The forsaken

Chapter one

'You alright Quatre!' Duo shouted to the back. He was in the cockpit of the plane they stole. Flying the heavy carrier. Beside him as a co-pilot, was Heero, his eyes closed, arms folded against his chest. He ignored his emotionless friend and once in a while took the time to take a look behind them, where Wufei, Trowa and Quatre where seated. The just barely gotten out of a fight they couldn't have won and he felt like a total loser. Not being able to defend himself without his Gundam. Heero had to save the day and it became a one man show. Heero fighting of guards. Heero busting down doors. Heero blowing up hangars. Heero salvaging one carrier for their escape.

The reason why they had to leave so quickly that noone even bothered that Heero was in the spotlight? Quatre got hit. Not hit by a fist, but by a bullet. And by the looks of it it was a mean one. They all had some scratches and skin that was grazed by bullets but the hole in Quatre's side looked more serious then all their wounds combined. Needless to say, everyone in the cockpit, able to feel emotions, was worried.

He scanned the other as thoroughly as he could without taking his eyes of the monitors and screens in the cockpit of the plane for to long. WuFei looked rather unscratched, the only visible wound was a long slash from his shoulder to his elbow, but from what Duo could gather, it wasn't a deep cut. Quatre's condition he knew off and he didn't want to look at his face going pale from loss of blood so he switched to Trowa. A Bullet had grazed his shoulder and there were many cuts in his jeans, blood colouring the pants. He had gotten the wounds from fighting of a pretty strong guy that slashed at them with his knives.

Then his eyes switched to Heero who sat, unmoving, next to him. Even though the man was up front in the lead, he looked alright. Wufei was the only one that had gotten better of then him. I could see some purple and blue bruised on his bare legs a small cut on his chest from when he had to help Trowa, being the hero of the day.

He himself also didn't look to bad. A couple of bruises, a cut on his forehead and his right ankle hurt a lot, but nothing that he couldn't lived with.

Relieved that they all lived, for know, he focused on flying the plain out of the hell hole that could explode any minute now from the bombs Heero hat put there. The base lay in the middle of now where, even with a plane it took more then three hours to get to the city and they were only in the air for five and already it looked like Quatre wasn't gonna be okay. Oh god, Quatre, please hang in there, he thought nervously. The controls of the plane in his hand shook. Turbulence, just what they needed, he told them to strap themselves in but Trowa refused to sit down as he was trying his best to bandage Quatre up and give him some antibiotics.

The plane shook hard and Trowa fell to ground, groaning, quickly standing up, only to fall on his face again. This turbulence wasn't normal... Duo looked around panicked, knowing that the lives of his only friends lay in his bloody hands. He heard some beeping noises, then more joined. He looked around, completely clueless, why were they beeping! SHIT! His sweat broke as his hands began to tremble more then the stick shook. What is you damn mother fucker!

'Engine 2B isn't responding.'

Had he asked that out loud? He looked to the side, surprised. Heero had moved. He was now sitting straight, arms unfolded, looking at all the flashing lights in the cockpit.

'Heero, you take over the controls, I hafta check out what wrong with the whiny thingy!' He shouted. Only barely heard because of some loud noise, probably made by the engine that wasn't working.

Heero simply nodded. Weird how he could stay so calm in such situations... He pushed some buttons and then grabbed the control stick in front of him, taking the plane over.

Duo rushed passed the others to the cargo room. He looked around, lost and almost sighed in relief as he saw their was a door at the left flank of the plane, from there he could see what the engine was doing. He ran to the door and cursed every word he knew for he couldn't open it. He pushed down all of his wait on the big red handle and finally it budged and the door shifted to the side, opening. He had to hold onto the door handle or else he would make a long fall. He was right under the wing and looked back at the engines with propellors that were attached to it. He cursed Heero for picking such an old, almost antique, aeroplane. This was bad... no, you don't get it, this was really bad. This was worse then waking up one morning after a good night sleep in your warm bed and notice the roof of your house is gone. This was more like waking up, finding no roof and seeing that aliens were destroying the world. Yeah... THAT bad. Engine two be was the outermost engine on the left wing and it looked like he had swallowed some bullets and only exploded once they were in the air for a while. The propeller had shifted and was hitting the other engine that hung next to it. In a fey minutes that engine would have been beaten to crap and they with crash, having no, properly working, engines on the left sides.

