Slayers Extreme

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Chapter 1


It's almost the end of the day in the AtlasCity high school, where the principal Dr. Saman is greeting in his office three new students coming from another school. Two of them are sisters with dark purple hair and the other is a red hair girl with a black head band the two girls were wearing T-shirts and jeans, the tallest girl was wearing black jeans and a small sleeveless T-shirt. And from what he heard about them, they cause a lot of problems in their previous school, always getting into fights, witch is why they were sent to this very school, Atlascity high school is very known for having students that are awaits getting into messes, trouble makes some would call them. But for what Dr. Saman has heard from them, they are the worst. These three together are the most rowdy has can be, these three have been participating in every martial arts tournament, and they are always on street fights, and they say that they are as strong as bulls. Witch makes them very dangerous. "Well…..let me see if I can get your names, you the red head girl, you are 17 years old and your name is Lina Inverse, right?" asked Dr.Saman, reading the files of his new students.

"Yeah, sure……" said Lina looking at the window, feeling very annoyed for being here.

"And you, the little one, you are almost 17 and your name is Amelia Seilune, am I right?" asked Dr. Saman pointing his attention to Amelia.

"Yes, you are correct." Said Amelia, very embarrassed, she doesn't feel very comfortable in this school has well.

Now Dr. Saman points his attention to the reining girl "And you with the big br……I mean with the big chest… are 19, you're Amelia's sister and your name is Garcia Seilune."

"The name is Naga, Naga the Serpent!" corrected Naga and releasing her loud laughs, witch made Dr. Saman cover his hears.

"Shesh, does that old man has to point out our ages? Doesn't he know that that is not polite?" murmured Lina.

In that moment Dr Saman cleared out his throat, before starting speaking again. "Well, I believe that you all know why you were transferred to this city and to this school, right?"

"Well, I'm sure that it was not because of our beauty." Joked Naga. "Well from at least two of us:"

Lina knew that that remark was pointed at her. "Don't start with me Naga!"

"It was because you three caused some havoc in your old school, so the other principal thought it would be nice if you came to this school!" said Dr.Saman.

"He was just glad to be rid of us!" replied Lina. "For years he was planning on getting rid of us, so he sends us to god forsaken school."

"Forsaken? Miss Inverse, this school is recognized for holding students that have the tendency of cause trouble, so he thought that it would be good to the three of you to learn your education here."

"Like I'll believe that…."

Dr.Saman sighed. "Well, for what I heard your people are new in the city, so I believe that you three don't have a place to sleep."

"Oh yes, that is correct!" said Amelia very politely. "Our principal said that you would fix things up so that we might find a place to live while we are in school."

"Yes. I have already fixed every thing. But you three will have to share an apartment with another one of our students. In fact I'm going to get him right away." After saying that Dr. Saman left his office, leaving the girls alone.

"This is just great!" sighed Lina. "We were so good back in our homes in Seilune, but this had to happen!"

"Well it was your fault Lina!" snapped Naga. "You are always up for a fight, causing all mess!"

"Ha ha! Look who's talking!"

"Oh, very funny! We are always picking up street fights or school fights but when you beat up those new students, you mess up very bad."

"You mean those rich guys? They were molesting another student, they would not leave her alone, so I gave them a lesson they would never forget! And if I remember correctly Naga, you kicked one of them right on the nuts!"

Naga smirked. "Yeah I remember that!"

"Hey what about you Amelia?" asked Lina noticing that Amelia hasn't said much. "You remember how we beat those buffoons?"

"If I remember?" cried Amelia. "It's because of you two that I am here! And now every one probably believes that I'm a mean person"

"Oh come on Amelia, you must admit that you enjoyed beating those guys!"

"Yes because they were molesting that poor girl! I beat them good and made justice be served! But just because of them being rich, they convinced the principal to get us out of our old school. Man I just wished I could be back to beat those guys good again!"

"Well, well, well, my little sister has her little dark side." Taunted Naga, rubbing her little sister's head.

This made Amelia blushed embarrassedly. "Garcia, don't tease me!"

