Wishing for Justice

Chapter 1: Disruption

It was a normal day in the space station. The original seven members of the Justice League were going to have a meeting with a government organization known as CABNUS to settle their differences. As Flash, Batman, Hawkgirl, Martin Manhunter, Superman, Wonderwoman, and Green Lantern entered the room, members of CABNUS were sitting on the other end.

"I'm glad you have decided to meet with us" said Joan sitting on the opposite side of the table.

"The pleasure is all mine" said Superman as he sat down on the chair on her opposite.

"We would like to discuss a few terms" said Batman.

"Yea" interrupted Flash, "first term, no more creating super genetic villains for us to bash around."

"Okay" said a member of CABNUS.

"Look" said Superman as he turned to Flash, "we should not be too hard on them. We should give them a second chance."

"Fine" grumbled Flash.

"I think this is the perfect opportunity for us to work together" said Joan, "I am going to make it a priority that you Justice League members are no longer a threat."

"That would be perfect" said John Stewart.

As Joan was about to get up to shake Superman's hand, a strange bright light from nowhere came right into the room. The bright light went right onto the seven original members of the Justice League. Joan and her CABNUS cronies stepped back and watched as the seven original members of the Justice League vanished before their eyes.

"Okay" said Joan as she turned to her cronies, "we should tell the other league members that we didn't do this."

Meanwhile, the seven original members of the Justice League were in a trance as the strange bright light carried them through time and space. Suddenly all seven landed in some strange temple. As Superman and the others woke up, Wonderwoman along with the Martin Manhunter started to look around the temple.

"Where the heck are we?" asked Wonderwoman to J'onn.

"Even I don't know" replied J'onn.

"I believe I can answer that" said a strange white haired woman in the entrance.

"Who are you?" asked Batman.

"My name is Pan" replied the old woman, "I have wished for some help."

As the Justice League walked toward Pan, a strange green humanoid figure came into the room along with a another strange humanoid figure.

"Okay" said John Stewart, "I want answers. Who are you people and why did you bring us here from our world?"

"We need your help" replied the green humanoid, "our world is under attack by a dark wizard."

"Do you have any protectors?" asked Batman.

"Well" replied the green humanoid, "we have two small fighters named Goku Jr. and Vegeta Jr."

"Why do you need us then?" asked Superman.

"They're too weak to fight this menace" replied Pan.

Pan then showed the Justice League into the medic bay on the temple. They were all shocked to find out they were children.

"You are saying these are children fighting this menace!" shouted John Stewart.

"Yea" replied Flash.

"These are not normal children" added Pan, "they are saiyans."

"What the heck is a saiyan?" asked Flash.

"They are a warrior race" replied Pan, "I know, because I have their blood. I am unable to fight this menace."

"We are going to need more information on this universe before we do anything else" said J'onn.

"Well" said Pan, "for starters, my grandfather Goku was this universe's greatest hero. He has defeated so many villains that no body can count how many. Now he and his descendants along with other saiyan descendants like Trunks which his son is named after his father, there is a new menace that the Earth is facing. The dark wizard's name is Wartz."

"How powerful is he?" asked John Stewart.

"Very" replied Pan, "he single-handedly defeated Goku Jr. and Vegeta Jr. as they battled him to stop him from taking over the world. Now I am afraid that he has gotten too powerful so we did the only thing we did was wished for someone to help us."

"And that's where we came in" said Superman.

"Yes" said Pan, "the great dragon didn't seem to have enough strength to give Goku Jr. and Vegeta Jr., but it brought you seven here."

"So where is this dark wizard?" asked Hawkgirl as she took out her mace.

Suddenly the entire temple began to shake. Everybody fell to the ground, but the Justice League managed to get up.

"I think we are going to find out" said John Stewart as he was getting up.

As everybody got out of the medic bay, they looked up at the sky only to find a strange bearded man with his staff and black smoke around him.

"This is the guy?" asked Flash to Pan.

"Yes" replied Pan.

"Where are Goku Jr. and Vegeta Jr.?" asked Wartz, "It's time to meet their end."

"Sorry" replied Superman, "they're not here. But the Justice League are!"

The members of the Justice League got in their fighting positions.

"This is your back up crew?" asked Wartz, "Well, if you want a fight, then bring it on."

"Come on, now!" replied John Stewart.