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Summary: A cold and ruthless businessman? What are the odds he would fall for a simple pet store worker.

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Simply Business


Chapter One


A raven haired woman with melted chocolate eyes and a thin frame ran up the few steps that led to the some what plain brick dormitory building that she and her roommate resided in.

She immediately pulled out her room keys; seeing as how her room was located on the first floor. A twenty- three year old senior at Motoori Norinaga University, named Kagome Higurashi she was one of the best student at the university.

The dark haired girl stumbled into her dorm, nearly tripping over the dirty discarded laundry that littered the carpeted floor in front of the door. She frowned at the article wondering how it happened to get its current position. Kagome was not a messy person by nature, by any means.

Sheepishly she abruptly realized that she had dropped it that morning rush. You tended to not act yourself when you were in a rush to get to class because of a hanging threat for detention with one more tardy entrance.

Kagome quickly scooped up the flimsy blouse and tossed it in a wicker basket that took residence in the corner of their cheerfully furnished bathroom. Her roommate would have no doubt killed her, just seeing the pale blue article of clothing.

Kagome sighed, Sango Takinama was her closest friend, and dorm room mate though she tended to act more the role of her mother. Sango helped Kagome study, scolded her for waking up so late, or hitting the books to much. She could not help but smile though, because really what would she have done without the girl?

She gave a little laugh at what scenarios came to mind. They ranged from walking into class with her pajamas to waking up three hours late for class. She shook the humorous but truthful thoughts from her head. She had to get to work and despite Kaede's tendency to be lenient, Kagome did not want to take advantage of the woman.

She was like a grandmother to her. She had left her backpack in the backseat of her trunk so she could finish some of her assignments in any spare time she had during work time, so she did not need to put anything away.

Grabbing a change of clothes— which was simply a pair of jeans and a simple tank top seeing as how her workplace was always kept at a comfortable temperature, she ran to the bathroom and the student quickly changed from what she had worn to those morning classes. Kagome threw a bright red vest over her clothes.

The oversized uniform was decorated with two cartoonish puppies as it stated in bubble letters, "Chibi Pets"— Chibi Pets was a popular though relatively small pet store located in the heart of Tokyo, which happened to be her place of employment. Even though they sold more than just puppies they were famous for them.

Kagome had the honor of working there and taking care of some of the pups and knew first hand how much business the little bundles of energy brought to them. This was the reason behind the picking of the store's name.

Merely giving credit where credit was due.

Kagome smiled and slipped on her shoes staring with a wistful expression on her face as she slipped into her shoes. Grabbing a light jacket, for the weather would chill during the night; building a steady reminder that winter would soon come, and flicked off the light on the simple room, she was outside in two minutes flat, but then again, she was not that far from the entrance.

Sango had made sure of that incase of an emergency...

Laughing, Kagome quickly found where she parked and slipped into her car. Against Sango's many protests, she, along with a good half of the school, never locked her car.

Everyone at the campus was beyond trusting and many beyond wealthy so no one bothered with thievery just harmless pranks. It was just like an unspoken rule that no one even cared to waste time in breaking. She started up the car and drove off, quickly. Even though she already knew that the shop would not be to booming since it was only three thirty in the afternoon, she hated to be late to work.

Flicking on the radio, Kagome made her way to the pet shop. She had worked in Chibi Pets' employ for two and a half years and grew to love completely the job. It paid well and was quite the enjoyable job, once you got used to the schedules.

Kagome and Sango, who was her elder in age by mere months, had chimed together to buy an apartment a month prior to their sophomore year at MNU since Motoori Norinaga University, was an hour and half time's drive away, from their homes and being too prominent a school to pass up an acceptance to they had made the long commute every week end to Sango's aunt's house to stay with her until they were old enough to get a place to stay themselves, and then they found their beloved apartment.

Kagome parked her small car in the last available space a few store fronts from her destination. Taking out her backpack from the back seat she slung it on her back. With brisk steps she entered the store, the door making a pleasant though soft chime from a wind chime that hung on the door.