Lina just laughed at her two long friends, it's been a long time since they have meet, in a martial arts tournament, she beat Naga in the finals, but since that day, Lina became a close friend of Amelia, Naga was a little upset on the beginning but she also became a good friend of Lina, more or less, but still she like to call herself Lin'as greatest rival. Lina likes more Amelia because she kind of respects her a little and unlike Naga she never goes around making fun of her figure and she's not that anoying. But Lina admits to her self that she feels kind of envy of them because they've got a much bigger chest than her. But none the less, those two are the only ones who have gave them friendship, and a home. "Well Naga, you sister has a more reason mind than you!"

"OH OH OH OH OH, looks who's talking Lina!" replied Naga.

"What the heck is that suppose to mean!"

"Just that you are no angel Lina! An angel has a much better figure than you!"

"NOW I'm piss! Don't get so proud of your self just because of those balloons of yours!"

"Balloons? How dare you make fun of my beauty?"

"Please you two, don't start fighting again!" begged Amelia.

"I'm back!" Said Dr. Saman entering his office "I've just called the student that will give you guys a home in your time here, so you can pick up your bags, he is right here." After saying that Dr. Saman open the door and made a gesture for the student to come in.

And the student game in, he is dressed in a school uniform and has a long blond hair and caring a wooden sword. "Hello, my name is Gourry, Gourry Gabrieve."

"Gourry Gabrieve?" repeated Lina, looking at the one she is going to live with in the next few mounts. Lina admits that he's cute, but has a little dumb look.

"Uau. He is kind of cute, he's really my type!" whispered Naga to Amelia and Lina.

They sweet dropped.

"Well, my name is Amelia." Said Amelia introducing herself.

"And I am Lina." Introduced Lina.

"And I am Naga." Introduced Naga in a seductive tone, and wicking at him. Witch made Gourry blush.

Gourry looked at the girl he had agreed to share his apartment with. The three girls don't sound so terrifying like Dr. Saman has told him, they look like ordinary girl. What could they have possibly done to be kicked out of their previous school.

"Well them Gourry, I'll leave you too take care of them, and you can be their personal guide on the school... So no good bye." Said Dr. Saman pushing the teens out of his office.

"Shesh, what's with the old man?" asked Lina.

"Don't worry about him, he is always nervous, the students here always give him headache." Said Gourry.

"So we have heard." Said Naga.

"Well then, since it's almost time for school to end, and I have to pick up my sister, do you mind if we leave right now?" suggested Gourry.

"No problem, but you have start by caring our bags by your self!" said Lina point to the bags that are near Dr.Saman's door.

Gourry's jaw almost fell down, it is a big pile of bags. "All of them… my self?"

"Yes by your self!" repeated Lina in a demanding tone.

"Lina, aren't you being too hard on this guy?" whispered Amelia.

"Don't forget that our principal back home putted us on a school full of rowdy students and bullies, who knows if this Gourry guy might try to pull the leg on us!" Lina whispered back.

"But we hardly know Gourry, he might not be a bad guy."

"I know, its just to be on the safe side."

"Well shall we be going?" asked Gourry, who is already caring all the bags with his arms.

Lina, Naga and Amelia had their mouth wide open when they saw that Gourry is managing on caring all the bags at once.

"Well ok, let's go!" said Lina has the four teens started to walk.

"Uau, Mr. Gourry, you must really work hard to be able to carry all those bags." Said Amelia amazed.

"In this school you must work hard because all the students in this school are just begging for a fight." Explained Gourry.

"Begging huh?" said Lina to her self with a smirk. Looks like she might end up enjoying this school after all.

In that moment Amelia run into one of the students almost falling down. "Ops I'm sorry."

"Be careful will ya!" complained the student.

Gourry recognized him. "Hey Zel, how's it doing?"

"All Fine." Said Zel, very simply, then he looked at the girls. "So are these the new students?"

"My name is Amelia." Introduced Amelia, but Zel ignored her.

"How rude!" murmured Naga.

"Gourry, have already study for your Portuguese text?" asked Zel who had ignored Amelia. "I might need the Portuguese book I borrow you for next week."

"Oh Yeah, I have it on my locker." Said Gourry. "Do you want me to go get it."

"Just give me Monday, ok." After saying that Zelgadiss left, not even giving a chance for them to say goodbye.

