Joey and the Morning After

Disclaimer: Nothing's mine.

Pairing: Joey/Alex

The sun shone brightly into Joey's bedroom. The covers on his bed were appropriately disheveled after a night of fun with a woman. Joey smiled as he rolled over and put an arm around the woman's shoulders. "Good morning," he said happily.

"Morning," the woman replied.

Joey gasped. The woman in his bed was not Sara. He stopped, remembering that Sara had left him. She left town. The voice did sound familiar though. It was not Gina, luckily, but he did recognize it. "Alex?" he questioned.

"Joey?" she questioned back as she sat up. Alex rubbed her eyes gently as she tried to take in what was going on around her. Her husband had cheated on her. The two of them were officially over. She owed nothing to him.

"Alex, what did we do last night?" Joey asked. He could tell that he was not wearing any clothes. Although he could not see Alex as she was under the sheets, he had a strong feeling she was not wearing any either.

Alex wiggled further under the sheets, confirming Joey's suspicion that she was naked under there. "Well, first you kissed me, then we began pulling each other's--"

"Alex, I know what we did," Joey snapped. "Why? Why did it happen?"

Alex sighed heavily as she dropped her blond head against Joey's pillow. "I don't know. We were both sad about our doomed relationships." She sat back up and looked at Joey while managing to keep the covers held over her body. "Did you ever think it was more than that?"

"More than that?" Joey questioned back. "Were you there? It was phenomenal. You're not so shabby when it comes to being in bed," he complimented her.

Alex blushed slightly. "Thank you, but that's not what I meant."

"That's not what I thought you'd say," Joey admitted. "You were suppose to say: 'Only because I was with the best, Joey'."

Alex rolled her eyes and slapped Joey's uncovered chest. "Come on, I'm being serious." She sighed heavily once again. "Did you ever think that our activities last night happened only because we were depressed or was it something else?"

"Something else?" Joey asked. "I'm not sure I buy it. I mean, I like you. I've always liked you."

"Really?" Alex asked with a smile present on her face.

"Yea, you're sweet and funny. You can survive Gina, so family's not an issue," Joey explained. "Plus you're really hot."

Alex smiled again. "Thanks, Joey. I needed that." She sighed as she reached down to the ground for her shirt. "I like you, too," she added.

"So can I interest you in staying for breakfast?" Joey asked as he grabbed his bathrobe.

"Sure," Alex agreed. "I'd like that."

((A/N: I will be continuing this, but I'm not sure on when. Until then, just let me know what you think. Smiles.))