Anger. Anger at the galaxy.

I have tried so hard! And still no one understands.

I have spent my life, trying to succeed

Only to fail.

I'm not even sure of the last thing I did right

Destroying the Separatists?

No, I was wrong long before then

Was it when I chose,

when I was torn between the Council and Palpatine,was Iwrong?

Was it when I married Padmé?

The only thing I was ever sure of, suddenly I'm not. I know that I love her more

than anything, but that love was against the Code. Was that choice what killed her?

Did I lose her the day that she became mine? What if I had listened to the Jedi

ways? Would things have turned out the same? Would she still be alive?

Was it when I failed mom? When I destroyed the sand people?

Was it when I left Tatooine for the life of a jedi?

Or was it even further in my past? Perhaps I sealed my own fate

the day I found Qui Gon.

There is nothing left to be done. At some time in my life I made a choice,

a choice that doomed my destiny.

How can one choice bring aboutcomplete failure?

I hear my breath, deep and rasping. Even my voice is not my own. Everything is gone.

Everything I have loved, I have lost.

I failed. All because in some moment, I decided. .