he was just frozen on the spot. It was like some unknown force had held him back. Call it instinct or bad vibes, but he just didn't do it. And because of that, Robin got to go out and help her. And even though he had helped Raven, he still felt like a coward.

(Robin. He just had to be the hero that he always was. He should have been fired down there.)

BB's eyes went wide and he got up from his bed. He swung his legs over and ran his hand through his hair. Did he really harbor that much hatred at what Robin did? Robin was just helping Raven. Yet he felt like he should have protected her. He couldn't really describe it, but there was still something else about Raven he felt. He did see her as a nice person, but there was more. There was so much more. She was smart, sincere, thoughtful of others (he remembered when she comforted him after he became a mindless Beast at one point), and she was also very attractive. He could call it love, but it was just too hard to believe. She never really showed much affection towards him other then that hug after Malchior was defeated. But did that mean anything? Did she feel this way about him too? It just felt hard to believe. The last time he felt this way-

(I'm, done with that part of my life) BB thought, stopping what was going to produce in his head. He was going to think about her. That was a part of his life that really had caused these feelings about Raven to really take flight. And whether he calls them a blessing or curse, he never wanted to think about that part of his life again.

Back to the matter at hand, his feelings for Raven were going crazy. He nearly lost her. He didn't go and save her. That single action made him feel cowardly. He was not, no, would not lose her because of some bad vibes.

And just then, he did something he knew he was going to regret. He got up from the bed and stood up, his bare feet feeling the garbage littering his room. He then turned into fly and went through the room's air vent. With his new body's wings rapidly moving, he maneuvered left and right through the maze of ventilation, Without an idea of the consequences that would happen to him if he was caught, he flew through a vent at the far end of the tubing and ended up in Raven's room.

He quickly latched himself onto the ceiling in order not to wake Raven with his buzzing. Through the fly's eyes with their many screens, he got a good focus on the girl. It was also a time when he once again got a good look at her figure. She was in her bed, the covers wrapped around her body. He watched as her chest rose and fell with each breath she took. Her smooth lips opened slightly, her breathing light. Her eyes, while closed, only let Beast Boy picture those magnificent purple orbs behind them. She was so beautiful. If only he-

(Whoa! Cool it! She's my friend. She's just my friend.) BB thought as he quickly shook out the images of her he was having. He couldn't think of her like this. She probably wasn't interested in having a boy friend. She just had brother-sister relationships with him. There was no special bond between them. But did he really know? Did she also feel this way for him? What about her feelings? She had to control them. But her demon side is gone. Does that means she's in control? Of so, then maybe he has a chance. Even as he thought this, he kept trying to dismiss it. But why? She was a special girl to him. And yet he-

His mind froze as something moved out of the corner of his insect eyes. He turned his head slightly to look. It was hard to tell in the darkness, but was sure of it. Something was moving over there. It was right near Raven's bed. Just then, he heard Raven moan in her sleep and turned over. Not taking the risk in her waking up and beating him to a pulp, he flew back into the vent and headed for his room.

(That was close,) he thought. He was almost going to transform back into a human and fight whatever that was. But what if he was wrong? What is it was nothing? Then, Raven would have killed him. And if it was a threat? Would he of just stood there and watched her get killed? Would he of done so?

(I would never screw up and let Raven die. She's means too much to me.) He thought. Beast Boy nearly broke out of his morph right in the ventilation. (I mean as a friend. Not that way. Not…that…way.) And his flight back to his room went slower then usual as a kind of sadness he never felt wrapped itself around his mind.

And unbeknownst to him, two others knew of his trip to Raven's room.

Somewhere in the city, amidst an intense darkness, someone wasn't having a good night.

"Damn it! Little green bastard! I could have killed her right then and there if he wasn't there!"

The being quickly calmed him and his tone also became a lot smoother.

"Now, now. There is no need to do away with her now. I have others to do it for me. And hey, it runs in the family."

Beast Boy better be careful with his feelings, for this dark one could be a danger to him, Raven, and the Titans. But, who is it? Chapter 2 is coming soon.