Chapter 6: Finishing Off Wartz and Heading Home

As the Justice League members gathered in the center of the temple, they concentrated all of their energy onto the two saiyans who were lying in the center. Suddenly the same type of strange light that teleported them to this world was hitting directly at the two saiyans. The two saiyans began to regain their strength and slowly got up.

"What happen?" asked Goku Jr. as he was getting up.

"Who are these people?" asked Vegeta Jr. as he looked at the Justice League.

"These are the people I sent for with the Dragon Balls" replied Pan as she entered the scene.

"So why are we not heading home?" asked Hawkgirl to Pan.

"Wartz still lives" replied Pan, "and last time I checked, you were to go home when Wartz has been defeated."

"She is correct" said Wartz as he appeared from nowhere.

"This time we're ready" said Superman.

"I don't think so" said Wartz.

Wartz then aimed his staff at the members of the Justice League. He then fired several fireballs, knocking each one of them down.

"Those Dragon Balls were the only things keeping you seven pathetic excuse of a warrior strong enough to fight me" said Wartz.

"But we used all its powers to heal those two kids with tails" said Flash as he was slowly recovering from the attack.

"Speaking of which" said Batman as he noticed that they were gone, "where are they?"

Suddenly the two saiyans came racing right at Wartz with their fist aiming right at him. As they punched Wartz at the same time, he was sent flying across the temple floor and nearly falling off the floating temple itself. As Wartz recovered he aimed his staff at the two saiyans and began firing fireballs from it. The two saiyans dodged the fireballs and made a full frontal attack against Wartz using their ki blasts. The ki blasts sent Wartz flying off the floating temple, but Wartz maintained his ground.

"Is that the best you can do?" asked Wartz.

"How about we help out these kids?" asked John Stewart to Superman and Wonderman.

"Seems like a good idea to me" replied Wonderwoman.

Wonderwoman raced toward Wartz with her lasso and tied it around him. She then gave it to Goku Jr.

"Here kid, go have some fun with it" said Wonderwoman.

"Gee, thanks" said Goku Jr.

Goku Jr. then started using Wonderwoman's lasso and started to swing Wartz around and around.

"I'm getting sick!" shouted Wartz as his face turned purple.

Goku Jr. then lets go of the lasso and the Green Lantern and Superman race toward Wartz, punching Wartz at the same time. Wartz then kicks both of them to the temple floor and is about to aim his staff at them. Vegeta Jr. then fires a kamehameha wave at Wartz, but only succeeds in destroying Wartz's staff.

"My staff!" shouted Wartz, "But how?"

The two saiyans then gather their strength and charge up to their super saiyan forms. They race toward Wartz and blast a large ki blast.

"Whoa" said Flash to J'onn, "remind me never to get these two kids mad."

As the dust cleared from the large ki blast, it seem like Wartz was defeated as nothing appeared as the dust lifted. Suddenly that same strange light that came earlier which took the Justice League then went around them again. The light then sent them back from this world and back into their world. As Joan was about to leave to tell the rest of the league that the seven original members were missing, a strange light appeared. And after the light lifted, she immediately checked the meeting room only to find the seven original league members standing where they were prior to the incident.

"I have seen some strange things in my life" said Joan to the seven members standing, "but I can never explain this."

"So are we going to continue this meeting?" asked J'onn to Joan.

"Certainly" replied Joan, "I'll call in the rest of CABNUS to meet with you people."

"Let's hope we'll have a brighter future working with you" said Superman as he handed his hand over to Joan for a handshake.

"The pleasure is all mine" said Joan as she shook Superman's hand.