There was only one worker there, a man named Houjo. Everyone made it a point to take breaks during the slow hours of the day so if they had a rush, they would not feel bad about asking to take off.

Who would stay was decided simply by drawing sticks in where the one unlucky person who drew the shortest stick got stuck minding the store.

It seemed as if he had lost...

Houjo looked up to see who had come in and seeing Kagome, waved. His trade mark boyish grin adorned his face. He had a phone to his ear and the under tone of being preoccupied. Taking off her jacket, she returned his dimpled smile before quietly entering the back room to place away her jacket along with her other things.

She heaved a sigh dropping the heavy pack on a couch that had been placed in the plain, white room.

The back room was where the employees kept their things during work hours so as they would not have to worry about missing items and where the extra boxes and packages of pet toys, foods, beds, books and such were kept.

When she came back out she found Houjo looking very worried. He gave a relieved sigh and his fingers ceased worrying the fabrics of his clothing as soon as he saw Kagome.

"Kagome, I hate to ask this, but I have to go meet my advisor for a bit. Do you mind covering for me and checking on the dogs? This is really important and I can't get around to them." Kagome of course agreed to the charming boy, since she had practically known him most of her life seeing as how they had gone to school together for some time.

"Of course, Houjo, go ahead! I'll take care of the little troublemakers," Kagome threw a fond smile at the dogs and Houjo laughed before giving her a friendly hug, "Thanks, Higurashi! You're the best! I'll make it up to you later!"

Houjo went to grab a black bag and his keys before thanking Kagome once again and took his leave.

The puppies needed the most care above all the animals seeing as how Kaede needed to keep them all healthy and exercised, free from fleas or ticks that could cause irritation, keep them from obesity or weight loss. Food amounts and mixtures needed special attention and they had to make sure dental situations were fine.

The works.

You could not just leave the dogs in a case and expect them take care of themselves...

Kagome went to the back room to get the keys for the plastic area the dogs resided in. After changing the water and fixing a few things, adding more food to the dishes, she gave her attention to the yipping pups. She stroked a small furry white puppy's ear hearing a small but contented yip as its wet nose nuzzled her hand.

The pup looked up at her with huge black eyes, which seemed to beg for attention. The bright sun leaking into the store left streaks of gold in its fur.

Kagome cradled the pup in her arms, its small body warm and soft, as she rubbed the dog's stomach.

This particular pup had been there the longest, and was still looking for a home. But in Kagome, opinion, she was the sweetest of the bunch. To her it was a wonder how the poor thing had not been bought and given a good, lasting home.

Kagome in all honestly had taken the job part time at Chibi Pets just help pay the cost of her books for college, but now she loved it and could not imagine herself in a position any where else. It was the perfect job and had a very decent pay. Going to the store was now etched in the daily rote of life.

She put the young dog back on its bed. The shop was empty save for her and the animals. The manager, an elder woman by the name of Kaede, had left for a bit to run some errands for the store in she read the note Kaede had left correctly.

It had also stated that cleaning supplies were low and in a pet store that was not a good thing.

Kagome laughed thinking back to the many spills the store had from careless employees or running wild pets. She would end up cleaning it up half the times with co workers, but it gave her a laugh, just thinking of them.

There were other workers there, fifteen in total on her same shift, but they had gone out for a late lunch break or were off on a personal day. Kagome had one the later shift that began as soon as she got out of class and so she would usually take her lunch after a couple of hours or so, but she did not mind running the store herself for a bit when the store was running slow, customer wise.

Many people who worked there were mostly students since the hours in the pet store were extremely flexible and many lived by themselves in apartments by the colleges and had to pay their own rent. Others happened to live in dorms, like Kagome, but either way there were almost the same expenses to be made.

Kagome looked at a clock positioned by the front counter and sat behind the register, after she had made sure that all the animals were set with fresh food and clean water.

Kagome put her head down on the cool cashier's counter top. She was so exhausted...Her eye lids drooped a bit.

