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Chapter 86


A month and a haft passed since the defeat of Shabrimingo, the Slayers have been on the run, training and fighting for so long that they did not even notice that practically arrived to the month of December.

From the group, Amelia, Zelgadiss and Lina are the only one still together, Naga left home to begin her lone training in hopes to fight Lina someday, Sylphiel, Amy and Valgarv are still missing, Gourry is possibly on the Parallel world recuperating not known if he is still alive or not.

As for Amelia, Zelgadiss and Lina, they all live together in the Seilune mansion and going to school. Even so Lina, Amelia and Zelgadiss are still not feeling comfortable of going to school like normal people after the devastating time they had against Shabrimingo and his goons, acting like that never happen, acting like all the sweat, blood and tears were for nothing, hard for them to get use to have a normal life in the normal society. They start to wonder if all the soldiers that fight in the war and then return home ever felt what they are feeling? Even so Lina and the others are trying to live one day at a time, even if it is difficult.

"So, what you guys want to do later on?" Amelia asked, trying to break up the silence between them.

"Well, I don't know……" Zel responded. "Well there is this movie on the theaters that might sound cool. It is about a man and a woman who are receiving some mystery calls threading their families unless they do what they are told. You girls want to come?"

"Yeah that sounds great! How's about it Lina, you want to come?"

"No thanks, I'll just stay home near my computer." Lina responded very simply.

Amelia and Zel knew what Lina was up to, she is going to stay near the computer hopping to receive an email from Gourry. Lina's been like this ever since she left the hospital, so far no one ever told her if Gourry resisted his wounds or not, she was informed that he was going to a mystical lake to heal his wounds but so far she received no news, not from Gourry, not from Alandra and her people, not from anyone.

"Oh come on Lina, you need to lighten up." Amelia said. "I am sure that Gourry is alright, so try to be cool again."

"That was not very reassuring Amelia."

Amelia was about to reply when she heard a noise of someone of some hitting the wall with a steal mace.

"Will you stand still so I can hit you, Namagomi!!!!" they heard the shout and immediately the recognized the voice.

"Filia?" Lina Amelia and Zelgadiss wasted no more time and ran passing some students until the reached one of the hall to see Filia trying to hit Xellos with a mace with a dozen of students nearby screaming fight.

"Now, now Filia, your reflexes are getting to slow. Are you getting enough fiber in your diet?" Xellos teased.

"I'll give you the fiber! You parasite!" Filia was about to hit Xellos again but Lina stood between them, blocking Filia's mace.

"Stop it the both of you!" Lina demanded very firmly which made Filia and Xellos back away and made all the students walk away, calling Lina a party-pooper.

"Filia, Xellos. So glad to see you two again." Amelia greeted. "I see that you two are in each others throats again."

"So what were you two fighting about this time?" Zel asked, talking to Xellos and Filia like they were kids.

Xellos and Filia look at each other with a confused look. After a few moments of silence they both responded. "We don't know."

Every one fell down to the ground.

"You don't know!?!?!" Lina shouted. "You two are trashing the place and you don't even know?"

"I guess with all the excitement we forgot." Filia said all embarrassed. "But it was his fault!" she added pointing at Xellos.

"It was not!"

"Alright, alright!" Amelia spoke, trying to break the fight. "We heard that you two are now free from the spell that Ceilphiel put an you and your people. So how does it feel to be mortal?"

"To be truthful, it stinks!" Xellos responded.

"Shut up Xellos!" Filia yelled.

"Now hold on here." Zel interrupted before Xellos and Filia could start fighting again. "For what we know Xellos use to work for Shabrimingo and so just like many others Xellos received his immortality from him, so how can we be sure that Xellos is mortal now?"

"Always the suspicious one, aren't you?" Xellos joked. "It was Shabrimingo's power that made his own minions immortal, and now that he is dead so is the spell that implied on us, so believe it or not I am mortal like you guys. And I don't like it."

"Fair enough, and then what are you two doing here in Seilune?" Amelia asked.

"Filia and I manage to get a job here as teachers just like we were in Atlas City." Xellos responded.

"WHAT!?!?!?" Zel, Amelia and Lina screamed. "You two are our teachers!?!?!"

"Yup! All the teachers that were teaching in the schools of Atlas City were transferred to different schools. Filia and I were lucky to come here to the same school where you guys are."

"Oh yeah, very lucky." Zel said, very sarcastically.