'Holy FUCK!' he screamed. He screamed again when a piece, that must have been important, broke off of one of the engines and was sent spiralling to his head. It was pure luck that he was able to dodge it, if he didn't his head would be rolling inside the cargo space and his body would fall forward, bungee jumping without a rope... and without a head...

He closed the door and for one moment he felt himself go really dizzy and really sick. They would crash, no matter what. But he pulled himself together and hastily got back to cockpit. Trowa and WuFei looked at him expectantly, hoping for good news, but their faces fell as they saw his terrified expression.

Duo got back into his seat and took the controls over from Heero. He didn't know why, they would be safer in Heero's hands... or... or maybe because when they DID survive he could blame it all on him? Was he really that cruel? He shook out all the unnecessary thought and this time ordered everyone to strap themselves in, tightly. This time all of them obeyed.

He looked at Heero and he felt like killing him for being so fucking calm. How in the world could anyone be calm when he and his friends were about to die! He knew Heero didn't give a shit about himself and he pitied the boy for that, but didn't he give a shit about them either?

'Tell me what's wrong with the engine.'

'It has no use WuFei, it's beyond repair.' If they weren't in the situation that they were in, everybody would have gasped in amazement. Duo called WuFei by his own name. It should be in the newspaper. For it was friggin' front page news. But the front page was already full of pictures of a crashed plane and the broken, mutilated, bodies of five young pilots.

'Just. Tell. Me.'

Not being able to refuse a 'request' from WuFei when he asked it like THAT he told him what was wrong. But it didn't give him any satisfaction that WuFei for once agreed to him. But the Chinese man had more sense in his head at the time then Duo did and went to the back, ordering Trowa to come with him. They came back with backpacks on their back.

'Food, water and some medication.' WuFei explained as he sat down again. Only now showing how nervous he was by fumbling with the hem of his long white shirt.

Their was no use in holding the controls. The plane was going down, fast. So fast they pushed into their seats, it was impossible trying to get out, they wouldn't come far. The plane spiralled down, since only the right side was being propelled they were making circles.

Duo couldn't help but compare it with a roller coaster ride for a second but he pushed that thought away. Actually, HE didn't push that thought away, the fear that flooded his head did. He closed his eyes, holding onto his seatbelt and screamed as he recognised the beeping that told them they were dangerously close to the ground.

The last thing he heard was the sound of metal breaking, things snapping. But that was only for a second or two. After that everything went black and silent...

Duo opened his eyes but still all he could see was black. He closed his eyes again, feeling a headache threaten to blow up his head. He grimaced at the thought of pieces of his skull and brain flying around in the... yeah, where was he? He opened his eyes again and was glad to notice that his vision was slowly returning to him. He saw... a window and beyond that... green, trees? He didn't know, his vision was to blurry to make it out. He tried to move but notice that his legs wouldn't budge. Fearing being paralysed he wiggled his toes. They worked just fine. He looked down and saw that his legs were stuck between his chair and the controller and monitors in front of him, now he remembered everything suddenly. The crash! How could he forget about THAT! He felt blood rushing to his head and vaguely wondered why and why his seatbelt was so tight around him, but the thought gave him a bigger headache.

Remembering that he, of course, wasn't alone on the plane he looked to the side... and screamed. He felt his head toll and his stomach turn at the sight only inches away from him.

Heero's bloodied face.

His vision had become clear and now that he took a second look the plane was upside down. AND tilted to the side. Which of course caused the blood rushing to his head and the straps pulling at him so roughly. But all that faded away at the sight of Heero. He didn't touch his chair anymore but the seatbelt kept him from falling to the floor, er... ceiling... And he was leaning to the side, thus, closer to Duo.

Duo swallowed. He definitely didn't feel good! He began to mumble incoherent words as he thought the boy which he had grew to love was dead. Dead and right beside him.

'Duo!' A heavy voice suddenly called.

He screamed again, was that Heero's ghost talking to him.

'It's me Maxwell.' The voice hissed.

'WuFei?' Again his real name, but he was to scared and dumbfounded to care. He made an effort to turn around and look at Wufei who 'sat' more like hung in the seat behind Heero.

