Chapter Two

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"Ok, we have to be very careful," Joey instructed Alex as he walked over to his closet. He pulled out one of his shirts and handed it to her. "Michael and Gina could be awake and in the kitchen. Unlikely, but it's a possibility."

Alex nodded as she eyed the shirt suspiciously. "And this is for…"

"Covering yourself," Joey said. "I thought you were supposed to be smart," he added. His bathrobe was already on. He turned away to give Alex some privacy. Even though he had already seen everything there is about Alex, he still respected her.

"Ready," Alex said as she pulled on some shorts. She frowned slightly as she realized that the shorts in question fit her perfectly. "Joey, whose shorts are these?"

Joey shrugged. "Plenty of girls have left things at Joey's place," he told Alex honestly. "Now, we have to make our move. It has to be slick, and I think we should use code names. Ooh, I could wear a wire."

"To get breakfast?" Alex questioned. "It seems a bit unnecessary."

Joey frowned. "Fine, but I still want code names." His face lit up with excitement. "Ooh, I could be Big Dog! Big Hot Dog!"

"Why?" Alex asked curiously.

Joey shrugged. "Why not?" He studied Alex up and down. "What about you? Did you have a secret nickname I don't know about?" He shrugged again. "Crazy Spying Lady," he announced.

"Ugh," Alex protested. "Why don't I get to pick my own name?"

"'Cause the naming thing was my idea. Now let's go eat 'cause I'm starving. One at a time, Crazy Spying Lady," Joey explained as he slowly opened the door. The sound of arguing was instantly heard.

"Nephew and sister are awake," Joey noted in his attempt at a spy voice. "Arguing, too, but I do not know what the fight is about." He placed his hand on the wall so that Alex could not pass him. "No, it's too dangerous. I must go alone. I'll signal for you."

"How will I know?" Alex asked.

"You'll know," Joey told her as he ventured down the stairs. "They always know," he muttered as he walked into the living room. As predicted, his older sister and her son were in there fighting.

"It is not!" Michael protested.

"Is too," Gina argued back.

"Is not," Michael told her as he crossed his hands across his chest.

"Oh, it so is too," Gina rebutted. She frowned and turned to Joey for the swing vote. "Joey, do you think that the real reason why hippos live underground is because somebody shattered all their confidence?"

Joey eyed the two of them awkwardly. "That's what you've been fighting about this whole time? Hippos? Who cares about hippos? Beat it. I've got company," he said.

"What company?" Gina asked. "The only person who has been in this apartment yesterday besides us is Blondie."

"Her name is Alex," Joey said. "And I happen to like her very much, so be nice."

Gina chuckled. "Chandler is going to be so crushed when he hears this."

"Chandler and I have never been and will never be a gay couple!" Joey exclaimed as he walked over to the kitchen. "I am perfectly straight, and I have the partner to prove it!" he added.


"I have a partner to prove it," Joey yelled as he walked closer to the steps.

"Oh, is that my cue?" Alex called down from the top of the stairs.

Joey nodded as Alex walked down the stairs. "Michael, Gina," Joey announced. "Be prepared to see this woman around a lot."

"Don't we already see her a lot?" Michael asked.

"We're not going to be seeing a lot more of her, are we?" Gina asked. "There are certain parts of Alex that only you should see."

Joey rolled his eyes at both their points. "Look, I'm going to be dating her, ok?"