"Do you two know anything about Gourry?" Lina asked which made everyone look back at her. "Ramon and Sunny told us that you guys took him to a magical lake to take care of his wounds weeks ago but so far we received no news from him."

Xellos and Filia look at each other and then decided to look back at Lina, their looks are not very assuring.

"We are not quite sure." Filia responded.

"What do you mean you don't know?" Lina spat. "Haven't you guys been with Gourry all this time?"

"We left the parallel world a few days after all the fighters that were wounded in the great battle were taken to the lake, but the effects of the lake take its time. Gourry took the bath on the lake but we still don't know the results. We are sorry Lina, we wish that we had better news for you about Gourry's condition."

Lina did not say a word, she remain in her place with her head down and a very deep silence. No one can give her simply answer to tell her if Gourry is alive or dead and this wait is making Lina more and more nervous.

"Lina?" Amelia approached to her old friend.

"I'm going home Amelia." Lina suddenly said.

"What, now? But we still have some classes left."

"I don't care." Lina replied and started to walk away before Amelia could respond.

No one said a word, they can only understand the pain inside Lina's heart, and it's so big that she doesn't have the courage to speak about it.


Two day passed, and today there is no school because of the snow outside.

So Zel took that time to play guitar, something that he hardly had time to do all this time he was contaminated by his hate.

Amelia heard the sound coming from the guitar, by the way Zelgadiss play it almost sound like magic. "Beautiful." Amelia applauded when Zelgadiss finish his play.

"But I am quite rusty. I haven't play much ever since my parent's died." Zelgadiss admitted. "It was one of my dreams when I was little, I wanted to be a rock star or something of the kind. But I guess now it is too late."

"Says who?" Amelia sited next to Zel and rested her head on his shoulder. "You can still be a rock star, it is not too late."

Zel smiled at Amelia and wrap his arm around her. "We'll see."

From the distance Lina watched the little romantic environment between Amelia and Zelgadiss, feeling very jealous. Lina was never the romantic type but she pictured the scene if it was her and Gourry, sometimes it devastated her to see Amelia and Zelgadiss, knowing that she will never enjoy such action because Gourry is not here, he might be possibly dead……

Lina could not take it anymore and ran back to her room.

In that moment the phone rings and Amelia pick it up. "Hello? Sylphiel?.......yes, we are alright but…… say what?" Amelia gets up to her feet with a bright smile on her face. "He is?.....He's coming?......Yes, yes, we will be there. No problem!" Amelia then turns off the phone and hugs Zelgadiss.

"Amelia? What is wrong? Who was that?" Zel asked completely confused.

"The others! The others are coming back! Gourry is coming back!"



Amelia rushed over to Lina's room and open the door not bothering to knock on it, she found Lina laying down on her bed and notice that her internet is on.

"Amelia, don't you know how to knock?" Lina complained.

"Lina, I have great news! Gourry is alive and he's coming here!"

That news was enough to make Lina sit up. "What did you said?"

"I got a call from Sylphiel! She, Amy and Gourry are coming here they shall arrive tomorrow! Everyone is alright and fine and they are coming here!"

"Are you sure? You are not fooling me are you!?!?!" Lina was so brighter up that she even grabbed Amelia's head and shakes it, her hopes are so up that she does not even know what she is doing.

"Lina I swear! I am telling the truth!!! Please stop shaking my head!!!" Amelia pleaded.

Lina then releases Amelia's head and remembers something. "Then why is it that Gourry did not email me or even gave me a call? Why did he left me hanging all this time? And why didn't Sylphiel even told me that he was alright?"

"Well….Sylphiel said that Gourry's computer got crashed because his apartment was pulverized back in Atlas city, and he and Sylphiel got their phones stole back at the hospital. Only now she managed to return back from the parallel world and manage to get us a call."

"But how did she know that we were here in Seilune?"

"It seems that Sunny and Ramon told her."

"That would explain a lot. But well no matter! So where do we pick them up?"

"They shall be here tomorrow at four in the afternoon. We will pick them up at the train station."

"Alright! That is all good news. You know, suddenly I got hungry, I'm going to the kitchen to grab a bite." Lina did not wait for Amelia's reply and marched to the kitchen.

Amelia smiled at her friend, happy to see that she is back to her usual self now that she finally has the news that she was waiting for so long.


The next day arrived and it is four and fifteen, Lina, Zel and Amelia are late because of the traffic that they caught.

"Why these guys had to get themselves in traffic in a time like this!?!?!" Lina grumbled.