His black eyes were shifting back and forth and Duo wondered why, was he that scared? He looked back at Heero and swallowed the lump in his throat but then... He saw Heero's chest heaving up and down. He was breathing! Shallow and uneven but he was breathing! He was alive! Thank god! God finally had showed some mercy on his poor being! He sighed in relief and then called for the others. Quatre didn't respond and he feared the worst but put those thoughts aside as he kept calling for Trowa.

'I don't thinks he's gonna wake up from you shouting at him.' Wufei commented dryly. Duo rolled his eyes at that, never hurts to try, ne, Chang?

'Get out of your seat Maxwell and give me a hand! There's something wrong with my eyes. I can't see.'

Can't see! Duo became more worried each passing second. He sighed and explained he couldn't get out since they were upside down and his legs were stuck. They'd have to wait for Heero or Trowa to wake up.

And that took a lot of time...

Finally, three hours of suffocating silence later they could here someone moan and move in his seat.

Duo opened his eyes and looked at Heero. It wasn't him, he was still lifeless. 'Tro? Tro, you awake?'

'No, it's me...' A pained voice answered and again moving behind him could be heard.

'Quatre? Are you okay? Hang in there buddy, it's gonna be okay...'

'Yeah right.' Quatre commented sarcastically, looking around, noting the mess they were in. 'How long since the crash?' He asked and moaned as his wound throbbed painfully.

'Don't know... four hours?'

'I think we were out cold longer then an hour Maxwell.'

'Geez Fei! Could you please fucking start calling me by my name!' Duo yelled. The frustration of being caught immobile was taking the best of him and he felt like he could explode. He was a ticking time bomb.

'I'm sorry... Duo, but you should listen to yourself.'

'stop quarrelling lovebirds.' Quatre ordered and chuckled at his own joke. Yeah, him and WuFei lovers... that was so unimaginable it was, indeed, kind of funny.

'Hey Quat?'

It took a while for the Arabian blonde to answer: 'Y-yes?'

Duo was becoming worried, he could already see Quatre's pale face in his mind. His wound and hanging up side down couldn't be good. Hang in there buddy, he thought. 'You're in the seat next to Trowa, right?'

'... yeah...' His voice sounded so small... Duo swallowed.

'Kick him.'

'What!' Apparently the blonde found enough strength to yell at him.

'Just do what I say Quatre!'

'I can't kick him! Are you crazy! What's gotten into you!'

'Kick. Him.' He hissed angrily. Didn't Quatre understand what he meant with that! Geez! What a team to strand with!

'No! You kick Heero! See how you'll feel about that!'

He really didn't get what he was trying to accomplish with kicking him. Naive stupid blonde cute guy, he mumbled inwardly 'Okay, don't kick him, but DO something to wake him up!'

'Oh... Why?'

'Because he is the only one that can get us out.'

Quatre looked sheepishly to the boy next to him and jostled his foot. No reaction. This time, he really kicked him against the shin. Still he got no reaction. He worried that he had to inflict more pain to wake him up. He looked at the back of Duo's head and his braid dangling down. He should have smiled at that. But he couldn't find the strength, not was he in the mood to smile. 'What about WuFei?'

Duo sighed and looked at WuFei, the Chinese man already told him the bad news and he waited for him to tell Quatre but he didn't. So Duo told him.

Quatre gasped and looked in remorse at WuFei who shamefully looked away. Probably thinking that he was now an honourless weakling.

'What about Heero? I don't want to hurt Trowa, trying to wake him up.'

Duo looked at Heero with a pained expression. His eyes were closed and his face was almost entirely covered with blood. He inspected him more thoroughly. He was covered in various small cuts, probably caused by the glass of the windshield, breaking in front of him. His tank top wasn't no longer green and he thought he didn't want to know how come. Added to that was his shallow and uneven breathing that made him worry.


'Why not?'

The bomb inside him kept on ticking. Maybe even faster with Quatre who kept questioning him. 'Because he's in a pretty bad shape.' He ground out.

Quatre looked at Trowa and couldn't say the same about him. He looked almost the as when he gotten onto the plain. He decided that kicking him won't solve anything so with much effort and pain he brought his hand up and pinched his nose close. Trowa's mouth immediately opened and he covered that too, lightly.

