Two Halves

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Chapter 15: Hopes and Dreams

The red that surrounded Beast Boy's eyes remained there for a few seconds before giving way to black. But this black was worst then the red. It was an endless darkness that stretched before BB's eyes. It scared him near to death. He couldn't even tell if he even had a body anymore. However, he felt his grip still on the hilt of the sword. He tried to pull away from it, but his hand was stuck there. So was his arm. As well the rest of his body felt like it had been coated in an invisible plaster. He tried calling out for help, but disappointingly discovered that his mouth too was frozen shut.

(Just what I needed: frozen stiff in the darkness. How could this be any worse?) BB asked as he felt fear begin to grip on his heart from being in such a place.

His question was about to be sadly answer. Out of nowhere, a voice broke through the darkness. It both surprised and shocked BB greatly. For this voice was one he knew. This voice had been at his side so long ago. It was a voice he only heard in his dreams ever since it left the physical world nine years ago. It was the voice of his father.

"Why can't you ever use your powers the right way?" the voice asked with a sharp tone.

(What?) BB thought.

"Don't' play dumb with me! I gave you your powers. I showed you what you could do, I even showed you the pictures of all kinds of beasts and yet you still couldn't save me or your mother from that typhoon!"

(I was six)

"Like that's suppose to be an excuse! I save your life and in exchange you take our own. Didn't I treat you like a son! I don't even think you deserve such a title."

(This is just an illusion. This is not-)

"It is just as real as your father's words," his mother's voice now echoed out from the darkness, cutting in to BB's thoughts, "I gave you so much love. Your father nearly lost everything trying to save you. In the end, we passed on in such a terrible way. You didn't even want to save us, did you!"

(I wouldn't listen. This isn't real.)

"Do bad it is," Terra's voice now stated," just as your affection for me. I thought you would have hope I would come back. I fought Slade and yet you give up faith in me still."

"(I did have faith during the battle and I st-)

"How much! Was it enough! Did you even love me! I could of defeated Slade without activation of the volcano and me becoming a statue, but are you still even trying to revive me! I guess not! Why did I even care about you in the first place! You only care about Raven! You don't even give a damn about me anymore!"

(Terra, please.)

"That's what you get for trying to protect the ones you love," another voice added to the call, this time it was Mento. "I have always told you to follow the mission, to not try and save your allies. You know why: I just didn't want to be saved by someone as weak as you are. The Doom Patrol and me are legends. Then you come along, a shapeshifter who could barely reach his full potential. Then came the pity and then the babysitting. Even with our training, you couldn't reach your full potential, not like you could now. You threw it all away for some friends. You're pathetic."

(Shut up.)

But the voices wouldn't stop. The same hateful messages continued to fluctuate from the darkness. BB could actually feel them ripping at his mind, at his heart, and even at his soul. He soon felt a chilling movement going through his body. It was that of death. It was coming for me. He had to fight. He had to stop the demon. He had to-

All of a sudden, the darkness was cast aside as the world became shrouded in a bright white light. BB was still frozen, but he felt the cold feeling delude from his body. He scanned the area, looking for what was the cause of this. All of a sudden, someone appeared in front of him and knelt before him to sustain eye level with him . It was Raven, dressed in her white leotard and cloak with the hood down. However, she was transparent and mist like. BB looked at her and even thought he couldn't show it, he was both surprised and happy.

"Your angel has come to save you," Raven said with an angelic voice as a smile appeared on her face.

(Raven. Are you dead?)

"No I'm not. I faked Janus out by making it appeared he killed me. He cut me good, but I didn't take the full force of the blow."

(Raven, I'm sorry. I'm sorry I couldn't save you.)

"You shouldn't be. I was blind to your kindness as I wanted to protect you and the others so much. Look what it came to."

(Yet you and me are still fighting.)

"You always keep such faith in things?"

(One of us has to have at least some faith.)

"We still have to fight, Beast Boy. We have to. Look, I'm going to free you. Then, you have to use that sword and finish him off."

(But what about the curse? What if it reactivates?)

"I'll take care of that. As for the fight at hand, you'll have faith and me. With that combination, we can't lose."

(Look who has faith now) BB jokingly remarked.

"It is all thanks to you," she said with a small laugh.

(And what if we fail?)

"If we do, I just wish we can be together and then…you can know."

(I will know)

Raven once again smiled and placed her hands on BB's. BB felt intense warmth run through his body and then watched as the white light became more intense.