Classes were starting to take their toll again now that their summer vacation was over. She had yet to get used to the waking up early and rushing to next to college for hours on end of studies, since it had not even been two weeks. "They should make it more than two months..." She moaned against the table top, "Or at least start school at ten."

The senior stayed that way for a few minutes and almost dozed off.

She would have in fact if not a customer entered. Kagome's head shot up as a sharp bell ring sounded at the front door. The sound echoed through out the front room along with the chatter of the birds and squeaks of ferrets.

It was a small girl no more than the age of ten. Kagome was struck with recognition. She did not know the girl's name; all she knew was that every day at around that time, she would be walk in to the store.

Kagome watched as the girl from her spot, her lopsided half ponytail bobbing along. The young girl was still clad in her school uniform meaning she probably came straight from their. She gingerly walked towards the area where the puppies were.

The girl did that every day. She would shyly creep over to the windows where the puppies were. This had been going on for about three weeks.

Kagome stood up, feeling inclined to talk to the young girl. 'Customers are costumers no matter the age, she mused.' She put on her most friendly smile, not wanting to scare the young girl.

"Hi there," Kagome kneeled to the girl's level as she greeted her softly, "Need any help?"

The girl shook her head vigorously, but continued to stand looking wistfully at the excited dogs scratching against the screen trying to get to their visitor.

Kagome gave her a genuine smile, finding the shy behavior adorable, "What's your name, kiddo? Mine is Kagome."

The girl looked down at her feet, shuffling them slightly, "My name is Rin." Kagome smiled, "That's a pretty name Rin!" Kagome followed her gaze to the pups, "Would you like to buy one of the puppies?"

Rin blushed a light pink while nodding a yes to the question that followed Kagome's compliment. Unconsciously, she bit her bottom lip— a nervous gesture as she gazed longingly at the dog that Kagome had been cuddling earlier.

Kagome reached in and picked up the puppy, "This is the sweetest pup, you'll ever find, Rin," she giggled softly as she knelt again.

Rin clasped her hands together, "Really?" Her shy mask had been lifted for only that moment before she returned suddenly to her previous uncertainty, "But... Papa Sesshoumaru won't let me get a puppy."

She looked down, "Papa Sesshoumaru said that they are too much trouble."

Kagome pushed back her thick bangs the raven strands had decided to fall in her eyes, "I'm certain if he sees her he'll let you get her. She is really gentle, no lie. Here," she put the puppy in her hands, "Take her home and see what your father thinks."

Rin's eyes widened, and Kagome smiled, "We just need to fill out a few forms and you'll have temporary custody. I'll take care of all the costs and such, for now and if you father decides that you can keep her, then come back here to finish filling out the forms."

She went over everything she said making sure she had said it all correctly. Kagome shrugged, 'That sounds right...' Kaede gave her permission for the employees to give customers that option, but all customers had to sign some policy, but Kagome would take full responsibility for Rin in this case.

Rin smiled brightly, "Will Kagome-sama really let me take the puppy home?"

Kagome joked, "Only if you call me Kagome." Rin smiled brightly as the small pup was placed in her tiny but welcoming arms.

Placing a hand on the small girl's back, Kagome led her to the front desk and got out a form, Kagome signed a few things on it before asking, "Can I have your full name please, Rin?"

"Rin's name is Rin Taisho."

Kagome smiled, "And where do you live?"

"516 Hanamidoki Boulevard."

Kagome's thin eye brows raised in surprise. From what she heard, that was a really nice area. She paused before continuing her questions, "Do you know your phone number or you dad's number?"

Rin licked her lips in thought and asked for a piece of paper. Once she got a leaf of paper from one of Kagome's notebook, she wrote down uncertainly two numbers in a childish though relatively neat hand.

Pointing to the first one, she said, "Papa Sesshoumaru's phone number." And to the bottom one, she said, "The phone number for home."

Kagome smiled at the girl, "Thanks, that's all I need. You're a really smart girl, Rin."

Rin blushed shyly, not used to such compliments, and absent-mindedly rubbed the ears of the pup she held, the small animal falling asleep at the touch.

"Okay, dear, I believe that you two are all set."