It didn't take long before his eyes were fluttering open. Quatre removed his hand and smiled at the boy who looked around confused. Then, his eyes widened, realising everything that had just happened to him. He looked concerned at Quatre and then at the rest of the guys. He saw WuFei and Duo moving, but he wasn't sure if he could detect any signs of life with Heero.

'Don't worry, we're all alive... just... having difficulties getting out of our seats.'

Trowa immediately unbuckled his belt and Duo chuckled as the boy obviously hasn't noticed they were upside down and he fell on the... ceiling with a loud bang. He got up quickly, looking around completely clueless, never realising what hit him. Then he realised the plane was belly up and actually SMILED at his own stupid mistake.

'You'd think that out of all people Trowa should be able to figure out which side is up! But then again, he always did DEFY gravity with that hairstyle!' Duo joked. Not for the others, but for himself as the ticking of the bomb that had threatened to explode got softer. His bad mood slowly disappearing.

Trowa freed Quatre first and caught him carefully, minding his wound. He carried him out of the plane first and came back ten minutes later, obviously wanting to go back to Quatre soon. He unbuckled Duo and freed him gently from his chair. Duo's legs hurt and he could feel the short of blood in his feet but other then that his legs seemed fine. He wanted to stay in the cockpit, to help Trowa with Heero. Wanting to treat the boy like the china doll he thought he was but Trowa told him to go outside to Quatre, who was defenceless all alone. He nodded and after giving poor Hee-chan one last sad look He took WuFei's hand, and let him outside. It was difficult finding the exit since the whole plane with the corridors he had memorised was upside down and now left was right and right was left. But he made it outside and jumped the two meter distance between the exit and the ground.

'Jump WuFei, I promise I'll catch you in case you fall.'

WuFei sniffed 'I'm not a scared onna Maxwell.' He said and jumped off with ease. But as soon as he stood he sought for Duo's hand again and the braided smiled, gently squeezing the hand. Trying to reassure.

They walked to Quatre. He said with his back against the trunk of the tree and looked really tired... and pale. The bandage around his waist was soaked with the crimson fluid that dripped out his body. Slow but steady. They sat sown next to him and looked around. Trees for as far as the eyes could see and beyond.

Duo looked at the plain and realised they had been lucky. There was nothing left of the tail of the plain and there was a huge hole in the midsection. It was a miracle that the cockpit was in pretty good shape. He looked at WuFei in concern and crouched before him, taking hold of his face. 'Let me check on you.' He explained as Wufei tried to break free of his grasp.

'Don't, you lack the amount of brain required for it.' He said. Even more grumpy then usual. Everyone was probably a walking bomb and he didn't want to push any buttons or got some of his own buttons pushed on so he sat back down and sighed. Looking at the exit intensely, waiting for Trowa to come out with Heero but it took a long time and he was beginning to worry since he could look from his spot into the cockpit and they weren't there anymore.

He was about to get up and get into the plain, wanting to look for them when Trowa exited, holding Heero in his arms like a bride and duo could feel his face grow hot from jealousy. Especially since he noticed Heero was awake.

Trowa took hasty stepped towards him, his one visible eye reflecting the worry Duo felt. He lay Heero down carefully.

His blue eyes were wide open but they kept shifting, just like Wufei's had done when he was just awake. Was Heero also blind? No, it was something different. He was making sounds... words maybe? But they were incoherent and with his right hand he mindlessly fisted the sand beneath him. Duo looked up at Trowa, worried to no end.

'A concussion I think. He woke up when I was walking though the corridors and he started blabbering and stuff.'

'Is it bad?' WuFei asked, not even trying to look at what was going on. Duo admired WuFei for his strength and calmness, if he would find out he was blind, he would freak. He would go crazy and everybody would hear.

'I don't know.' Trowa said.

'What should we do?'

Trowa sighed and it took a while longer before he answered Quatre's question. He was thinking about it. Always as Heero wasn't there or something was wrong with him, leadership was passed on to him and he never really seem thrilled about that. Trowa looked at duo and strictly said: 'Just... let him get some sleep, that's all we can do right know and hope it will pass.'

