Hey all, a fluffy quickie teehee I got hit with this one while I was poolside myself on vacation lol

Danny and Aiden arrived at the scene of a drowning. The police officers were all milling around doing nothing much, but making it look like it was important.

The detective on scene pointed them to the pool room of the large house.

The spacious room was tiled in blue, with light reflecting of the large shimmering pool.

"I've got blood" Danny mentions, setting down his kit next to the small red pool.

Aiden snapped off shots of the victim, the young woman's auburn hair sticking to her greyish face. She looked around to Danny, swabbing the crimson puddle, and spotted two glasses on the table, "I've got gin…and vodka, whew, someone was having a party" she says, placing them back on the table.

"A pool party? How old was the vic again?"

Aiden smirked as she bagged and tagged the evidence.

It didn't take long to collect all the evidence. The ME had wheeled the victim out, so all that was left was to measure the scene for the crime scene drawings.

Aiden put her kit back together again as Danny pulled out the tape measure and attached it to the wall.

He slowly walked backwards, careful not to fall over the table and other obstacles.

Aiden placed her sterilised water pack back into her kit, and casually looked up to see where Danny was…

Danny turned on his heel to see Aiden splashing about in the pool, gasping for breath and cursing whenever she had the chance.

"What the…hell Messer! ... Oh my God…You're so going…to pay for that!"

His grin was to hard to suppress as he watched her swim to the edge and heave herself out. Her bangs were sopping wet and stuck to her face, and her white shirt? Well, that did was white shirts usually did when they got wet…

"I'm so sorry. You have to believe me, I didn't mean to do that!"

"But you did, and you are so paying" As angry as she was, she had to admit that the sight of her was probably hilarious right about now "I'd push you in there right now id I though that would be enough punishment, but it soooo isn't, Messer" she rung out her hair and shirt.

Danny grinned as he handed his jacket to her.

Aiden was unable to keep her own grin at bay as she peeled her shirt from her skin and handed it to Danny, and took the jacket. She didn't much care that he was stood less than two feet away and she was soaking wet and in her bra. His stumbly and slightly shocked expression as he tried to secretly steal glances only added to his punishment.

"Can we go now!" Aiden snapped, still smiling, wrapping the lapels tighter around her shivering body.

"er, yeah" Danny said, collecting bother scene kits. He passed them into one hand as he wrapped his arm around his soaked partner, "You have no idea how many dreams ended like this" he grinned

"Really? Mine have a different ending" Aiden smirked, giving Danny a dig in the side.