Phantomof the Night

Chapter One: The Dream

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A young, beautiful woman, with long curly red har awoke with a start from her peaceful sleep. She could hear a voice calling her name softly. "Adrienne, My love," the voice sang her name, "Let me in." She wandered to her window, seeing nothing in the dark night. She unlocked her window pushing it open and leaning out. The soft voice stopped, it always did.

She heard her husband stir, "Adrienne, darling, are you alright? Did you hear something out side?" He stood, ready to head out.

"No, Charles," she whispered, "it was probably my imagination or the baby moving. Go back to bed love."

He gave her a questioning glance, climbing in bed, "Alright love, come get in bed." He was instantly asleep.

Adrienne whispered as he closed the window, "Whoever you are, please, make yourself known."

She climbed back in bed and dreamed, dreamed of a man. She could only see his deep blue eyes. His face was covered with a white mask and he wore a long, black cloak. She could see his lips, they formed a wicked smile. "Adrienne, my love at last," he whispered stepping close to her and breathing in her scent, "Now, my love," he said lips on her neck, "This will only hurt a bit."

The scene faded, yet the man in the mask remained, he grinned that same wicked grin, "You're next, Lily, my dear," He laughed disappearing.

Sixteen-year-old Lily Evans awoke with a start, sweating and shaking in her one-hundred-fifty year old bedroom. She glanced around her room. Her closet doors were still closed, as was her bedroom door. There was still a pile of books on her desk. But when her eyes fell upon her window she nearly screamed. Her window, which she remembered that she clearly had closed, was wide open. Her fingers clasped tightly around a cross-shaped pendent she always wore.

She stood and quickly went to her window. The cold air gave her goose bumps up and down her pale arms as she glanced outside. She quickly pulled the window shut and hurried back to bed. She pulled her warm covers up around her thinking. The dream had seemed so real. She could still feel the masked mans warm breath upon her neck. Who was this mysterious man and why had he been haunting her dreams?

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