Zelgadiss was about to blow his top with all of Lina's complains. "Lina, will you shut up? You are getting on my nerves!"

"None of this would happen if you guys just let me drive the van!" Lina replied.

"NO!!!!!" Amelia and Zel shouted.


Five minutes later they finally arrived to the train station and found Sylphiel and Amy.

"Lina!!!" Amy ran to Lina and hugged her tight. "I miss you so much."

"Amy, just look how much you've grown." Lina hugged Amy back.

"Sylphiel, we are so glad that you made it out alive, we were so concern about you." Amelia said.

"But what happen to you when Shabrimingo was defeated?" Zelgadiss asked.

"Alandra sent her people to save you when the coliseum was about to collapse and thank heavens that you made it out alright. I went to Elmikia city to help cure Gourry's wounds but then Alandra talked with his grandparents and they let him be healed in the Parallel world. I wanted to call you people but our phones were stolen when we were in the hospital. You can not imagine the mayhem that it was when Atlas city was taken over, in each and every day many of the victims of Atlas city arrived to different hospital in many cities, there were even hooligans who secretly infiltrated in the hospital to steal some personal affairs from the patients." Sylphiel explained.

"I see, I can comprehend that. But where is Gourry?" Lina asked and then notice a man behind a pillar right next to Sylphiel. "Gourry!" Lina puts Amy down and ran to the man that she thought to be Gourry.

When she reached the pillar she notice that the one she thought that was Gourry throwing a punch at her, luckly Lina manage to grab the punch. She then notice who it was. "Valgarv?"

"Exactly." Valgarv responded and forced Lina to release his hand. "I see that in your careless you have forgotten about me!"

"And I see that you still are more annoying and arrogant as ever!" Lina spat and then looks at Sylphiel. "And what the heck is HE doing here?"

"Well…hum….we are sort of… together." Sylphiel responded a little embarrassed.

"Sort of?" Zel repeated and then he, Amelia and Lina approached Sylphiel with a very curious look.

"Please stop looking at me like that!!!!" Sylphiel cried.

"Sylphiel, you said that Gourry was also here! Then where is he?" Lina demanded.

Amy then grabs Lina's arm, making her look at her. "my brother was here but he left."


"Yes, he told me he wanted to restart your date at the exact place when you were interrupted."

"Where our date……" Lina starts to remember the place where Lina's date with Gourry was interrupted by Drasen, they were in the park watching the city. Lina then turns around to Amelia. "Amelia, can you give me some money to catch a cab? I think I know where Gourry is."

"Oh Lina……."


"Ok, here!" Amelia then passed some money to Lina.

Just when Lina was about to leave Valgarv hold's her by the shoulder. "Where do you think you are going? Have you forgotten that you hold me a rematch?"

"Give me a rest Valgarv!" Lina snapped and slapped Valgarv's hand. "I have no time to fight you now but if you want a rematch then we will face tomorrow, at ten o'clock in the morning."

"But Lina, we have class at that time!" Amelia reminded.

"So I skip class!" Lina replied and walk away.

"At which exact place?" Zel asked when Lina was out of sight. "She is in such a hurry that she's not thinking straight."

"It does not matter." Valgarv responded. "As long as I have my rematch then it is all alright."


Lina arrived to the park and started to look all over the place to find Gourry, so far she has no luck. "Gourry, where are you?" Lina looks around, she curses for this to happen, she's been waiting for Gourry for weeks and he plays these stupid games? " Gourry!!!!" She shouted in desperation but then forced herself to calm down. "Alright, calm down and think for a moment here. Amy said that Gourry wanted to restart our date at the exact place when you were interrupted, so where were we back then? We were at a place where we saw the entire city, so……" Lina blinks her eyes and starts to rush over to the tallest place of the park.

Lina runs as fast as she can to the tallest point of the park, with each second it seems like her breath is being taken away, she is so nervous that it seems that the minutes are turning into years.

Finally Lina reaches the tallest place of the park and there she found Gourry, alive and well. "Gourry……"

Gourry slowly turns around to Lina with one hand over his right arm where he has his tattoo. "Lina……" He spoke with a soft smile.

"Gourry……you….you IDIOT!!!!!" She slaps Gourry on the face so hard that he even fell down on the ground, she let out all the throbbing and aggravation that she tolerated in these last weeks ever since they defeated Shabrimingo.

"Lina…..why did you hit me?" Gourry asked all confused and then looks up in shock to see Lina crying. "Lina?"

