She pushed the swing back with her feet and let it swing back and forth slowly as she let her eyes wander over the playground, it was almost dark and except for her there were no one there.

The sun had set just minutes ago leaving the sky all purple and red, it had been beautiful and she hadn't been able to leave even though she knew she should've been home to eat hours ago. Her parents wouldn't notice she was missing anyway, her mother was in a depressed mood and stayed in her room all day and her father was to preoccupied with his company's recent problems to care where she was.

Jimmy, she didn't know where he was nowadays, he seemed to never be around the house, always hanging with his friends or what to call them, she guessed it was Curly Shepard and his gang he was hanging with but she didn't really know. Thinking about the party and the way they treated each other she wasn't too sure about it.

She had figured out some things about there "friendship" after the party, they were doing something very dangerous together and it was her brother's fault, he had set it up and it was heading for a disaster. If not for Jimmy himself then at least for Curly and his gang.

Jimmy had fixed them up with the location of his fathers company's shipping schedule and the greasers had been robbing the warehouses when they had just been refilled. She knew how much money the company must have lost on that but that wasn't what worried her.

What worried her was that her brother was acting so strange. He seemed to hate Curly and the other greasers but still he needed them somehow and she wanted to know exactly what he was up to. She had a really bad feeling about this whole matter, but it wasn't her brother's welfare that worried her, strangely enough it was Curly she was worried about.

She didn't really know why she was or even how it came about but she felt it whenever she thought of her brother's cold eyes and superior air when he was taking to Curly. Her brother was up to something major concerning the greasers and it probably wasn't something nice.

Mary sighed and jumped of the swing, she was so confused about all of it. She should really feel sorry for her father, but she couldn't feel anything for that man. And now even her own brother left her somewhat cold, he didn't seem to be the warm and caring guy she knew, there was just something about his eyes that didn't seem right anymore, he didn't seem sincere not even when he talked to her.

"Hey Mary!" she stopped abruptly in her tracks as she recognized Curly's voice.

When she turned around he was walking up to her with a broad smile and glittering eyes. She drew a sharp breath as she thought that that was exactly the kind of smile her brother never gave her anymore.

"Don't ya know the park ain't safe for soc girls at night?" he asked her his eyes losing their sparkle and turning hard. He was standing with his arms crossed over his chest, his greasy black hair flowing around his head.

Automatically she started signing that she was just on her way home but she stopped when she saw Curly's sceptical look and raised eyebrow, remembering he didn't know sign language.

"Still don't get that doll" he said getting out a cigarette from his jacket lighting it and taking a long drag.

Mary watched this fascinated by his big hands. She shrugged as an answer to what he said showing she didn't know what to do about it. She didn't even have a pencil with her. She felt frustrated, there were so many things she wanted to ask Curly about her brother and him but even if she could she wasn't sure she would have had the guts to do so.

"Well I can drive ya home then" he said and started to walk off.

Mary followed him out of the park and when he started walking even deeper into greaser territory she felt worried and gripped his arm making him stop. He looked down at her surprise showing in his eyes, his gaze drifting to her hand on his arm and Mary dropped it instantly. She looked up at him pointing in the other direction, the way to get to her house and then she saw the surprise turn to annoyance and then to amusement.

"I'm not gonna rape ya" he said chuckling "Believe it or not, I'm not turned on by socy broads" he was laughing now and Mary felt her cheeks getting warm with embarrassment.

She felt like the smallest creature alive and in that instance she hated him more then anything even more then her father. Curly must have seen her anger cause he put one of his big hands on her shoulder smiling at her as he said;

"We're just going to my place to get the car"

From there on the walk to his house and the ride in his beat up black car passed in silence. Marythought the silence was pressing and uncomfortable, wishing that he at least would turn on the car stereo but he didn't. The silence didn't seem to bother Curly in the slightest, he just kept driving looking at the road in front of him not even acknowledgeing her presence.

When he stopped outside her house which he had found his way to without a seconds hesitation, he turned to her smirking.

"So tell Jimmy I said hi"

His left arm was still on the steering wheel but his right was resting on his thigh. Mary didn't know how to thank him for the ride so she took his big hand in hers and shook it.

Curly smiled at her attempt to thank him, it wasn't a superior one it was actually a real warm smile. Mary blinked at the sight of his white teeth and the warmth of his rough hand in hers. She felt her cheeks getting warm again and she got out of the car and ran in the house without looking back.

She rested her back against the door and shut her eyes releasing a breath she wasn't even aware she had been holding.

"What the fuck were you doing with Shepard?" Mary looked up to see her brother stand before her, his eyes were flashing and his mouth sneering.

"I met him in the park, he said I shouldn't walk home alone so he drove me" she signed a bit annoyed at her brother for yelling at her.

"Do not become friends with Curly fucking Shepard, Mary" he said coldly staring at his sister "He's a loser and it will soon be obvious he is"

Mary felt her anger rise as she wondered what he meant by that, in what way was he more of a loser then her brother. Why was he spending time with and doing business with someone he thought was a loser?

"Why are you spending time with him then?" she asked him in angry shortcut signs.

"I'm not" he spat out angrily "not by choice, I need him for now but I won't for much longer" his voice was sinister and calculating and Mary felt herself freeze up inside. This wasn't like her brother, he was never that mean, but this person in front of her she knew would do anything to get his way.

"What the hell are you planning to do to him James?"

"Don't you worry your pretty little head about that sis, let's just say this, you'll stay away from him our you'll find yourself falling down with him" his voice was as cold as ice and the chuckle that escaped his lips was nothing short of scary as he walked of.

Mary just stood there feeling helpless, she wanted to run after him and talk to him, like they used to, she wanted to help him but that guy wasn't her brother, he was just so strange. Cold and mean. He didn't even seem to care about her anymore and she had always been his best friend, he had always made her feel loved.

What was wrong with him? He'd seem pretty normal at that party two weeks ago but now he was totally changed. He seemed to be filled with so much hate and bitterness and it all seemed to be directed at one person, Curly Shepard.

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