She was sitting on the curb outside of her new house with her arms around her knees. She sighed as she heard yelling and cursing from inside; her parents were at it again. Her mother wasn't to happy about the move to Tulsa and her father felt like he had to defend his decision. To the girl it didn't matter much, Chicago or Tulsa she didn't care. She was just sick of their arguing, it wasn't about the move, it had started long before that, the move was just an excuse for her mother to bicker.

Her brother James seemed happy to be at a new place, he should be, she thought and huffed bitterly, he was the reason they moved in the first place, him and his stupid problems. She loved her brother, she really did but she was sick of worrying about him ending up in jail or even worse dead.

The sun was setting over the rooftops of the houses on the other side of the street, the whole neighbourhood was silent, even her parents had quieted down. She smirked at the picture of perfection, all the large houses were white, all the fences surrounded by green grass and flowers, it screamed of respectfulness, those houses were full of reasonable people, all responsible and boring. Her parents were like that, but underneath the perfection the family was falling apart, the woman was unhappy and depressed and didn't even get dressed and leave the bed some days, the man was a workaholic who hid at his office to escape his wife and kids, the son was a juvenile delinquent and the daughter was a mute. When she thought about it that way it was almost funny in a depressing way. She laughed silently to her self as she stood and walked in the house.

The next morning she was standing in the kitchen looking out at the blue summer sky when she felt a hand on her shoulder, turning around she saw her brother, he was smiling, or more correctly smirking at her showing of his adorable dimples, his brown eyes were sparkling and lively. She had always thought it strange that a look that was so attractive on him could be so strange-looking on her. They were very alike each other, both with soft brown eyes and dark blond hair, but the features that made his face handsome made her face strange, her nose looked just slightly too big and her cheekbones looked to broad, her lips a bit too thin.

"You ready to look around the town Mary?" he asked her while grabbing a sandwich from the counter. The maid had already left for the morning but had made them some sandwiches since their mother probably wasn't getting up today. The fight last night had been too much to her.

"Sure Jimmy" she signed to him and he nodded and ran up to his room to grab his car keys.

While they were driving around town in Jimmy's red mustang they talked about school starting in four weeks, Mary wasn't going to school this year, she had graduated from her all girls' catholic school for deafs and mutes, or St Benedict as it was called last year. Jimmy was a year younger then her and still had his last year at high school left, that was one of the main reasons for moving, his grades weren't good, he was failing in most of his classes and their father wasn't satisfied with failure, no son of his was ever failing at anything!

"So, you think you'll do better at this school? she signed to her brother smirking at him teasingly. He looked up to meet her eyes and smiled evilly.

"We'll see, I wouldn't count on it though.

She laughed silently, she didn't care that her brother was failing his classes, she wouldn't have cared if he had dropped out of school altogether, she just thought of it as Jimmy getting in their fathers face, and that she enjoyed. She couldn't do anything to annoy their father since she couldn't speak with him, he hadn't taken the time to learn sign language and since she could hear him he figured that was all they needed. He probably thought it was good that she couldn't respond, that way she couldn't argue with him.

"Look there sis, you feel like having a burger?" Jimmy asked her pointing to a diner called the Dingo, it looked a big rundown but she was in the mood for a milkshake so she nodded.

The parking lot was pretty empty except for three cars that looked old and shabby compared to Jimmy's shiny new mustang. Four guys were hanging around the cars smoking and looking as if they were trying to pass the time. They were all wearing jeans and leather and they wore their hair slicked back or in swirls. She had never seen kids her own age with their hair like that, in Chicago that fashion had disappeared years back, but still she thought it was kind of tuff.

They were looking at them as they got out of the car and walked over to the entrance, following their every motion, the air felt hostile and she looked over at her brother who looked like nothing was going on, that made her feel a bit safer but still she could feel the eyes of the greasers burning her back, one of them made some comment that she couldn't hear and the other three started laughing.

Inside similar looking guys were sitting talking and when they walked up to the bar to order their food all eyes were on them.

"So sis, what do you want?" Jimmy asked smiling at her then looking at the girl behind the counter, giving her a wink and a smile. Mary couldn't help but smile at her brothers behaviour as she pointed at the milkshake on the menu, the girl looked at her with a funny look saying;

"What flavour would you like, we have banana, strawberry and chocolate." she had a superior tone and a way of looking at Mary that made both her and her brother pissed.

Mary swallowed hard and wished that she could wipe that look of the girls face with a slap. The girl kept looking at her as if she was a freak.

"Strawberry" Jimmy stated in a cold voice that made the girl flinch.

"All right" she said and scampered away to get their orders ready.

"Well that was a real brainiac" Jimmy said as they walked over to a table to sit. Mary laughed but stopped abruptly as someone walked straight into her shoulder almost knocking her down, she stumbled and felt a hand reach out to grab her arm and steady her.

"Sorry" a rough voice said and she looked up to face a guy with dark hair and sideburns, he looked her over and when he did his blue eyes that had looked nice when she first laid her eyes on him got colder and something similar to disgusted and hate flickered past them. He removed his hand from her arm and snorted as he briskly walked of.

Why would he dislike me so much without even knowing one thing about me she wondered, he can't even know about my handicap she thought. Her brother had taken place at a table and when she sat down he asked;

"You ok Mary?" in a voice full of concern. She just nodded.

"Wonder why they're all looking at us like that? She signed and Jimmy shrugged saying;

"Probably don't like strangers" she laughed at that, how could they possibly know if they were from Tulsa or not, the town was too big for everybody to know everybody.

Just then the waitress came over with their food, she didn't even dare to look at either of them, probably scared she wouldn't get a tip.

"What do you like Tulsa so far?" she asked, her brother had a large piece of hamburger in his mouth and decided to sign instead of talk.

"It's ok I guess, it's a bit small you know?"

"Yeah, people are actually a bit cowboyish around her aren't they? Wearing boots and all that" Jimmy started to crack up at that and was soon laughing his head of.

"It's like they've watched too many western movies, walking around as if they're still on a horseback" he said between bites. She laughed at that thinking back to when they had been driving down the main road watching people; many of the men were actually bow-legged.

"What'ya think you're doing here socs?" a guy was standing at their table looking at them with hatred in his eyes, behind him were four others. Mary recognised the guy that had run into her as one of them; he was smirking at her now, his eyes cold and mean.

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