"Why did you take so long? Why did you made me wait for so long? Why didn't you even warn me? I waited for you all this time!!!!"

Gourry did not reply immediately, he never guessed that he made her suffer so much, by the way that she is sobbing Gourry felt like a jerk. "Lina….I'm sorry, but didn't Sylphiel tell you that it was impossible for us to contact you to……" Gourry said as he got up.

"I DON'T CARE!!!!" She yelled very emotionally, she knows that she is being unfair to Gourry but she can not help it, it is her weeks of pain that is talking.

Lina panted after that last yell, she yelled so hard that she almost lost her balance, even so Gourry hold her and wraps his arms around her. They stood there for a moment in that sweet embrace until Gourry starts to speak softly. "I'm sorry Lina, I should have come sooner but I had to do something very important."

"Like what?"

Gourry releases Lina and pulls up the sleeve on his right arm. Lina gasped when she saw it, the tattoo that Gourry had on his arm is now replaced with scars. "Gourry….what happen to your arm?"

"I remove the tattoo, or more exactly I cut it out of my arm."

Lina even covered her mouth with her hand.

"Yes, I know, believe me it hurt a lot."

"But….why did you do it?"

"I was forced to have this tattoo when I worked back there in the casino. Now I am going to start a new life I don't want any remembrance of my past life since that past was connected to Shabrimingo."

"Hum….Gourry, you did heard about it on the news that a new gizmo that removes tattoos was invented and that it can be used, didn't you?"

Gourry sweat drooped with the news. "There is?" he then lowers his head down. "I don't believed, if I knew such a thing existed I would have suffers days of pain."

Lina could not help herself but to giggle, this is defiantly her Gourry. She then wraps her arms around his. "So Gourry, Amy said that you wanted to pick up our date from where it was intervallic, right?"

"Yeah, since that guy, Drunken got in the way."

"It is Drasen you dope. But never mind that, let's go!"


And so Gourry and Lina restarted their date, they walked over the park calmly and peacefully, they had some ice-cream at the snack bar and even traveled to a small amusement park and even had dinner in it. The time passed so fast before they realized it was already night, so they decided to spend the night in a hotel and this time they are not going to a hotel to play video games.


Lina wakes up in the middle of the night to find herself in bed with Gourry, both of them in their birthday suit with only the sheets covering them.

She loved the afternoon she passed with Gourry, it made her wish that the date they first had in Atlas City was this perfect. But all things come to an end and she knows that soon she will have to say goodbye to Gourry once again. Lina sits up and looks at the window to see the stars in the sky. "I only wish that this night would never end."


Lina almost jump up when she heard Gourry. "Gourry you are awake?"

"I heard you getting up." He responded as he sits up. "What is the matter?"

"Oh, nothing! Just nothing."

"Lina, I know there is something wrong, I can see it in your face. So what is the matter?"

Lina did not look at Gourry straight in the face, she only holds her sheets cogently. "Gourry, do you promise to email me or give me a call every day?"

"Huh? What are you talking about?"

"You can t Seilune on a visit, right? So do you promise to give me a call every day?"

Gourry looks at Lina with a confuse face but then he taps his hands. "Oh I get it, Sylphiel never told you, did she?"

This time Lina looks at Gourry with a confuse look. "Told me what?"

"Sylphiel and I were transferred to one of the schools here in Seilune and according to her it is the same school where you hang out. I'm surprised that she never told you, or maybe she told you and you didn't pay attention."

Lina did not reply at that, she is simply happy to see that she will be able to stay with Gourry for a long time. "Well maybe she did. Hehehe."

"And you call me a jelly fish." With that remark Gourry was immediately rewarded with a punch on the head.

"Ouch Lina…that really hurt!" he complained and then sees Lina's face again to see that she still has a sad look on it. "What is it Lina? Are you upset about what I just said? If that is the case then I am really sorry."

"It is not that Gourry…is just……are you sure you really want to stay with me?"

"Say what? What do you mean?"

"You saw how I attack troubles almost everyday because of who I am. Because of that you almost lost your sister, so……are you sure you want to stay with me?"

Gourry did not respond, he simply embraces Lina from behind and gives her a sweet kiss on her neck, causing Lina to moan. "Of course I am sure Lina……I don't care what the troubles that might come after you are or even if the entire world wants to be your enemy, I want to stay with you. I risked my life for you because I want to share my life with you. I love you Lina, this is the wholesome reality."

