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-Realization (One Shot)-

It was a rainy Sunday afternoon, and Yami was signed on to his internet account. Yuugi had showed him how the internet worked and had even helped the former Pharaoh create an email account, complete with instant messaging software.

Now he had finished checking his inbox, only to find that it was full of junk. The email messages were almost always the same: advertisements for figure enhancing products, messages about so-called 'free vacations', pre-approved loans and/or mortgages for cars and houses, and mindless chain letters. The only messages that the spiky-haired former spirit had received, that weren't spam, were a friendly email from Jounouchi about a new arcade that had just opened up in Central Domino and how they should check it out together, and a short invitation from a local tournament that wanted him to attend the event as the Guest of Honor, a privilege usually given to Kaiba Seto. But he didn't really care about this 'honor', though the new arcade with Jounouchi sounded fun.

He sighed, closed the browser and was about to sign off when he decided that he would check out the chat rooms, since he had nothing better to do. Signing into the messenger as DesertRose7, he checked his buddy list to find that no one that he had on there was on, even though the list was made up of only five screen names: Jounouchi's, Anzu's, Honda's, Otogi's and even Mokuba's. Opening up the chat room directory, he clicked on a particular link in the Entertainment section labeled as "Duelist Lounge" and entered the room. To his surprise, the chat room wasn't packed as usual, with normally a couple dozen users, but actually quite empty with only four screen names chatting in it.

As soon as he had entered the room, a user had posted "Welcome desert!" He blinked but posted a reply right back.

"DesertRose7: Konnichiwa nima and arigatou." He posted complete with polite Japanese vocabulary written in Romanji.

"Darkmage1647: You're welcome desert." Came the user's reply. The lack of Romanji told Yami that this "Darkmage" was most likely an American, though an educated one in Japanese at that.

"CeruleanDragonMaster: Finally. Someone else from Nihon. Konnichiwa Desert-san."

"DesertRose7: Arigatou Celulean-sama. It's always nice to speak to someone else from Nihon." Yami replied, almost smiling.

"Jaggedgrl1/waves to Desert/ Afternoon."

"Firedancer21: Hi desert."

"DesertRose7: Hello and thank you again." Yami was now smiling.

"Darkmage1647: Crap! I g2g everyone. See ya!"

Darkmage1647 has signed off.

"Firedancer21: I must be off too. Can't keep my bf waiting for our date tonight."

"Jaggedgrl1: Ah! Good luck girl! Knock 'em dead!"

"Firedancer21: Thanx. Bye!"

Firedancer21 has signed off.

"Jaggedgrl1: They leave so suddenly. Are you guys leaving too?"

"DesertRose7: Nah... I'll be here for a while. Plus it's raining and the television signal is dead."

"CeruleanDragonMaster: Same here. I have another few hours until I have to leave. I'm conducting a small business deal with a tiny company."

"Jaggedgrl1: You buy shares?"

"CeruleanDragonMaster: And companies."

"DesertRose7: You must have a lot of money, Celulean-sama."

"CeruleanDragonMaster: Indeed." Yami laughed; this "CeruleanDragonMaster" was bragging. But what he found funny was that this user was most likely lying. What wealthy businessman would waste valuable time chatting on the internet?

"Jaggedgrl1: You loaded?"

"CeruleanDragonMaster: I'm not at liberty to say."

"DesertRose7: Nice one." Yami smiled.

"Jaggedgrl1: lol So what are you guys doing this weekend? I'm going to Disney World."

"CeruleanDragonMaster: That sounds nice. I'll be sorting paperwork and signing contracts as usual."

Yami blinked; was this user actually a businessman. No. That couldn't be. Kaiba-kun would never waste time chatting, so therefore no businessman would. Or would they?

"DesertRose7: My friend invited me to the Grand Opening of this new arcade."

"CeruleanDragonMaster: That wouldn't be the one in Central Domino, would it?"

"DesertRose7: That's the one. Is it any good?"

"CeruleanDragonMaster: I would hope so, since I just finished having it built." Yami blinked again, "Built it?", he repeated outloud.

"DesertRose7: lol You built it?"

"Jaggedgrl1: lol Yea right. You gotta be joking."

"CeruleanDragonMaster: No joke. It's just one of the many new establishments that I recently purchased."

"Jaggedgrl1: Wow..."

"DesertRose7: Impressive." Yami laughed; this user was really something.

"CeruleanDragonMaster: Indeed."

"Jaggedgrl1: I g2g. Bye!"

Jaggedgrl1 has signed off.

"DesertRose7: Quiet..."

"CeruleanDragonMaster: Quite."

"DesertRose7: So... what now?"


"DesertRose7: So do you have a girlfriend?"

"CeruleanDragonMaster: Women are a waste of my time. Gomen if that offends you."

"DesertRose7: None taken. I'm male."

"CeruleanDragonMaster: Whoa. You caught me of guard. I would have thought that you were some teenage girl."

"DesertRose7: Lmao. I get that a lot. No girlfriend, eh?"

"CeruleanDragonMaster: Nope. There is only one for me. But he, my object of desire, probably wouldn't even want me."

"DesertRose7: You never know. Anything is possible. So who is he?"

"CeruleanDragonMaster: The King of Games."

Yami's face went pale. "DesertRose7: Motou Yuugi? Really?"

"CeruleanDragonMaster: The one and the same. But I'm attracted not to him, but to his other personality; that exotic and mysterious man that I've seen him change into whenever we've dueled."

The former spirit nearly fell out of the office chair, "He means me. And I've dueled him?", he thought about this for a few moments then almost squealed in shock. "DesertRose7: Kaiba-kun? Is that you?"

"CeruleanDragonMaster: ...hai. Who is this?" Yami's face became as dark as a ripe strawberry.

"DesertRose7: ...your object of desire..."


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