Chapter 12: Battle of the Giants

As Jackie and Trigon continued to fight each other, Doloan Wong then instructed Shendu to get into his position. He then poured some sand and formed a large circle around Shendu as Uncle had done with Jackie.

"What's this suppose to do?" asked Shendu.

"It's supposed to help you increase your size" replied Doloan as he was finished making the circle.

As Doloan got into his position, he got out his chi spell book. He then found the page of the book and started to read the chi spell. Like what happen with Jackie, the sand started to give off some flames, except the flames were red instead of green. Suddenly a strange light appeared around Shendu, and Shendu himself could feel himself get larger. As the light lifted, Shendu stretched out his muscles and then looked at Jackie who had just knocked Trigon down with a leap kick. Shendu then walked toward Jackie and then tapped his shoulder as he turned; Jackie was shocked to see how large Shendu had become.

"How did you get to that size?" asked Jackie.

"You are not the only one who knows a chi wizard that knows a few things about chi spells" replied Shendu.

Shendu then punched Jackie across the ground and Jackie bumped into some nearby mountains. Jackie quickly recovered from the attack and Trigon walked toward Shendu's side.

"I'm glad you have finally decided to come to my aid" said Trigon.

"Just returning the favor to you" said Shendu, "now let's get Chan."

As Shendu and Trigon ganged up on Jackie, Shendu made the first attack at Jackie by breathing some fire at him, he immediately dodged the attack. Trigon then punched Jackie, sending Jackie flying into a small bay, getting Jackie all wet. As Trigon and Shendu continued their assault on Jackie, the Titans along with Uncle, Jade, Tohru, Slade and Red X were watching the battle from a safer distance.

"We have to do something" said Starfire as she was watching Trigon and Shendu move on Jackie.

"I think I will be able to send the demons back into their prisons" said Raven.

"What are you waiting for?" asked Uncle, "Why did you not tell Uncle that sooner?"

"You never asked" replied Raven.

"You may need sometime" said Robin.

Suddenly Doloan Wong along with Shendu's siblings entered the scene.

"It looks like your time is just about up" said Doloan as he stepped into the scene, "allies of darkness, attack!"

"We'll handle this" said Cyborg to Raven.

As the Sky demon flew into the scene, Cyborg then fired his laser cannon at the Sky demon, sending the Sky demon tumbling against the Lightning demon.

"Get off me you fool" said the Lightning demon as he pushed the Sky demon aside.

"Well excuse me" said the Sky demon.

The Lightning demon then gets up and throws some lightning at the other charging Titans. Robin then dodges the lightning and then leaps and kicks the Lighting demon down. Starfire then fires several star bolts at the Moon demon. The Moon demon then tries to use his powers to try to stop Starfire, but she then fires a large green beam from her eyes at the Moon demon, sending the Moon demon crashing into some rocks. Red X then fires his red goo at the Earth demon as the Earth demon tries to charge at him. Slade then gets out his fighting rod and starts to duel the Water demon who tries to spray water at him. Beast Boy changed himself into a large long-neck dinosaur as before to fight the Mountain demon.

As Raven was forming a circle around her with some sand Uncle had supplied her, Doloan Wong noticed a similarity and knew that Raven was going to make herself into a giant like Jackie. As Doloan started to approach Raven as the Titans, Slade and Red X were fighting off Shendu's siblings, Uncle along with Tohru and Jade stepped right in front of Doloan Wong.

"Where do you think you're going?" asked Uncle as he had his dead lizard ready.

"I don't think it would be nice to interrupt Raven" said Tohru as he had his dead puffed fish ready.

"You'll never win!" shouted Jade.

"That's what you think" said Doloan, "look around you. All of Shendu's siblings have been released and the ultimate evil-Trigon is helping Shendu destroy Jackie Chan and once he's gone, you'll be next!"

"That's what you think!" replied Uncle.

Uncle then muttered his chi spell and a green glow started to go around the dead lizard, the same thing went with Tohru as the dead puffed fish also started to make a green glow. Suddenly two green beams from the dead lizard and the dead puffed fish shot out at Doloan Wong, sending the dark chi wizard across the ground and into some snow.

"That's the best you can do?" asked Doloan as he got himself up from the snow then Doloan raised his staff, "Then how about this?"