'But I once saw on TV it bad to let people with a concussion sleep!' Duo protested.

'Yeah well it's also bad nothing getting him to a hospital like Quatre and WuFei, but that is all we can do right now!'

Wow... Duo didn't even know Trowa HAD buttons to be pushed...

'A plane... crashed in the middle of a forest isn't hard to find. Not for our allies. But it's even easier to find for our enemies, since they're probably coming over to check the damage on the base...' WuFei said softly. It sounded like he was talking only to himself, but what he said was useful and he was right 'We should get out of here.'

'We have to wait for Heero to wake up.'

Duo wasn't sure if Trowa said that because it was hard carrying him and Quatre AND leading the now blind WuFei or because he didn't want to be in charge.

He looked concerned at Heero, who seemed to sleep peacefully. All they could do was wait.

Not much longer then an hour after Heero opened his eyes and groaned, holding his head as a wave of painful headaches attacked his poor head. He looked around and wondered why everyone was looking so questioningly at him.


Everyone sighed in relief. 'Thank god you're okay.' Duo was about to hug him but Heero moved away, not liking all the attention and the short distance between him and duo.

'Well, at least he is himself again.' Duo said, not sure if he should be happy with that, but it was better that having him lolling his head and babbling like a baby. That was such a turn off.

'What happened?' Heero asked, wondering how they got out of the plane. Duo explained it to him with a fast moving train of words and sentences that didn't quite cure his headache. He shut him up by raisin his hand. He looked at the others, scanning their bodies, no one seemed to be fatally injured except Quatre. The worst thing was Trowas right arm that he had been holding. It seemed to be broken. He wondered if the green eyed man was willing to let him fix it á-la-Heero, as Duo would call it.

Duo could feel his eye slightly twitching from the moment Heero had made that cocky gesture of raising his hand, asking without words to shut his mouth. He hated it when Heero made gestures that saved him the talking. Like he had a word limit... no more then three words a day or something. It bothered him. It bothered him even more that it bothered him. And it bothered him that he bothered it that it bothered him and... well, he could go on for ever but one thing was for sure: It bothered him.

Heero slowly got up and leaned over to WuFei, noting something is wrong. 'What is it?'

Oh-lala SIX words! Tick Tack Tick Tack...

'Blind...' WuFei quietly admitted and let Heero inspect him. Obviously he didn't thought Heero didn't have the 'amount of brain it required'. Jerks, Duo thought.

'You shouldn't worry.' Heero concluded with a monotone voice 'It is caused by the crash but it will lessen and then completely disappear. It isn't permanent.'

Wow wow wow! He actually lost count of his words! Yeah Duo was beginning to get more and more angry as Heero crouched besides Quatre, inspecting the boy who now slept, tired from blood loss. He eye was twitching again and he wondered since when his eye could twitch, maybe it was due to the crash? It didn't matter, it twitched, he was bothered, the bomb just kept on ticking as everyone adored Heero and worshipped him like some fucking God! While they didn't even think Duo had the 'amount of brain required' to inspect someone's health! Nice friends HE had!

'We need to get him to a hospital, fast.' Heero concluded the obvious.

BOOM. 'Wow Heero! Thank you! We didn't know that yet!' duo had exploded and it was going to be ugly and he KNEW he would eventually regret every word he said and was about to say but right now... it all just slipped past him. 'HEY! TROWA! Have you heard the merry news! Quatre is gonna die soon if we don't get him a doctor!'

Trowa looked at him with a weird look in his eye. Not trusting the situation. He looked at Heero, lost. That caused a second explosion in the braided man.

'HEERO! SAVIOUR of the day!'

'Duo, I didn't mean to mock you. I was just saying-'

'WELL DON'T! We already KNOW!' Duo stood up and threw his arms in the air. He had lost his mind but his 'friends' were probably not surprised since something that small must be easy to misplace! He hated to be the dumb guy on the team! And he hated Heero! Why? Well... don't ask confusing things right now!

'I AM JUST TRYING TO SHOW MY CONCERNS!' It seemed like something inside Heero had snapped as well and he stood up, trying to intimidate the braided man. It used to work, but not now. All of Duo's frustrations just... flew out.

'Well good for YOU!'

