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Simply Business

Chapter Forty:




July 25, 2009

Kagome stuck a key into a lock of her second home for the last year.

As the lock clicked into place, Kagome smiled softly as she glanced up at the building.

Chibi Pets…

Kaede had passed away almost two years before. It had been a peaceful, albeit unexpected death. After all, she always had the air of a woman that seemed as if she'd be there forever.

Kagome laughed a bit in reminiscence of the woman. She had probably cried everyday for weeks after she had found out. The raven haired girl slipped off her bright red uniform.

There was so much that she had that woman to thank for.

Her employment…

Putting up with her naming the ferrets…

And leaving Chibi Pets to her…

Though the list went on. Perhaps the most important thing on it, though, was that the woman indirectly supplied the setting for her life to begin.






Intense blue eyes greeted her as she pulled up to her home. Kagome grinned and hopped out of her car as quickly as she could. "Kouga-kun!"

They had long since put the time behind them and things between them had flourished like they were supposed to.

He moved over to her car door and embraced her, "Finally! I've been waiting forever for you to show up!"

The girl giggled and gave him a look, "Yet you still sound like you're in an amazing mood. What's up?"

Kouga reached into his dark jeans, "I finally worked up the balls to buy this."

Kagome flung her arms around his neck at the sight of the velvety ring box. "Finally is right, you giant idiot! Congratulations!" She laughed softly and smacked his back lightly, "I thought you two would never get married!"

The male blushed and said in a sheepish tone, "You of all people should know how bad I am at this stuff, Kagome."

The girl rolled her eyes and gave him a joking nudge. "According to Mirouku, though that was never dating, 'it was a monstrosity.'

"Speaking of Mirouku," he grinned mischievously, "Is Sango really as huge as he says?"

His ice blue eyes flashed with humor as he thought the brunette. She was on maternity leave for the summer so he hadn't seen her transformations. He only heard of the time at lunch from the girl's husband.

Kagome snorted, "She's bigger! I love the girl but she is one impressive human blimp. Twins are brutal."

Kouga chuckled, "I guess I'll see for my self. I'm heading there next." He looked at his watch, "Mirouku told me to get there anytime before nine because that's wifey's bedtime apparently."

Kagome smiled and hugged the man again, "Come visit again soon okay? Everyone's finally starting to warm up to you, so you don't have to wait outside anymore," the girl said in a coaxing manner.

Kouga raised an incredulous brow and Kagome huffed, "Shippou didn't mean to pants you! He… fell! The kid's clumsy," she excused it lamely.

The blue eyed man's eyes sparkled, "All I can say is, Ayame and I would love have you over for dinner anytime." He winked as he waved and walked over to his car, "She's gonna need someone who's not hormonal to plan a wedding with."

Kagome giggled as she called out a goodbye and waved after him until he left.

As soon his car was out of her line of sight, she entered her house with a soft smile.

Once she was fully over the entry way rug, she found herself engulfed by large, muscular arms.

Kagome squeaked and couldn't help but laugh as the man attached to those arms kissed her neck, "Well hello to you too!"

A chuckle emitted from the man that tickled her somewhat, "From the window, you know, it looked like you accepted that idiot's proposal."

"First off," Kagome giggled as she attempted to wiggle free out of the arms that held her, "I think this ring," she held up her left hand so she could wiggle her ring finger, "is a testament to the fact that Kouga and I both wholeheartedly believe that we are an abomination when under romantic pretenses." She smiled mischievously as his lips curved into a smirk of their own. "And secondly…"


"It's only cute when I call him an idiot, Sesshoumaru." Kagome finally pried herself free from his grasp with a final grunt. She placed her hands on either side of his face and said softly, "If it's any consolation, it's too much fun being married to you to ever want to change that…"

And she meant that. She couldn't even imagine why she wanted a corporate desk in a stuffy office—albeit it was run by her very fanatical brother-in-law, it still wasn't her life.

She would and forever would belong in a pet shop and… in Sesshoumaru's home.

Admittedly, it had taken Rin and Shippou some time to forgive her. Rin had taken about a full twenty four hours before she finally embraced the girl, a tearful, but ecstatic mess.

Shippou on the other hand… It wasn't until the thirtieth of June when she shot him with silly string before executing his elaborately birthday party for her to be welcomed her back.

She smiled and planted a sweetly short kiss on Sesshoumaru lips and murmured, "Now, where are my hellions?"

Sesshoumaru scoffed, "Attempting to cook dinner…"

Kagome scrunched up her nose, "Even Gome?"

"Technically, she was acting as a booster seat for the dwarf when I last checked it, but by now she's napping."

Kagome giggled and wrapped her arms around her husband's torso. "You do realize that your worst nemesis is in elementary school right?"

Sesshoumaru gave her a smirk and after a moment took her hand in his, "They've been waiting for you…" He pulled her gently after him and Kagome laughed, "Subject changer!"

As they stepped into the kitchen Kagome, had to smile as she caught sight of the two that had been a part of the final push that resulted in where she was now.

Shippou grinned, "Hey Auntie!" The years had hardly changed him, granted he was a tad better mannered, he was still everyone's believed little trouble maker. He came up to stay with the Taishos during the summer months, but that was the only time he lived in the house.