Lina could not help herself to release a tear from her. "Gourry……"

"Besides, it is not like Lina to lose her spirits like this and letting herself getting down." He chuckled.

Lina could not help herself but to laugh as well, she then wraps her arm around Gourry's head a stays to give him a noogie. "Thanks for cheering me up, Gourry."

"Sure no problem, but could you stop do it that it hurts!" he complained.

Lina then reminded of something. "Say Gourry, did you bring your sword of light?"

"That? No, I left it back in the Parallel world."

"How come?"

"I thought it would be best to stay there. If I brought it back with me I am sure that many people would come after it if they ever found out what the sword is capable of. Besides, it was given to me with the purpose to defeat the Shabra-guy."

"Yeah, I guess you are right."

Lina then slowly pulls Gourry down to the bed with her on top of him. "You know, I have a big competition with Valgarv tomorrow. How about you give me a big warm up?"

"Warm up? You are becoming quite naughty, you know that?" he teased and then locks his lips with Lina's and……

And the room gets all dark.


The next day arrives and Valgarv, Sylphiel, Amy, Zelgadiss and Amelia are waiting on the roof of one of the building in Seilune, that is where Lina's rematch with Valgarv will take place.

"Where is Lina? It is almost ten o'clock." Amelia said as she watched down her wristwatch.

"She'll be here." Zel assured. "She never missed a match in her life."

Sylphiel looks back at Valgarv who looking at the horizon with a determinate look. She slowly approaches Valgarv hoping not to disturb his concentration.

"What is woman?" he asked, sensing Syphiel.

Sylphiel gasped when Valgarv notice her. "I-I-I-I….." it was so sudden that it even scared Sylphiel. She then took a deep breath to regain her calm. "I-I just wanted to know….do you still plan on killing Lina?"

"No, you can relax about that, Sylphiel. I still hate her but I don't want to fight her in the name of rage or revenge. I want to fight like an equal, fight her as me, as Valgarv, not as a heartless killer created by Garv and Shabrimingo. I want to make my own existence."

Sylphiel was amazed by Valgarv's words, he truly has changed, he still has that cold nature but he no longer is the same heartless man she met in the end, and by the tone of his voice Sylphiel can tell that he is being truthful. "I am glad for you Valgarv. And so, what do you plan to do after your fight with Lina?"

"I don't know." He responded and then holds Sylphiel's hand with his own without looking at her. "I was hoping that you could assist me in that."

Sylphiel did not say a word, her face is completely red. But with a soft smile she says "Yes."

"Hey guys, we made it!!!" Lina called as she and Gourry arrived.

"Hey, Big Brother, Lina!" Amy greeted.

"We were staring to think that you would not come." Amelia said.

"Well, hum….Gourry and I woke up a little late that's all." Lina said with a big blush on her face.

Zelgadiss smirks. "I think I can understand that. Considering what you two possibly have done all night."

"ZEL!!!! Don't say stuff like that near my sister!" Gourry shouted very loud, covering his sister's hears.

"Enough!" Valgarv spoke very loud. "It is time to end this!" he said as he walked to the center of the roof.

"I guess it is my turn now." Lina said as she cracked her knuckles.

"Good luck Lina." Gourry said to Lina who only gave him a victory sign and walked to the center of the roof.

Both rivals stare at each other with serious face.

"You change a lot Valgarv, and I mean a lot with a capital L." Lina noticed.

"You are correct, I have changed. I am no longer that same foolish man you faced, still I desire to fight you." Valgarv admitted with no emotions on his face. "I hate for you still continues but my desire to fight you as a fighter stands tall."

So namely you want to want to face me as an equal, not for your revenge or anger, just for the pure excitement of facing a worthy foe, is that it?"

As a response Valgarv spits on the ground. "Will you end with your chitchat? I came here to fight, not to talk!"

"Have your way boy. After all the score between us is 1-1. it is time to see who will make it into 2-1.


From the top of another building Xellos and Filia are watching the fight.

"Ten dollars of how Lina is going to lose." Xellos bet.

Filia glares angrily at Xellos. "Namagomi……."



Lina puts herself in a fighting position ready to start her fight with Valgarv. "Yes, my life came with a lot of difficulties but in the end I encounter people who accepted me for who I am and treated me as one of their own, even one who shared the very love I wanted to seek, thanks to these people I will always stand tall. It does not matter to me what the difficulties that the future has in store for me, I will never back down and when an enemy comes to face me, victory will be mine!"

Both Lina and Valgarv jumped to the air ready to throw a punch at each other.


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