The front door opened and a brown haired woman walked in and breathless from running, huffed "Hey Kagome," she waved a bit.

Kagome smiled. Another, of her co worker, Koharu was known environmentalist and so hated the use of cars. Public transportation was what she usually used for long distance, otherwise she walked.

Returning the younger girl's greeting, she replied, "Hi, Koharu. I have to step out for a second okay? I'll be right back."

Koharu waved her off still trying to catch her breath. Kagome told Rin to hold on for a second and went into the back room. She returned with her keys and a box of things for the dog, "Rin, why don't I drive you home. I'd hate for you to have to walk home by yourself."

Rin seemed to hesitate before nodding. Kagome smiled, "Come on."

The two walked down the sidewalk past a few different stores, before they reached Kagome's small convertible.

Within ten minutes, with Rin's help with directions, Kagome dropped the girl home. Rumors had lived up to what they said. The neighborhood was incredibly nice. Kagome glanced at Rin. 'Her family must be wealthy.'

Coming out from her thoughts, she parked and helped Rin bring everything to a large front porch, the small girl claiming that she always waited outside the house for her father to come home if he was late.

Kagome bit her bottom lip afraid to leave the girl, but she insisted that her father would be home any minute.

"If you say so Rin. Bye, honey."

Rin nodded happily, and ran over and hugged her, "Thank you Kagome!"

Kagome was touched as she returned the hug. A lot of good came out of this, despite the fact that Kaede would have to have ducted at least a month's pay for the little dog's supplies and the pup itself, but it was truly worth it.

Before she left however, she asked, "Before I forget, I really want to know. What are you going to name her?"

Rin seemed to think on it for a bit before she smiled showing off her missing front tooth, "Rin will name her, Kagome."

Laughing, the older woman grinned, "See you later Rin-chan, take good care of Kagome!"

The puppy barked happily from the porch as if saying its own good bye and wagged her tail as Rin hugged the small creature, waving with one free hand.

Kagome smiled brightly as she drove off, happy to know, that 'Kagome' would now have a loving home.


A silver haired man with deep honey colored eyes growled in annoyance. If he had to endure any more of these meeting from hell, he would surely consider hanging himself with his tie.

He rubbed his temples to ward off the deep throbbing that was fogging his usually sharp mind.

'This damned meeting should have ended thirty minutes ago.' This irritated him further. He needed to get home to Rin.

Suddenly the man stood, "This meeting has extended its time. I am leaving."

A man with graying hair gaped, "But Sesshoumaru! We have yet to decide upon anything. You can't leave!"

Sesshoumaru glared, "And who are you to tell this Sesshoumaru, what I can or cannot do?"

The old man fumbled with his words and bowed his head, "I-I did not m-mean any offense Mr. Taisho-sama! Please excuse such brashness on my part! It will not happen again."

His apologetic gravelling met only a cold expression and a chilling exit. The man held his heart, "I think I just lost ten years off my life..."

Sesshoumaru scowled. He had no time for this.

He needed to get home to Rin. He had been late almost every day for the past month due to these pointless 'meetings' with CEO's and board heads to see how they could make more efficient their products.

He snorted. His company, Taisho Tech was one of the most prominent technology companies in the business. It dealt with computers and appliance Sesshoumaru's young age he ran his company with a cool, calm, and collected stature and with all ruthlessness making it one of the best corporations in Tokyo.

And yet it took a month to make things more efficient?

'Such incompetence.'

It would seem that he would have to fire a few people starting with a certain CEO...


Sesshoumaru drove home, his scowl stuck firmly in place. It was going on five and Rin was bound to be hungry- though she would not say so. It was rare to hear her complain.

She was selfless... if that was the word. Many times she would put herself last and others first or go out of her way to do something for another person. To Sesshoumaru, it was strange to see that.

He would have hired a nanny, but time seemed to disagree with him, and he could not find any open spot to hold any interviews. He trusted few with the taking care of his daughter and so interviews would be heavily drilling.

Sesshoumaru rubbed his temples.

Well, at least the day could not get any worse...


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