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Chapter 10- Satisfaction

At 11:07 that night, there was a tapping on Sam's window. She'd been expecting him.

"I'm surprised you didn't show up earlier," Sam said as she let Danny in. He landed and changed to his human form.

"Tuck and I figured we'd let you revel in your victory."

Sam laughed and sat on the edge of her bed, crossing her ankles. "I didn't exactly win."

"Oh really? You didn't hear those kids after you left. It was silent for about ten seconds before everyone started talking at once. Every single one of them was saying that you took the high road, you're way better than Paulina, you didn't let her get to you…"

"Oh, stop! Stop, I can't bear it. Didn't they get it? I don't want to be 'better' than Nasty-P."

Danny smiled and sat next to her. "That doesn't keep you from being so." Sam smiled and blushed at his praise, looking at the floor. After a moment, he spoke again. "What was with you today?" he asked.

"What do you mean?" She sounded so innocent, too.

"You were touching me all day. I know you're not shy, but that was extreme, even for you."

Sam looked up at him, a familiar mischievous glint in her eye. "Couldn't you tell? I was seducing you. I figured you did such a good job of it…"

"Good job of what?"

Instead of answering directly, Sam looked around. "Is there a breeze in here?" she asked falsely. They laughed together.

"Caught me," he said.

"Nope." And fast as lightning, Sam reached across him and grabbed his shoulder. She lay back on the bed and tugged, forcing Danny to brace him above her. "You caught me." She looked so great beneath him, her hair splayed on the sheets. She bit her lip. Danny couldn't resist any more.

He lowered himself the last few inches, allowing his mouth to touch hers. He immediately fell deeper into the kiss, letting himself go. They nibbled and licked each other's lips, memorizing every taste and sensation. She flicked her tongue along his, and her arms snaked around to his back. Sharp nails urged him closer and he complied, pushing Sam farther up the bed so it wasn't so awkward.

He held her like he had the other night, like he'd never let go, even if the world ended. Sam felt sure there would be permanent imprints of his hands on her back and waist, but she didn't care. In fact, she wanted them there. Her fingers slid up into his hair, feeling the rough texture and pulling him closer.

Their kiss was a fight for dominance, two strong forces coming together, neither knowing who would win, and neither truly caring. The pressure was huge; hips, hands, lips—all fused together for everlasting moments.

Sam broke from his mouth to attack other areas. She caught his earlobe in her teeth then licked her way down his neck, occasionally pausing to breathe cool over her trail. She then concentrated on the base of his neck, nipping at the skin there. Danny shuddered, amazed at what feelings she invoked in him. This was Sam; his best friend forever… and all along he could have had… this.

Danny realized she was winning. Not about to let that happen, he changed tactics.

"Sam…" he whispered softly into her ear as his grip on her lessened. He placed his fingers under the hem of the tee she wore, stroking them up slowly. He drew lazy patterns across her stomach. "Sam," he said again, and noticed he was getting her attention. The pressure on his neck was letting up; though he was sure she'd left at least one red mark. He brushed his fingertips across her abdomen. "You're beautiful, Sam," he murmured. His mouth touched the sensitive part behind her ear and he felt her jerk, a tiny catch in her breath. He smiled and let his hands roam over her hips, wind up her back, and slide down again. "I can make you shiver." His voice was quiet as he ran his palms over her ribs. His touch found a ticklish spot on her lower back, shown by the chill that ran through her, but he ignored it for the time being. "You're mine," he said, gently pushing her into the bed with his weight. "I'm yours. We belong to each other, and we belong together."

"Danny…" Sam whispered.

"I can make you sigh," he continued as one hand lifted to caress her shoulder. He stroked all the way to her wrist and back then repeated the process, the second time stopping to linger on the inside of her arm. All the while his other hand continued its ministrations at her waist, never stopping the light brushes. He blew air across her collarbone, and sure enough, she sighed. No sooner was that victory won that he renewed his vigor. "You're not shivering yet," he said on a breath, and returned both hands to her stomach. One ran low, touching lightly around her navel and hips. The other moved back, and his fingers flicked across the highly ticklish spot he had found earlier. For a split second, Sam stopped breathing. "Hmm, not yet," he said, and touched her again. This time she tensed, and when she let go, the lightest of shudders had gone through her. "Good… I know I said this before, but you are so beautiful… on the inside, as well as out. You have everything I could ever want. I can make you say my name again," he whispered almost conversationally. He continued to tickle her, while his mouth rained tiny kisses across her jaw and throat. He ran his free palm over her hip and down her thigh, making sure not to get too close to Sam's more private regions. He wasn't ready for that, but he could certainly be involved when kissing her. It worked, too… he had made the pass up and down her thigh only three times before her mouth opened.

"Oh, Danny," she murmured.

"Sam," he replied, lifting his arm to brush her hair from her eyes. It was time for the sneak attack. Danny pushed more firmly onto her, at the same time quickening his caresses of her ticklish spot. Her eyes opened wide before shutting quickly, and she gasped. Danny smiled and pressed his lips to her neck. He moaned, letting the vibrations shake her. He moved again to her ear. "I can blow your mind," he said, and then, "Sam," more insistently. She whimpered, her eyes still closed tightly. Danny passed his fingers over every inch of skin he could find, caressing her gently while touching her mercilessly. "Sam!" he said again and this time she arched, her back completely leaving the bed. In an instant she had Danny flipped over and was lying on top of him, her eyes buried in the crook of his shoulder.

"Oh, Danny, I—Danny this is just…" She stopped as a chill took her. "Wow, um… God, you're good at that," she finished finally, and swallowed hard. "Oh, Danny…"

He wrapped his arms around her, holding her securely. "My Sam."

She lifted violet eyes to meet with ice blue ones. "Dan, I—" She halted, the words catching in her throat. He smiled and brushed a lock of hair behind her ear.

"I love you, Sam."

She visibly relaxed. "I love you, too."

The next day, thirty-seven people came to school wearing all black. Tucker counted.

At lunch, it was declared an unscheduled vegetarian menu day. No lunch lady ghost came, and Sam managed to get their old table back. Danny was happy, because it was across the room from Dash.

And it was made quite public that Danny Fenton and Sam Manson were a couple. Surely everyone noticed the hand-holding, the book-carrying, and the quick, familiar kisses between classes. Oh yeah, it was clear. Coincidentally—or not—Tucker was in a very good mood.

Altogether, it was a very ordinary day… which made it all the more surprising when Paulina suddenly screeched and ran from the room during last period. Everyone turned in their seats to look at Sam, especially Tuck and Danny. She was reading a pamphlet on the first Amendment, but looked up when she noticed the stares.

"The axolotl is an aquatic amphibian, which means it only lives in the water. It is also known as one of the most grotesque-looking lizards in the world." She went back to her pamphlet, but smiled. "I think they're cute."

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