Little Lily

Summary: A prank gone wrong,the Marauder's are punished, and Lily grows smaller.

Chapter One

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James Potter woke up with a start. He knew this was the last day of school, ever, and that he'd never have to step onto the school grounds again. Not that he did want to leave. He loved this school as much as the next person did.

But he was excited. The next day would be the first day in his life that he'd be free. No homework, or studying for anything. Just a free man with no limits. He wanted to try getting a job too.

He could tell everyone in the Dormitory was getting excited too. Sirius Black was up getting dressed. Remus Lupin was already dressed, and was reading, and Peter Pettigrew just woke up, but had a big smile on his face. All three of them were smiling, actually. They were ready too.

"Are you ready for this?" James asked excitedly.

"Won't you be quiet? I was having a good dream…"

James laughed. "Sorry. Forgot other people were here too."

Frank Longbottom groggily sat up in bed. He was one of the only ones who didn't want to be up so early going to school. "Why'd Dumbledore want to make one last day of classes?"

No one knew the answer, but they didn't care. The next day was the day they'd step onto the Hogwarts express, and leave school for good.

The four Marauders left for the Great Hall early that day. It was as if they were sprinting, because they were moving so fast.

"Potter, Black, Lupin, Pettigrew! You four slow down!"

"Oh come off it Evans!" Sirius yelled temporarily stopping. "It's the last day of classes, can't you let up just a little bit?"

Lily Evans stood with her arms crossed. Next to her were two of her good friends, Emmeline Vance, and Alice Holmes. She looked a little irritated, but didn't say anything. Sirius gave her a wink, and the four of them started off again.


They ate their breakfast as Professor McGonagall passed out their schedules. She gave the four of them theirs, and went on. All of them groaned. They had double Potions, luckily without Slytherin, but each and every one of them hated Potions.

"Why on the last day?" James complained.

"I don't know." Remus replied.

"Let's make it interesting then." Sirius said. Everyone looked up. "Lets play a little trick on a certain bossy red-headed teachers' pet. You know Slughorn absolutely loves Evans."

James smiled, Remus sighed, and Peter listened intently. "Wouldn't it just make our day even better if she got the potion wrong for once?" Sirius asked.

"Why are we even in Potions?" Remus asked. "We really don't need it."

"I don't know, but Padfoot has a point. Evans always is on his good side. Why not change it a little." James suggested. "Moony I know you are the best at potions,out of the four of us, why don't you tell us what is the least harmful thing we could put in Evans potion? Just to change the color?"

Remus glared at James. "You know I'm as good as you are in Potions…I would say nettles. They don't change the color too much. At least I don't think they do."

They were whispering now, so that no one could hear their plans. They wanted to change Lily's potion just a little so that it wouldn't be the right color. Everyone knew Lily always had the right color and potion in Potions, but wouldn't it be a surprise if she didn't?


After a short Transfiguration class with Hufflepuff, the Marauders traveled down to the Dungeons. They had their plan formulated, and laid out, perfectly, in their heads. They were now preparing for some laughs. And with the class being with the Ravenclaws, it ought to be embarrassing, for Lily Evans, to get the wrong potion made in front of the smartest of all the school.

"Prepare for a good one, everyone." James announced, as they took their regular seats. They all sat at the same table. Each with their own cauldron.

Lily sat with her friends: Emmeline and Alice. The three of them sat in the table beside them. Luckily Lily sat at the end of the table, closest to the Marauders table. They wanted Remus to ask Lily about a certain ingredient, while James slipped the little crushed nettles into her potion. They would have Peter distract the other two girls just in case.

As they discussed the last of their plan in whispers, Professor Slughorn came into the class.

"Good afternoon class."

And then he went on about what they were to make. Unfortunately they didn't have to use nettles, so they couldn't bring them out.

So they pushed Peter up to ask for some horned toad. Professor allowed him to go into the cabinet to get some. Peter looked through it, but couldn't seem to find any. He looked harder, and finally found it. Yet somehow he confused it, and grabbed something else.

"Are you sure these are nettles?" James asked when Peter came back. "They don't look like…nettles…ah well. They'll work."

"If you don't know what they are, Prongs, you shouldn't use it." Remus warned. James waved it off, and they started plan: I want to ruin Evan's last day of School.

As Slughorn went around the room giving pointers, or just pointing out stuff, they distracted Lily and her friends. James quickly pulled outa little of whatever ingredient he had, and slipped it into her potion without her noticing. He then went back to his spot. No one saw what he did.

Soon all four boys were back at their cauldrons. They tried their best at making what they were supposed to make, but they couldn't concentrate. What they had just done made them wonder if it would actually work. I mean Peter did give them some other ingredient.

"Times up! All right lets see what you have done."

Professor Slughorn went around the classroom. He shook his head at the Marauders almost empty cauldrons, but when he reached Lily he beamed. He beamed at all three perfect color potions.

"Wonderfully done Miss Evans! Oh my, you three did an excellent job!"

And then he went on, and on, about how Lily was so good, as the other two were, and how she was almost as good as himself. "How about a taste? You should be able to taste its richness."

Well this didn't go as planned. The color of the potion didn't change at all. Slughorn pulled out a vial. Remus became worried.

"You guys! The color might have changed but the contents did! Evans doesn't know what she's drinking!"

Remus did have a point. The four of them were suddenly becoming nervous. Lily poured herself some of her potion, and put it to her lips...

"I object!" Sirius said suddenly. Lily turned around and looked at him. Sirius had to think fast. "I…er…you can't drink it!"

Well that didn't solve anything. Lily rolled her eyes, and poured it into her mouth. By now all four of them were praying that nothing would happen. Lily set the vial down. There was a moment of silence before she said, "Ooh wow! That was good."

The four boys sighed, and almost sat down, but that wasn't all she did. Lily suddenly started to hold her stomach. She was making these gagging noises. Everyone took a step back from her. None, but Emmeline and Alice, tried to get her to stop.

"What went wrong?" Slughorn asked worriedly. He was trying to think what she could have done wrong. Any mistake that she could've made to have such a reaction.The boys were feeling guilty, as they watched her faint and hit the ground.

Slughorn ushered everyone out of the classroom. The Marauders stayed behind. They knew they had something to do with this.

"It's all your fault, Prongs!" Sirius yelled suddenly.

"My fault? What about Moony? He didn't stop us!" James argued.

Remus glared at him."Don't drag me into this James Potter."

"What's going on?"

Emmeline was now right in James's face. She looked angry. "What did you do?"

James looked nervously from Slughorn, Lily, the other Marauders, and Emmeline. "We…well...I slipped something in her potion."

"WHAT?" Emmeline, Alice, and Slughorn yelled.

Slughorn crossed his arms. "Potter go up to the Headmaster immediately and tell him what you have done." Slughorn said angrily, he then looked at the other three Marauders. "You three ought to go with him. Miss Vance please help Miss Holmes carry Lily to the Hospital Wing. We need to find out what happen, before it's too late!"

The Marauders hurriedly left the Dungeons, as Alice and Emmeline took Lily to Madame Pomfrey.


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