While this was happing, Janus was just looking at the red pillar that had been the spot where BB was. He was just waiting for it to crack open and show the corpse of the green kid. Then he would have some fun with it. He was going to be very disappointed. All of a sudden, the pillar began to glow white. Janus' mind began to run with confusion at what was happing. All of a sudden, the pillar burst apart with a blast of white light. Janus covered his three good eyes until the light stopped. When he did, he couldn't believe what he was looking at. There was the kid, but he looked healthy. His wounds remained, but the blood flow had stopped. His face wore an expression of calm spirit, yet fiery hatred. His hand was still holding the sword blade. Suddenly, he pulled the blade from the ground with ease and charged at Janus. He brought the blade up and swung it down at Janus in a diagonal swing, but Janus caught the swing with the blade of his other sword and locked the two weapons together.

"Impossible! How did you break my curse!" Janus asked, as he looked gaze with BB. Suddenly, he saw BB's eyes flash from green to white and then back to green. He then broke the lock with BB and jumped away, avoiding another slash from him.

"So, Raven is guiding you. Not even the afterlife can stop her. Oh well, even so, I'll finish you off and make sure she doesn't have a change at returning to the world of the living."

He then charged at BB and swung his sword straight across. BB blocked it and retaliated with his own swing. Janus blocked this one and went in for an upward slash. BB dodged this attack and swung his sword yet again at Janus, who blocked it as well. Janus then went in for a stab. BB put up the broad side of his sword in front of him and caught the attack right on it. He then knocked Janus' blade upward and tried for a diagonal strike. Janus dodged this in an instance and went for a downward slash. BB caught this attack and the two once again locked blades.

"Only a true demon can bring out the abilities of these weapons. You think that you can use my own weapons to kill me?"

Janus then suddenly delivered a powerful slash right at BB's sword. It was knocked from his hand and went flying backwards, once again becoming impaled into the ground. BB then jumped away from another slice from Janus. He turned around quickly and ran towards his blade with Janus coming after him. He managed to reach it and pull it from the ground, but Janus had caught up to him. Janus raised the sword over his head and was bringing it down onto BB with the point down.

"See you in hell!" the demon roared as the blade was coming down towards BB. BB quickly turned and in a split second he dropped to the ground. The blade narrowly missed his head as it became lodged in the ground due to BB sliding along the floor. BB bringing his blade up and impaling Janus right in the middle of his cloak then followed this.

Janus let out a gasp of air and looked down at the sword impaled in him. Then, BB watched something very strange. The frozen smile began to crack against the stone skin until it now to the shape of a frown, the edges chipped and cracked.

"No," the demon said. BB then saw the two blades turn to sand and spread away as though an invisible wind was doing so. The creature's arms and then his face then followed suite, choking back the scream that was about to emit from Janus' mouth. All that soon remained was his cloak, which fell over BB. BB cast it aside as thought it was the physical incarnation of death itself. When the cloak settled onto the ground, it then sizzled and turned into smoke that dissipated into the air.

With all that said and done, he ran back over to Raven. She was still in the same terrible shape she had been in.

"Please be alive," he said as he once again placed his hand to her neck. Then, like a signal from beyond, BB felt what he wanted a small pulse. Raven breathing very slowly then followed this. She was alive. Barely, but alive. Gathering his strength, he placed his arms under her knees and behind her back and picked her up bridal style.Her broken arms hungliketatteredcloath at her sides.He had to get her out of her and gets help her. He turned around and walked a few feet forward when all of a sudden he screamed in pain and dropped to his knees. The wounds had reopened and were bleeding again. It hurt beyond anything like one wouldn't believe. He was about to fall when he saw the unconscious face of the girl he cared about to so much.

"I wouldn't fail you," he said to her as he painfully got back on his feet. He began walking again, biting down on his lip at the jabs of pain he was feeling. He reached the door and pushed it open, another painful action in his quest to save Raven. It opened and he stepped out into the world. The city lights blinded him almost instantly. People on the other side of the street stopped and stared at the bleeding Titans carrying the unconscious one. Others near BB also did the same. Some gasped, others screamed. Cars squealed to a stop in the street and the drivers got out with their passengers to see this event.

(Can't they see we need help) BB thought as he continued to carry her with the blood still dripping from his cuts. He was about to ask for help when the pain finally got to him. He dropped to his knees and then fell onto his stomach, Raven tumbling from his arms and out in front of her. Off in the distance, he heard sirens.

