Chapter Three: Still Think I'm Crazy?


He was there smiling at her, his upturned lips showing to perfectly pointed canines. He still wore a mask but he no longer had on a hat. She could see had long blonde hair. (A/n: Think Tom Cruise as Lestat in interview with a vampire, kay.)

He continued to smile as he moved closer to her, "You can run, my love, but you can't hide." He was touching her now, his hand on her waist, he lowered his mouth and glanced at her cross, "My dear, that won't keep me away from you." His free hand yanked off the necklace off, "Don't worry, love, it wont hurt at all." His mouth lowered at she felt twin pricks on her neck.

End Dream

Lily woke up, screaming. Faith, who had somehow managed to get into room sometime in the night, bolted up, "I didn't do it! Oh Lily," she put a hand to her chest, "are you alright?"

Lily turned and glared at Faith, "I wake you up screaming and you ask if I'm alright!" She was breathing heavily, "He was here Faith!"
Faith rubbed her eyes, "Lily, sweetheart, you're not still on about that guy from your dream, are you?" She yawned, "He's not real Lily and you know that."

Lily took a deep breath and her hand flew up to her neck. Her necklace was gone, "He was here!" She tentatively touched her neck, it felt…wet, "Faith," she cried, "turn on the light! Turn it on!"

Faith fell out of the bed and tripped on her way to the overhead light, finally she managed to turn it on. "What's wrong?"

Lily pulled her hand away from her neck and looked at her fingers were covered with blood.

"Oh god! Lily, you're bleeding!" Faith yelled, as Lily began to shake.

"He's real, he's real…" she mumbled over and over again, staring at the blood on her fingertips.

Faith mumbled, "Great time to not be home mother," under her breath. "Lily," She touched Lily's, "I'm gonna get James okay?"

Lily nodded, though she didn't really hear her.

Faith disappeared and reappeared a few moments later with a very tousled looking James, "I'm scared James, I don't know what happened, she just woke up screaming, saying that he was here, now she's bleeding."

James sat down by Lily, who till stared at her fingers in obvious shock, "Lily?" he whispered, waving his hand in front of her face, "you in there, love?"

Her body tensed, "Don't call me that," she growled under her breath, "He calls me that," she turned and shivered.

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