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Nia grinned cattily at Xaki, her teacher. His silvery gray hair was spiked, it looked at though he hadn't aged a day after he attacked Ren on the bridge…

Nia, however, had grown. While she still wore the same alien suit, she was taller, and had a fair sized body, somewhere in-between Miu and Ren's chest size if you asked Neneko, who met Nia recently at a fashion show.

Besides for looking older, Nia's hands were no longer paws, but small hands with sharp green nails. Her feet were in boots with dark green claws on them, not actually her own feet though.

"Xaki-sama! Today is the day I become a true Biter, by defeating you in combat nii!" proclaimed Nia, pointing a green nail at Xaki, who looked annoyed.

"Well, either way, you're either being promoted or demoted today in the Community…" murmured Xaki. Nia tilted her head.

"What do you mean nii?" questioned Nia.

"Simple. You have failed me countless times over the years…" said Xaki, as Ruvi walked into the room. Nia didn't like where this was headed. "Countless times, you have ruined me. Simply put, you will be a regular Biter if you win, and if you lose…"

"You will be demoted, you will be a 'Black Cat', like Khi is a 'Black Sheep'," finished Ruvi. "You will do the less important tasks, such as negotiations and public events with the humans."

"Ano… Is this true Xaki-sama nii?" stammered Nia, her green eyes widening in disbelief. Xaki simply nodded. "But… Why nii?"

"I believe I already told you!" roared Xaki angrily, running towards Nia.

"D-Demo…" stammered Nia. Not getting into a fighting stance had been her downfall, because with a sharp jab, Nia was out cold.

End Prologue