Qautre cringed at duo tone. That's got to hurt... He thought, looking at one very pissed off Maxwell and an equally angry Yuy.

'MAXWELL!' Heero shouted at the top of his lungs, but he didn't have anything to say. He turned on his heels and walked away trying to cool down, but Duo wouldn't give him the break.


Quatre whimpered at their shouting. He could never take it when people were shouting. It went straight through his bones...

'Heero, why don't you go walk or something.' WuFei suggested, not noticing Heero was already distancing himself from the rest. He felt nervous as he heard the dangerous perfect soldier reaching his limit. His hearing didn't tell him enough of his surroundings and that scared him.

'YEAH! Take a long walk off a short cliff BUDDY!' Duo added 'sweetly'.


'... ARGH! ... Bite me!' Duo shouted, at loss of words but still wanting to shout.

Trowa grabbed him roughly at his upper arm, holding him still 'That's enough now, will you two please calm down!'

But his anger already slowly began to subside and he regretted the fight he had with Heero, who for the first time was only trying to show that he cared. He sighed and dropped down on the ground. Now they had to wait AGAIN. Wait till Heero was back since he was now already out of sight.

He waited an hour and a half and then impatience took the better of him and he ran of in the direction Heero had went in.

He ran for about forty five minutes, covering a great distance and he suddenly stopped, realising that if he didn't found Heero, he would be lost, for he couldn't remember the way back. He was dizzy and he wasn't sure if he had walked into a straight line. All his thought stopped as he heard the splashing of water. A sound very dear to him, very welcome, he had been DYING from thirst. He thirtily followed the sound and krept through some thick bushes and found what was making the sound.

He had found Heero.

In all his glory.

Okay, not ALL his glory, he was still wearing those stupid spandex but he had discarded the 'green' bloody tank top. He was sitting croushed at the edge of a water pond, filled with clear, clean water. His bare back facing duo, who was still hidden in the bushes. The Japanese seemed to be washing his face which was really needed since it was covered with blood.

Duo grinned and almost forget about the fight they had when he thought about jumping Heero, pushing him in the water along the way.

'Don't even think about it.' Heero's cold voice warned, not even turning around or stop washing his face.

Damn he was good. Hearing him come AND reading his thoughts. You have to give him some credit for that. He got out of his hiding and plopped down, at lack of better words, next to him and cupped some water into his hand. Drinking like a mad man.

'Heero?' He tentatively asked after his thirst was stilled.


'I'm sorry I yelled at you.' He meant it, 'It was... uncalled for.' He said, trying his best to sound smart.

Heero turned his head to look at him for a while and them flashed a small smile.

... another headline story! Duo was speechless. Had Heero just smiled at him? It might not have been the biggest smile he had ever seen for if Quatre smiled he was always afraid his face would split but this one warmed his heart the most and before he could control it, he smiled back his own cheeky, but honest, smile.

'I am sorry too.' Heero said softly. The smile disappeared from sight and he focussed on cleaning himself again.

Duo didn't know why Heero was apolagising since HE was the one to blame but he didn't want to ruin the moment so he kept his mouth shut. Even though he wanted to tell him badly that it wasn't anything personal. He wanted to explain about the 'bomb' in his head but then Heero would probably think he was crazy and that was nothing better then being deemed dumb.

He frowned when, once the blood was removed from heero's face, fe could see and ugly looking cut on his cheek. It looked deep and was definitely something to worry about. Without realising it to the fullset he gently grabbed Heero's chin, forcing him to look at him so he could inspect the cut better. He winced as he though that is might even went through his cheek.

He looked at him with widened eyes, not expecting the move. Duo grinned sheepishly and let go of his chin, expecting Heero to turn away immediately, but he didn't. He gave him the smile again. The one brighter then the sun that mockingly looked down at them.

Maybe those sappy poets weren't sucking out of there thumbs the stories that told that the best things happened in worst case scenarios.

They went back to fetch the other so they could clean up in the pond and then they will decide what they will do. Deciding together, nobody taking charge.

But they may have got closer, they were still in a pretty crappy situation and things were about to get worse. They were unaware that they were being watched by two dark eyes, hiding in the bushes...


Okay, the ending isn't quite how I wanted it but the beginning was alright and it's a pretty long chapter, something I have never achieved!

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