(Hope the others are free. Hope they get here soon. Raven, please-) his final thought was soon cut off as he black out from the world.

The next day…

BB's eyes slowly opened and were instantly hit by blinding white light. At first he thought it he was in heaven. But as his eyes adjusted, he saw it was a florescent light. He felt a mattress under him. In front of him he saw blue sheets pulled up to his chest, white walls, and a window with the blinds drawn near the bed. He looked under the sheets to see that he was dressed in only his pants and an UV needle was in his right wrist. He looked down at his bare chest to see that there were dots on his chest, most likely from where blood transfers had been done and bandages were on his cuts. He was in a hospital. He was still alive. But…

He turned his head to his side and was relived to see who was in the bed on the other side of the room. Raven was right next to him, right where she should be. She was dressed in her leotard and hovering over her bed. (Healing powers must be working on her,) BB thought. He was just happy she was alive. She was here with him. Yet, there was still one thing he had to know.

He slowly got out of bed, wincing slightly at the soreness he felt. He grabbed the pole which the UV was connected to and brought it with him as he went over to Raven. He then knelt down beside her bed. He took her hand and said softly, "Raven. Hey Raven."

Gently, her body floated down onto the bed. He felt her hand tighten on his. Her eyes then opened. Those beautiful purple orbs he so enjoyed looked back into his. A small smile then spread across her face.

"Hey. How are you?" she asked.

"Sore, but what about you?"

"I feel tired still, but my healing powers are doing a great job."

"That's excellent. I'm just glad your okay."

"Same to you. We beat him."

"He's gone. The last demon from your past has been wiped out," BB stated,

"I know, but what of the others? Do you think my other selves made it to were ever they go?"

"I bet they are happy that you are okay. Just as I am," he said.

"Thanks. I also have to thank you, for everything."

"I should be thanking you."

"You still trying to be a romantic?" Raven jokingly asked.

"Will it get me the answer?" BB asked.

"That I love you?"

BB soon felt a smile spread over his face as he stated, "That's the answer."

"W have each other. Nothing can tear us apart," Raven said. She then moved her hands around BB's neck and brought his face down to hers. Their lips then meet and engaged in a kiss filled with intense passion.

Around that same time, Cyborg, Starfire, and Robin were waking down the hall towards BB and Rae's room.

"I may hate coming to hospitals, but they have good food here at least," Cy stated as he licked three of his fingers.

"How can you think you food when our friends are lying in pain from protecting us?" Star asked angrily at Cy.

"Take it easy, Star. I bet they're just fine," Robin said.

"I just can't fathom of how they fought that strange creature and saved us, while risking their own lives. I'm just scared…"

"You have the right," Cy began," risking your lives for others is huge. But they're Titans, they can handle anything. I'm sure they're fine and they are in perfect condition."

"I hope so," Star said as they got to the door. " I do not wish to see our friends in such critical conditions."

"I bet they healed up just fine," Robin said as he opened the door. As he did, they three of them lay witness to Raven and BB kissing. They nearly gasped in shock as their mouths hung open and their eyes went wide. At least their eyes were closed, for the two lovers didn't see the door close.

"Quite a recovery," Cy commented as soon as he could think again.

"Robin? Beast Boy and Raven were, as you humans say, 'making out'?" Starfire asked.


"Does this mean the two of them are now the boy and girlfriend?"

"I guess so," Robin answered.

All of a sudden, Starfire grabbed him tightly on the shoulders. Her eyes were wide with joy and her mouth was stretched out in a goofy grin. "This is most wonderful! We can now go on double dates, get matching outfits, and have double weddings! We have to get ready!"

"Star wait a-" Robin was cut off as Star grabbed his wrist and ran off down the hall, dragging him with him.

Cy laughed silently to himself as he watched the alien girl drag Robin off. He then turned his head back to the doorway and silently said to himself, "You're right, BB. She is a perfect girl."

A week later…

Raven stood on an outstretched piece of land on Titans Island. In front of her stood a monument. It was that of a great stone Raven atop a five-foot pillar. An inscription on the front read:

To my sisters.

When I join you, my love on Earth will reunite with yours to become grand.

A tear ran down her check as memories of their death began to fill her head. But they suddenly left her as she felt a warm hand wipe it away. She looked to her side to see the smiling face of BB, of her love. She smiled back. It was as the quote said: when her love on Earth joined theirs, it would be greater then any. For she was once half of another's love. Now they were complete.


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