Sara had beaten her cancer for what they all hoped would be a final time. However the woman was still far from reestablishing a life in her new Massachusetts setting.

While he was with them though, he still slept with his mother's teddy bear that was almost three years old.

Kagome smiled at the boy seated at the kitchen table that held so many memories. She joked as she went over to ruffle his hair, "I'm still at awe at how I managed to train you to actually make a decent meal. I thought I'd be doomed to forever to be your personal chef." She smirked at Sesshoumaru, "You truly bagged yourself a real miracle worker."

Sesshoumaru snorted and muttered, "A real something," underneath his breath as he took a seat next to Shippou.

Said redhead stuck out his tongue playfully and he pushed out a chair for Sesshoumaru, "I'll try and not see the hidden insult in that Auntie… " Kagome stuck out her tongue right back as Shippou asked the platinum blond, "Hungry, old man?"

Sesshoumaru had to wonder how Kagome was 'Auntie' and even Inuyasha was reverently referred to as 'Uncle Inu,' yet time had done nothing to dwindle the hellion's use of his favorite title for him. He actually spent Shippou's visits wondering if he should dye his platinum locks another color.

Rin giggled and took off her apron as she went to embrace the raven haired girl, "Welcome home, mama!"

Kagome returned the hug with a smile.


She had simply blossomed in front of their eyes. She had become a beautiful teenager and grown considerably through the years.

Occasionally she would even rejoin Kagome at the pet shop. Instead of being the timid girl who would peek in to look at the puppies, she was now the owner's daughter who worked part time on weekends.

"It's good to be back!" Kagome placed a kiss on the girl's forehead and glanced at the time, "Do you still want me to take you to the movies tonight or are you being picked up?"

Sesshoumaru, who had taken up the proffered seat, raised a brow, "Movies?"

Shippou almost laughed as Sesshoumaru instantly became alert. Rin girl blushed a bit and murmured vaguely, "Um hm."

"I see." The silver haired man drawled, "With whom will you be going with?"

Rin blushed even redder and Kagome answered for her with a giggle, "Kohaku, who else? It's a double date with Souta and his girlfriend."

The silver haired man narrowed his eyes and abruptly missed the days when the freckled boy lived a lengthy drive away as opposed to in the same city. But no, he had transferred to go to high school in Tokyo, undoubtedly to be closer to Rin. He lived with Souta, who in turn was forced to follow, in Mirouku's old room at Ryuu's house.

Rin supplied, as if to alleviate her father's irritation, "Mirouku offered to drive us, so I won't need a ride."

But the thought of the indulgent and slightly perverted man being that night's chaperone did nothing to make things better.

Kagome patted the girl on the back, "Why don't you go get ready while I calm that beast over there."

Rin threw her a grateful smile and after planting a kiss on Sesshoumaru's cheek, she rushed upstairs.

Kagome sat at the table and touched Sesshoumaru's hand, "Your paternal anger is showing."

"I am not angry… I am thinking."

Kagome scoffed, "I thought you liked Kohaku! We had this conversation before, remember?"

"Hn. Indeed. I do recall that. You seemed very knowledgeable about him back then."

Kagome held up her left hand, "Who am I married to again?"

Shippou looked at Kagome and scrunched up his nose, "Whenever you guys argue now, I get worried. If you two are about to get mushy then please give a warning so I can leave."

Sesshoumaru smirked and grabbed Kagome's arm. He promptly pulled the raven haired girl in for an impromptu kiss and said in a guttural tone, "Leave."

Shippou's cheeks inflamed and he bolted from his chair, "You suck, old man!"

Kagome smacked him on the arm and with a laugh she pulled away from him, "Don't use me to get back at Shippou, you ass!"

Sesshoumaru simply chuckled and by the glint in his, she was positive there would be numerous occasions where Shippou would end up regretting ever attempting to get the two together.

Kagome looked over at the silver haired man that was now the other half of her life. It was still frightening sometimes to think about how she felt for him, this polar opposite of hers. They were so different on the surface…

But the days that they would end up finding that they had things in common, even small things like discovering an odd yet mutual dislike of escalators—those were always her favorite.

The young woman took his hand and looked at his marriage band, "Are you ever tempted to go back to that farm and waving these bands in Kagura's face?"

Sesshoumaru raised a brow and gave her a look, wondering why she was so hung up on a woman he had never even considered dating… He quipped, "Is that your way of making vacation plans for October?"

Kagome giggled and said coyly, "Why wait? How about a spur-of-the-moment trip to the country?"

Sesshoumaru seemed to mull over the inquiry for a moment and Kagome bit her bottom lip as she waited for a response.

The platinum blond abruptly stood and snatched her out of her chair. Kagome squealed and wrapped her arms around his neck so she wouldn't fall down. Sesshoumaru smirked at her, "No stopping for gas this time.."

He stepped over Gome, who lay asleep on the living room floor, on his way out.


By no standards of height could she be considered a pup.

She had grown almost taller than Shippou and as she lay there napping, Kagome and Sesshoumaru absentmindedly wondered if that dog knew what she had started.

All the plans she had set into place and the drama she had set forth. She was the reason two strangers had met out in the rain only become husband and wife.

A golden retriever with the influence to turn business into love.

Kagome Higurashi Taisho.




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