"Who is that guy?" asked Lina.

"He has a long name that I can not say it correctly, in fact no one can, and that is why most people call him Zel."

"He is so rude!" hissed Naga.

"Zel has arrived to this school about two years ago. He was also sent here like you girls." Informed Gourry. "But on the other hand, he always sounds to be a lone wolf. And no one has ever seen him smile, he always has that expression on his face."

"Zel…." Whispered Amelia, looking at the lone stranger that she has just meet walking away, in a certain way it made him look cool by the way he walked with one hand on his pocked.

"Hey Amelia! Are you coming?" called Lina who was already walking away with Gourry and Naga.

"Oh Coming!"

In the students parking lot.

Lina, Naga and Amelia sweet dropped when they saw what Gourry's vehicle is. A white little Wolkswagon.

"Is something wrong?" asked Gourry who was putting the bags in the car.

"Nothing." Answered the girls at the same time.

"Ok, but I'll be forced to put some bags on the back seat with two of you girls."

"No problem. Amelia and Naga can go on the back seat!" said Lina immediately.

"No way you go on the back seat!" shouted Naga.

"No you two go to the back seat!" demanded Amelia. "you two at least own me that!"

"Well let's try rock, paper scissors´!"

The girls agreed and played the game.

Amelia took paper.

Naga took scissors.

And Lina took rock.

"Well, scissors cuts paper Amelia." Taunted Naga.

"And rock breaks scissors!" Lina taunted back. "So I win, I'll stay on the front!"

"Wait a minute! What does paper breaks?" asked Amelia, not liking the results.

"Well shall we get in?" asked Gourry.

But just when they were going to get in the car three figures appears. "GOURRY!"

The four teens turn to three guys walking towards them. "We got a bone to pick with you!" shouted one to them.

"Who are those guys?" asked Lina.

But instead of answering them her, he pushes Lina out of the way, with his wooden sword in his hand. "Just stay back for your own safety."

"Hey Gourry, I'm not some kid to be…."

"Please Lina!"

Lina was about to protest but she decided against it.

"It pay back time Gourry!" said the first guy.

"Its time for you to pay for the beating you gave us!" said the second guy, cracking his knuckles.

"You guys deserve it, you never stop molesting that girl!" replied Gourry ignoring their acts.

"Lets see how you'll be acting so hero when we break your face!" said the third guy.

"What lousy standers!" insulted Lina, walking near Gourry and also getting in the noise. "You guys must be really pathetic for using such lame speeches!"

"Lina, stay out of this!" ordered Gourry.

"How dare you speak to us like this you little….." the third guy was about to walk to Lina to beat her but the first guy stand in the way.

"Well them aren't you a good merchandise!" the first guy licked his lips and grabbed Lina by the arm.

Lina grinned on this. "Good, it is time to have a little fight on this town." Thought Lina, ready to throw a punch at the first guy. But all of a sudden some one has punched the first guy, releasing Lina and making her fall.

"Stay away from her!" demanded Gourry to the first guy who has crashed against a car.

"Why you…" the two remaining guys charged against Gourry, but he made a masterful sword strike, knocking down the two guys.

Amelia and Naga looked at Gourry with their mouth wide open.

"Uau, he's really good." Said Amelia in an amazed tone.

"I'll say, I never managed to see his movement." Said Naga in the same tone.

Lina on the other hand perplexed and surprised and still on the ground. No one has ever stood up and defend her like this, in her fighter pride that should have hurt Lina, but this is the first time she finds a man who stood up for her.

"Are you alright?" asked Gourry, offering his hand to help Lina to get up.

This has made Lina blush really hard, and her heart beating very fast. Why is my heart beating so fast? She asked her self. She never acted like this, especially to a man that she just meet. "Y-yes, thank you…."

In the end she took his hand and manages to stand up, but she has lost her gripe and ended up landing on his chest, making Lina more red when she rested her head on his chest. "Uau, his chest… so strong…."

Gourry also blushed when she landed on him, and when he touched her skin. "Man….her skin, is so soft…."

Naga watched all of this with furious fire in her eyes. "I don't believe it. Lina is making the moves on that hunk! I'll get her for this!"

To be continue…….

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