As Doloan Wong raised his staff, he then fired several purple fireballs from it at Uncle and Tohru. As they both dodged the attacks, Uncle then used his dead lizard to absorb a fireball that was coming at him. He then fired the fireball back at Doloan Wong, sending Doloan Wong crashing into the snow again. As Uncle and Tohru started to gang up on Doloan, Raven was muttering some strange chant. As she began to chant, the sand that was around her started to burn a white flame around her. Raven could feel the energy flowing towards her and feel herself getting larger and larger. After the flames from the sand died down, everybody stopped on the battlefield and noticed a giant Raven in a white robe. Raven then noticed Trigon and Shendu fighting Jackie in the distance. Jackie was getting himself out of the water and slowly making his way toward Trigon and Shendu.

"Give it up Chan" said Shendu.

"Yea, this is just pathetic" said Trigon, "I should have done this to the Titans before I made the entire Earth in my image."

"And since he has an ally now" said Shendu, "we can do it together. But first we need to get Jackie Chan out of the way first."

"Are you not forgetting somebody?" asked Raven as she was walking toward them.

As Shendu and Trigon turned around they were shocked to see that there was a giant sized Raven right in front of them. Raven looked different because instead of her blue robe, she was wearing a white one.

"And you shouldn't be forgetting me" said Jackie.

Jackie then leaped and then kicked Shendu down, sending Shendu flying into a mountain. Raven then used her powers against her father. She then fired some dark blasts at Trigon, knocking Trigon off guard and sending Trigon into a nearby bay Jackie once was in.

"You're going to pay for that" said Trigon as he got himself out of the water and onto dry land.

"I don't think so" said Raven.

Raven then started to charge up some white energy within her. She then fired it at Trigon. Trigon could feel his power getting weaker and weaker. Raven then concentrated hard enough and started to form a strange large portal next to Trigon. While using her powers, she continued to push Trigon into the portal.

"No, not again!" shouted Trigon as he struggled to free himself from his daughter's grasp which was pulling him into the portal.

Suddenly Raven succeeded and Trigon was back in his old prison. Raven then used her powers and lifted up all the demons except for Shendu into the air. Even the Mountain demon couldn't move, Raven then concentrated on an empty area and a portal formed with her powers. She then threw Shendu's siblings into the very prison which they had escaped from. As the portal closed, Shendu found himself to be the only one standing and he could see Raven and Jackie trying to surround him.

"Uh, no hard feelings, right?" asked Shendu.

"Right" replied Raven.

Raven then used her powers and then formed a white aura around Shendu. Shendu then felt himself getting smaller and back to his original size.

"No, no, nooo!" shouted Shendu as he could feel his body shrink.

After that happen, Raven then lifted up Shendu with her powers. Like before, she then concentrated on an empty area and then formed a portal with her powers. She then literally tossed Shendu into the portal.

"I'll get you and your friends Chan!" shouted Shendu as he was falling into the portal.

Suddenly Shendu landed back right into the dimension he was imprisoned along with his siblings. Then his siblings approached him and didn't seem to be pretty happy with him.

"Looks like since we didn't get to have any fun with Chan" said the Earth demon.

"We're going to have some fun with you" said the Water demon.

"I have a bad feeling about this" said Shendu as he started to cowered in fear.

Meanwhile, Uncle was making preparations to get Jackie back to his original size. Like before, Uncle instructed Jackie to get into position as Uncle was starting to make a circle around Jackie. He then muttered the chi spell words and a green flame started to go around the sand. Jackie was finally back to his normal self as the flames finally cleared. Raven also did something similar and got herself back to her original size. As everybody was leaving, Doloan Wong saw his chance and then quickly used his teleportation spell and fled the scene. As Jackie, Slade, Red X, Jade, Tohru, Uncle and the Titans headed toward the airport which had their plane, Captain Black was there along with several Section 13 agents.

"Did everything go as planned?" asked Captain Black.

"Everything went peachy" replied Uncle.

"The demons and their allies are no more" said Jackie.

"We should get back to the tower" said Robin.

"And I think you can just drop me back there as well" added Slade.

"Well, I hate to admit it" said Beast Boy as he turned to Slade, "but you really helped out a lot."

"Well thanks" said Slade as he turned to Beast Boy, "but after we leave the airport when we get back to the city, we'll be enemies again."

"How about you work for the government for awhile?" asked Captain Black as he turned to Red X as they were getting onto the plane, "You know, go legit?"

"Hmm, well I think you guys do have a supply of zenothum" replied Red X, "so, okay, I'll think about it."

"Good" said Captain Black as he got into the plane, "pilot, take us home."

As the plane finally took off, it started to head off into the distance and back to San Francisco.