A.N. Wow… I never would have thought that Realization would be so popular, and I didn't have much of a plot planned after chapter 1. It was supposed to be a One Shot, but the readers wanted a continuation. So here's chapter 2. It's the same as chapter 1, but in Seto's POV this time around. I hope that this doesn't ruin the story……

Seto Kaiba's Guide to what not to do on the Internet

Rule 1: Never go online out of boredom, it only causes trouble.

Rule 2: Never go into chatrooms. They are just a big waste of time.

Rule 3: If you do happen to break rule number 2, make sure that no one knows who you are.

Rule 4: Never give away personal information.

Rule 5: Never reveal a secret; like you're a homosexual or something like that.

Rule 6: Never talk about love and crushes; that's just a nuclear meltdown waiting to happen.

And most important of all...

Rule 7: Never write a "Guide to what not to do on the internet" then completely contradict it and butcher the rules..

Well I broke all of those rules. I must have been drunk. Yes, that's it, I was drunk…………………okay I wasn't drunk, but I might as well have been. Since when does Seto Kaiba go into chatrooms? Never, I say. Never! But Seto Kaiba did. Why? I have no idea. I just don't understand how I could allow myself to be sucked into that kind of situation in the first place.

It was obviously a mistake from the very beginning, but somehow I fell into that trap. "Duelist Lounge" What imbeciles make these rooms anyhow? Forty-year-olds that live with their mothers? Most likely. But however I ended up in a chatroom, let alone this particular chatroom is still a mystery to me.

'I believe that this is one of my brother's screennames. "CeruleanDragonMaster" That's cute. This seems just like something that would have my name written all over it.' I thought to myself.

"Messenger: Chime!" …A new addition to this little group from Hell… I read the screenname, "DesertRose7." 'Oh just wonderful', I thought, 'Another stupid female.' Little did I know that I was way off.

"Darkmage1647: Hello Desert!" I scoffed and thought to myself, 'Yes, yes; hello Desert. Welcome to Hell. There is a room with your name on it available near the pit of magma.'

"DesertRose7: Konnichiwa nima and arigatou." 'Japanese?', I thought, still not interested.

"Darkmage1647: You're welcome Desert." 'Amazing. Perhaps these people, if one can call them that, have some brains after all.'

"CeruleanDragonMaster: Finally. Someone else from Nihon. Konnichiwa Desert-san." 'Just how much do you know, Miss Desert?'

"DesertRose7: Arigatou Cerulean-sama. It's always nice to speak to someone else from Nihon." 'Honorifics aren't everything, kiddo.'

"Jaggedgrl1/waves to Desert/ Afternoon."

"Firedancer21: Hi desert."

"DesertRose7: Hello and thank you again." 'The Japanese is gone already. How pathetic.'

"Darkmage1647: Crap! I g2g everyone. See ya!"

Darkmage1647 has signed off. 'Good riddance', I rolled eyes.

"Firedancer21: I must be off too. Can't keep my bf waiting for our date tonight." 'Aww… that's cute… not.'

"Jaggedgrl1: Ah! Good luck girl! Knock 'em dead!"

"Firedancer21: Thanx. Bye!"

Firedancer21 has signed off. 'Two down; two more to go.'

"Jaggedgrl1: They leave so suddenly. Are you guys leaving too?" 'I really should.'

"DesertRose7: Nah... I'll be here for a while. Plus it's raining and the television signal is dead."

"CeruleanDragonMaster: Same here. I have another few hours until I have to leave. I'm conducting a small business deal with a tiny company." 'Oh the irony. I actually have a meeting.'

"Jaggedgrl1: You buy shares?"

"CeruleanDragonMaster: And companies." 'I squash them like the slugs they are.'

"DesertRose7: You must have a lot of money, Cerulean-sama."

"CeruleanDragonMaster: Indeed." 'More money than you'll ever be able to comprehend.'

"Jaggedgrl1: You loaded?"

"CeruleanDragonMaster: I'm not at liberty to say." 'Didn't I just say that I'm wealthy? Damn, you people are stupid.'

"DesertRose7: Nice one."

"Jaggedgrl1: lol So what are you guys doing this weekend? I'm going to Disney World."

"CeruleanDragonMaster: That sounds nice. I'll be sorting paperwork and signing contracts as usual." 'And I'm telling the truth.'

Why was I still in that chatroom? The conversation was becoming increasingly pointless.

"DesertRose7: My friend invited me to the Grand Opening of this new arcade."

"CeruleanDragonMaster: That wouldn't be the one in Central Domino, would it?" 'It's mine.'

"DesertRose7: That's the one. Is it any good?"

"CeruleanDragonMaster: I would hope so, since I just finished having it built." 'Morons.'

"DesertRose7: lol You built it?"

"Jaggedgrl1: lol Yea right. You gotta be joking."

"CeruleanDragonMaster: No joke. It's just one of the many new establishments that I recently purchased." 'Why do I waste my genius on you people?'

"Jaggedgrl1: Wow..."

"DesertRose7: Impressive."

"CeruleanDragonMaster: Indeed." I yawned.

"Jaggedgrl1: I g2g. Bye!"

Jaggedgrl1 has signed off.

"DesertRose7: Quiet..." 'Yes… thank you for pointing out the obvious.'

"CeruleanDragonMaster: Quite."

"DesertRose7: So... what now?"

"CeruleanDragonMaster/shrugs/" '…'

"DesertRose7: So do you have a girlfriend?"

"CeruleanDragonMaster: Women are a waste of my time. Gomen if that offends you." 'Actually, I couldn't give a damn if it did.'

"DesertRose7: None taken. I'm male." 'A guy? Can't be…'

"CeruleanDragonMaster: Whoa. You caught me off guard. I would have thought that you were some teenage girl."

"DesertRose7: Lmao. I get that a lot. No girlfriend, eh?" 'I just told you that women are a waste of time…'

"CeruleanDragonMaster: Nope. There is only one for me. But he, my object of desire, probably wouldn't even want me." 'Why did I type that?', I groaned in personal annoyance.

"DesertRose7: You never know. Anything is possible. So who is he?"

"CeruleanDragonMaster: The King of Games." 'Seto Kaiba. You are a dead man.'

Yami's face went pale. "DesertRose7: Motou Yuugi? Really?"

"CeruleanDragonMaster: The one and the same. But I'm attracted not to him, but to his other personality; that exotic and mysterious man that I've seen him change into whenever we've dueled." '…Condemned…'

Okay. This had gone too far. Why was I doing this? 'Earth to Seto; you've just made a huge mistake.'

"DesertRose7: Kaiba-kun? Is that you?" 'Kisama! He knows! He'll tell the media! Then everyone will know that I'm gay. Did I just seal my own fate?' Fate…pfft…

"CeruleanDragonMaster: ...hai. Who is this?" 'Kuso!'

"DesertRose7: ...your object of desire..." 'Yuugi! What cruel god made this happen! See… this is why I'm atheist! Seto Kaiba, you are a fool. Go find a boulder, hide under it and just die. Your life a sensible human being is over.'

And then it hit me. 'Wait a moment…Mokuba. How could I have missed it? My brother goes online as me. Now it all makes sense; I was set up. By my own brother! Who knew that Mokuba could be so sneaky!'

-To Be Continued-

A.N. Okay... I must admit that the ending was somewhat confusing... What could Mokuba possibly have to do with the trap that Seto fell into? I hope that I sort out that matter next chapter...